Will Hank Kill Barry in Season 4? Theories

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HBO’s ‘Barry‘ is a dark comedy series exploring the life of Barry Berkman, a hitman who joins the acting scene in Los Angeles for a fresh start. However, in the second episode of season 4, Barry makes a life-changing decision that directly pits him against Hank and his goons. With Hank’s admission to killing Barry, the Chechen mobster will likely go through with the threat. Hence, viewers must be wondering whether Hank will kill Barry in ‘Barry’ season 4. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Hank and Barry Were Friends

In season 1, Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) is an assassin working for the Chechen mob, particularly the gang leader Goran Pazar. Barry is tasked with killing Ryan Madison, the man sleeping with his wife. Meanwhile, NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) is the second-in-command of the Chechen mob and a close confidant of Goran Pazar. Eventually, Barry gets entangled in Pazar’s business and is forced to kill him after the mobster threatens his mentor, Monore Fuches. Consequently, Hank becomes the new leader of the Chechen mafia, thanks to Barry’s help. Although Barry and Hank do not have much of a friendship initially, that changes in the second season when Hank seeks Barry’s help to fight the Burmese gang.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Hank wants to hire Barry as a hitman to take down the Burmese gang. However, Barry intends to leave his criminal past behind and refuses to kill. Instead, he helps train Hank’s crew and teaches them how to shoot. As a thank you, Hank gifts Barry a Chechen pin that marks the start of their friendship. In season 3, Hank takes Barry’s help in dealing with the Bolivian gang. Hank is in love with Cristobal, a member of the Bolivian gang who is married to the gang’s leader. Eventually, Barry leaves Hank to focus on his own issues, leading to Hank ending up in the Bolivian prison. Season 3 ends with Hank and Cristobal reuniting and escaping from the Bolivians while Barry is arrested for the murder of Janice Moss.

Hank Could Kill Barry in Season 4

In the fourth season premiere, Barry is imprisoned in jail with Fuches. Meanwhile, Gene Cousineau and Barry’s former girlfriend, Sally, cut ties with him. Fuches shows Barry some support and wants to help him get out of the difficult situation. However, Barry does not trust Fuches, and flashbacks indicate the same. Meanwhile, Hank learns that Barry is in prison and wants to break him out. Hank believes that he finally understands Barry’s psychology and the toll his atrocious crimes have taken on the former hitman. Thus, Hank genuinely wants to help Barry. However, when he learns that Barry is working with the FBI, Hank decides to kill him.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Although Barry and Hank are not the best of friends, their relationship has never been adversarial. Moreover, the Chechen mafia considers Hank soft as he is not accustomed to violence. Thus, Barry does most of Hank’s dirty work in the first three seasons. Hence, Hank feels like he owes Barry, explaining his decision to break Barry out of prison. However, Barry’s decision to work with the FBI means he could lead law enforcement to the Chechen mafia and their operation. Thus, Barry’s choice of self-preservation directly sets him on a collision course with Hank, as their interests no longer align.

Consequently, killing Barry would ensure that Hank and Cristobal’s crimes remain hidden. However, since Hank is not a generally violent person, he will likely have to hire an assassin to take down Barry. Moreover, with Barry in the FBI’s protection, killing him might be an uphill task for Hank. As a result, Hank could hire Fuches or other assassins to go after Barry. Ultimately, Hank seems intent on killing Barry, but it is unlikely that he will succeed in his plan. Nonetheless, Hank and Barry seem destined to collide in the show’s final season. Hence, their feud could have dire consequences for their loved ones and themselves.

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