Will Jack and Bridget End Up Together in The Gilded Age? Theories

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The Gilded Age’ is set in the eponymous era of American history when stunning technological advancements and a strong economy hid the social disparity. A battle between people belonging to old and new money rages on in the polite society of New York. While ‘The Gilded Age’ is predominantly about the privileged class, several characters, mostly representing the staff of the Russell and van Rhijn families, are regular working-class New Yorkers.

John “Jack” Treacher (Ben Ahlers) and Bridget (Taylor Richardson) both work at the van Rhijn household. He is a footman while she is a housemaid. In season 1, the hint of a romance begins to form between the two. If you are wondering whether they will end up together, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Jack and Bridget End Up Together?

‘The Gilded Age’ has been created by Julian Fellowes, who also made multiple award-winning and massively popular ITV series ‘Downton Abbey.’ In both these shows, the lives of regular, non-privileged people are depicted through the members of the house staff. In ‘The Gilded Age,’ characters like Jack and Bridget represent the audacity of the American dream. Standing under the blinding lights from the Russell household, they dare to dream of such a future where they will be guests at such parties.

Image Credit: Alison Rosa/HBO

Both Jack and Bridget have trauma and grief embedded in their past. Bridget was sexually abused when she was younger, while Jack lost his mother in the Peshtigo fire of 1871. In episode 3, Jack takes Bridget to see a Magic Lantern Show. When he expresses his interest in her, she demands to be taken home. In episode 4, we learn about the sexual abuse and how her mother didn’t do anything to stop it.

As the series progresses, it starts to become apparent that Bridget probably reciprocates Jack’s interest, but she isn’t emotionally there to have a relationship with him. In episode 8, she grows jealous believing that he is now interested in another girl. She sees him take flowers somewhere every day and eventually decides to follow him. This is how she comes to know about his mother. The flowers are for Jack’s mother’s grave. The audience can sense that a shift comes in their relationship afterward. Bridget discovers that the past is riddled with pain and suffering for Jack.

By the time the first season ends, their relationship hasn’t officially begun yet. However, as they stand under the lights from the Russell home, they dream of a glorious tomorrow. In future seasons, their developing relationship will probably serve as an important sub-plot in the series, along with their rise through the social ladder. The writers seem to have great things planned for them. Jack and Bridget just might turn out to be the next George and Bertha.

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