Will Barry Kill Cousineau? Theories

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HBO’s ‘Barry‘ season 4 serves as the final chapter of the dark-comedy series focusing on the life of Barry Berkman, a hitman turned actor who seeks redemption. In the fourth season, viewers are treated to a surprise as Barry’s escape from prison culminates in him finding a happy family life with Sally. However, when Gene Cousineau returns to the fold, he threatens to destroy Barry’s life and everything he has built in the past eight years. As a result, viewers must wonder if Barry spares Cousineau or if their conflict will claim the former acting coach’s life in ‘Barry’ season 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Barry and Cousineau’s Complicated Past

Barry Berkman is a former Marine turned hitman sent on an assignment to Los Angeles, California, in season 1. However, Barry stumbles across an acting class run by Gene Cousineau, an eccentric acting coach. Barry sees the acting class as a road to redemption and convinces Cousineau to take him on as a student, which the latter reluctantly agrees to. Cousineau serves as a mentor to Barry, but their relationship receives a major blow when Cousineau’s then-girlfriend, Detective Janice Moss, discovers Barry’s true identity, and he is forced to kill her. In the third season, Cousineau learns the truth about Barry and their relationship sours.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

The third season sees Barry attempting to reconcile with Cousineau, while things spiral out of his hand after his return to the hitman business. Cousineau is forced to play along with Barry’s attempted redemption as the latter threatens his family. In the season 3 finale, Cousineau teams up with Janice Moss’ father, Jim Moss, and helps him track down Barry. Ultimately, Barry is arrested and imprisoned while Cousineau returns to his family. In the fourth season, Barry cuts a deal with the FBI that moves him to secure housing. Cousineau gives an interview abo involvement in Barry’s arrest, which results in him being moved to a remote location. However, Barry escapes from prison, and Cousineau fears for his life.

Barry Could Be Forced to Kill Cousineau

Although Barry and Cousineau’s feud has been simmering for a long time, it only takes a drastic turn when Cousineau admits to Barry that he faked affection for his former student to have him arrested. However, when Barry escapes from prison, he chooses to ignore his feud with Cousineau in favor of starting a new life with his former girlfriend, Sally, and the two elope. Meanwhile, Cousineau’s fear of Barry accidentally causes him to shoot and kill his son, Leo. The fourth episode of season 4 ends with a time jump as Barry and Sally raise their son together away from Los Angeles and the shadow of Barry’s criminal life. In the fifth episode, we learn Cousineau was reported missing eight years ago and presumed dead.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

However, Cousineau returns to Hollywood after learning of a project Warner Bros is developing. In the episode’s final moments, Barry learns that Cousineau is working as a consultant on a biopic about Barry Berkman, the persona he seems to have left behind. The film holds the potential to not only expose Barry’s past but also show his dark side to his son, John. As a result, Cousineau is a potent threat to Barry’s newly built family life away from the criminal underworld. Thus, Barry resolves to kill Cousineau to protect his son. Cousineau lost his own son because of his enmity with Barry. Hence, if he learns about John’s existence, Cousineau could target the boy to avenge his son’s death. Consequently, Barry could be forced to kill Cousineau, ending their feud once and for all.

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