Wife Swap Season 3: Where Are They Now?

Reestablishing the rules of the household, ‘Wife Swap’ chronicles the journey of celebrities who switch their wives, mothers, or husbands for two weeks. As new sets of rules are implemented, the families find themselves dealing with one shock after another. Released in 2014, season 3 of the reality television show features an equally intense premise laden with dramatic revelations for the families of celebrities. So, if you’re also wondering where the reality TV stars are these days, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Where are Daniel Baldwin and Jermaine Jackson Now?

Since their appearance on the show, celebrities Daniel Baldwin and Jermaine Jackson have dabbled into several projects. For Daniel, the second oldest of the Baldwin brothers, acting and filmmaking have remained primary. Post his appearance on the reality show, he appeared in productions like ‘The Neighborhood,’ ‘Soulmates,’ and ‘The Red Maple Leaf.’ He was also on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and even joined the WTLA radio station and conducted his radio show. Besides this, he also enjoys life with his wife D’Asia and children – Kahlea, Atticus, William and Alexandra. He has also won the World Class Film Award as a filmmaker for ‘My Promise to PJ.’

Similarly, the singer and songwriter who first made his mark in entertainment as part of The Jackson 5 has also focused on exponentiating his work and legacy. On the personal front, the star is no longer with Isabella Hofmann, who appeared on ‘Wife Swap’ with him. While news of his marriage to Maday Velazquez has garnered speculative attention, the musician has not yet offered confirmation. So, as far as we can tell, the star is currently single. Nonetheless, he enjoys life with loved ones and children – Jaafar, Jermaine Jr., Jermajesty, Autumn, Jaimy, Donte, Jourdynn, Jeremy, and Dawn. Fans and readers can find the latest news of his tours and products on his website.

Where are Tichina Arnold and Kelly Packard Now?

Since getting her rise through the sitcom ‘Martin,’ Tichina has consistently climbed the ladder of success. After appearing on ‘Wife Swap,’ the ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ actress has worked on several projects. Some of her latest productions include, ‘Countdown,’ ‘Runt,’ ‘The Main Event,’ and ‘Bob Hearts Abishola.’ The Daytime Emmy award nominee also owns a headgear company and is equally successful in business. On the personal front, the actress is currently single and hopes to focus on spending time with her daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins.

As for Kelly, the ‘Baywatch’ actress has also equally focused on her personal and professional life. After her appearance on ‘Wife Swap,’ Kelly went on to star in television movies like ‘Stalked by My Neighbor’ and ‘Family Vanished.’ The former ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ co-host enjoys equal happiness with her husband, Darrin Privett, a doctor, and their four children – Aubrey, Dalin, Halle, and Delaney.

Where is Eric Roberts Now? How did Robin Leach Die?

The Golden Globe nominee who rose to success in the ‘80s has consistently showcased his excellence at his craft. Since his appearance on ‘Wife Swap,’ the ‘Another World’ actor has appeared on ‘Suits,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘Doctor Who.’ On the personal front, Eric enjoys life with his wife, Eliza, and children – Emma Roberts, and Morgan. The actor’s latest work includes ‘My Last Best Friend.’

As for Robin Leach, the television personality continued to reap the rewards of his journalistic and writing abilities. After his appearance on the reality show, Robin also appeared on ‘Most Expensivest,’ a reality show hosted by rapper 2 Chainz. Unfortunately, the father of three (Steven, Gregg, and Rick) met with an unexpected ailment in the following years. After suffering a stroke in 2017, Robin was in recovery. However, the writer suffered a stroke not a year later, on August 20, 2018. He was then placed in hospice, where he eventually passed away. The columnist passed away on August 24, 2018, in Las Vegas, mere days away from his 77th birthday.

Where are Laila Ali and Angie Stone Now?

Image Credit: Laila Ali/Instagram

Like her father, Muhammad Ali, Laila has also reigned as an undefeated champion as a boxer. The former manicurist, who retired from boxing in 2007, has since remained a major face in entertainment. After an eventful house swap with Angie Stone, Laila appeared on reality shows like, ‘Chopped: All Stars,’ ‘CBS Dream Team,’ and ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice.’ In 2017, she joined the Oprah Winfrey Network and has been the host of ‘Home Made Simple.’ Most recently, the television personality also appeared on ‘The Masked Singer,’ and voiced herself in ‘Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?’ On the personal front, she enjoys equal happiness with her husband, Curtis Conway, a former NFL player. The pair share two children together – Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. and daughter Sydney J. Conway.

On the other hand, the R&B singer and songwriter has also been climbing new heights since her appearance on ‘Wife Swap.’ The famous personality released her album ‘Dream,’ shortly after appearing on the reality show. Most recently, Angie has released ‘Covered in Soul,’ and ‘Full Circle,’ albums and appeared on ‘Love Language.’ On the personal front, the star has been enjoying her life with her children, Michael and Diamond. However, the musician was briefly involved in a controversy when she was accused of allegedly assaulting her daughter, Diamond.

Where are Angie Everhart and Pat Neely Now?

With equally dramatic turns, Angie and Pat also changed up the rules of each other’s houses during their appearance. Since her time on the reality show, Angie has consistently exceeded expectations. The reality show personality and actress has since appeared in productions like ‘Woman on the Edge,’ ‘Twinsanity,’ and ‘Forsaken.’ Angie was also facing personal struggles almost simultaneously with the show’s filming.

She was briefly involved in medical issues as well. The actress was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and declared bankruptcy due to an inability to cover medical expenses. She also stepped up during thr #MeToo movement and accused Harvey Weinstein of assaulting her. Despite the highs and lows that came into her life, the actress still enjoys her life with her son, Kayden.

As for Pat, the restauranteur has also worked on showcasing his skills in the kitchen. After his exit from reality television, the star briefly hosted The CW’s ‘Save to Win.’ Alas, the chef has also sustained issues in his personal life. The television personality ended up divorcing his wife, Gina Neely, who filed for the same, citing irreconcilable differences. He has since found happiness with his wife, Tamika, and his daughters – Spencer and Shelbi. Fans and readers can also find the latest updates about the chef on his YouTube channel, GrillinTV Network.

Where are Larry Birkhead and Helio Castroneves Now?

Since his exit from television, Larry Birkhead, photographer and father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, has largely focused on life outside media. He first came to the spotlight after he was involved in a high-profile paternity legal battle with model and actress Anna Nicole Smith. While the television personality is no longer engorged in the ups and downs of media and law proceedings, he still enjoys life with his daughter and loved ones. On the personal front, Larry likes to remain tight-lipped.

Finally, Helio, the Brazilian auto racing driver, has also focused on excelling at his abilities and perfecting his craft. After his appearance on the reality show, Helio went on to claim his fourth Indianapolis 500 win. He also consecutively won the IndyCar Services drivers’ championship in 2013 and 2014. Not just this, he also maintained his presence in entertainment and went on to appear in ‘American Ninja Warrior.’ Recently, the star has consecutively claimed the Wayne Taylor Racing title with Meyer Shank. With more than 300 hundred races under his belt, the star continues to enjoy life with his partner Adriana and daughter.

Where are David Justice and Dweezil Zappa Now?

Renowned for his skills on the field, outfielder David Justice showcased a never-seen-before look into his familial life on the show. Since his exit, the former Major League Baseball player has been focusing on spending time with his children and focusing on their upbringing. The former New York Yankees player and Cameo creator continues to enjoy life with his wife, Rebecca Villalobos, and their three children- David Jr., Dionisio, and Raquel.

Similarly, musician and rock guitarist Dweezil Zappa has also focused on exponentiating his success. With a widely renowned career that can be dated back to the ‘80s, Dweezil has since worked on solos and even played with other bands. His latest solo includes, ‘Via Zammata.’ He has also played ‘With Zappa Plays Zappa.’ Most recently, the television personality played with Steel Panther as a guitarist. On the personal front, the star enjoys life with his dog, Rollo, and close ones. The musician separated from his wife, Megan, in 2021. He still shares a close bond with his children – Zola Frank Zappa and Ceylon Indira Zappa.

Where are Amanda Beard and Heidi Montag Now?

From shattering world records to making her presence known on reality television, Amanda has significantly made her mark. Since her appearance on ‘Wife Swap,’ the former Olympian has been focusing on enhancing all aspects of her life. While the athlete no longer spends most of her time in the water, her work has significantly revolved around her time in the sport. She has also authored a memoir entitled, ‘In the Water They Can’t See You Cry: A Memoir.’ Not just this, Amanda has been extremely open about her struggle with depression, drug abuse, and body dysphoria. On the personal front, she enjoys familial bliss with her husband, Sacha Brown, and their children – Blaise and Doone.

Image Credit: Amanda Beard/Instagram

As for Heidi, the reality television personality who first came to rise through ‘The Hills’ has also retained her stature in entertainment. Her latest stints on reality television include ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ and ‘Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.’ Heidi also appeared on the ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ reboot. Along with her husband, Spencer Pratt, Heidi enjoys all aspects of life. The couple are parents to Gunner, Pratt, and Ryker.

Where are Judy Gold and Penn Jillette Now?

Since her appearance on the show, stand-up comedian, writer, and producer Judy Gold has consistently worked on enhancing her work. The two-time Daytime Emmy Award winner has most recently appeared in the ‘Gilbert’ and ‘Hysterical’ documentaries. Judy also has a long line of credits as an actress. Most recently, she has worked on ‘Nightcap,’ ‘Better Things,’ and ‘Awkwafina is Nora from Queens.’ She also hosts the ‘Kill Me Now with Judy Gold’ podcast. On the personal front, the television personality enjoys life with her partner, Elysa Halpern, and her two children – Ben and Henry.

The magician, actor, and television presenter known for being the half of ‘Penn & Teller’ has expressed his success. Besides his persona on television, he has also expanded into business and owns a private recording studio in Las Vegas. On the personal front, Penn is married to Emily Zolten, and the couple are parents to two children – Zolten and Moxie CrimeFighter. Apart from his widespread appearances across television and events, he has also worked in [rpdictions like ‘Shaknado 3: Oh Hell No,’ and appeared on television shows like ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Crashing,’ and ‘The Masked Singer,’ since his appearance on ‘Wife Swap.’

Where are Joe Piscopo and Barry Williams Now?

The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian has also dabbled in several projects after his appearance on ‘Wife Swap.’ The television personality started hosting a morning radio show in 2014 and continued to do so until 2020. Post this, he began to host Ramsey Mazda Sunday Nights with Sinatra on the local New York radio station. Not just this, he also rose to political stature and was briefly on the frontlines for running as the Governor of New Jersey. Nevertheless, Joe has remained equally successful in business and comedy. On the personal front, he enjoys equal happiness with his four children. He also hosts the ‘The Joe Piscopo Show.’

Similarly, ‘The Brady Bunch’ actor has also worked to exponentiate his growth as an entertainer. Most recently, the star has appeared on HGTV’s ‘A Very Brady Renovation,’ and starred in a Lifetime Christmas film called ‘Blending Christmas.’ He has also competed in season 8 of ‘The Masked Singer.’ He is also the co-host of ‘The Real Brady Bros’ podcast with his former costar Christopher Knight.

Image Credit: Barry Williams/Twitter

Where are Jenna von Oy and Jill Zarin Now?

After sitcoms ‘Blossom,’ and ‘The Parkers,’ have Jenna her breakthrough in the 90s, the actress went on to appear in several productions. While the television personality hasn’t been an active part of entertainment as of late, she has still appeared in works like ‘Battle of the Network Stars’ competition and the sitcom ‘Call Me Kat.’ Currently, she’s working on ‘The Cassandra Project,’ a short film trilogy. On the personal front, the star enjoys life with her partner and daughters – Marlowe and Gray. Besides this, she has also worked as an associated editor at StyleBlueprint, a lifestyle publication.

After coming to rise from her appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of New York City,’ Jill has consistently solidified her presence as an entertainer. She went on to appear in ‘Night of the Wild,’ and ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey.’ She has also expanded her brand as a creator and internet personality. With a varied presence across social media channels, she has accrued quite a following. The television personality also has a beauty line and clothing line. On the personal front, she enjoys life with her husband, Bobby, and daughter, Ally.

Image Credit: Jill Zarin/Instagram

Where are Tyler Christopher and Ronn Moss Now?

The actor known for his work on soap operas has consistently climbed the ladder of success. Since his appearance on ‘Wife Swap,’ Tyler Christopher has worked on ‘Days of Our Lives’ for which he even earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination. The ‘General Hospital’ actor enjoys equal bliss in his personal life as the father of – Greyson and Boheme. Besides this, the actor is largely tight-lipped about his personal life. So, as far as we can tell, Tyler is single at the moment.

The musician and songwriter who came to be known for his portrayal on the soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ has also made great strides in his personal and professional life. The acclaimed personality went on to tour with his bandmates. However, Ronn filed a lawsuit against his band members following a misuse of the trademark name and has since pursued music solely. The star has since toured Italy and Australia in 2019 as a solo artist. Besides this, he has also appeared in productions like ‘The Bay,’ ‘Famille,’ and ‘Bolt.’ On the personal front, he enjoys life with his wife, Devin DeVasquez, and children – Caleb and Creason.

Where are Plaxico Burress and DJ Paul Now?

The former football wide receiver who played for teams like the New York Jets and the New York Giants has since left behind entertainment and has plunged himself into sports. Since his appearance on the show, he has dabbled in different things. The star is currently the coach for the Arizona Cardinals and enjoys equal happiness with his wife, Tiffany, and children – Elijah and Giovanna.

Similarly, DJ and rapper DJ Paul or Duane Beauregard have also worked on exponentiating his success in different genres of music. The Academy Award winner has since worked with artists like JAY-Z and Drake. He also helms a variety of business ventures, production houses, and real estate. The star is the founder of a fashion, BBQ Seasonings, and record label. He also released his own studio albums titled, ‘Power, Please & Painful Things’ and ‘Underground Volume 17: For da Summa.’ Besides this, he enjoys life with his closed ones and son, Nautica.

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