Will Javi Die in Ozark Season 4 Part 2? Theories

‘Ozark’ season 4 finds the Byrdes pulled deeper into the functioning of the ruthless Navarro Cartel, with the head of the syndicate ordering them to hammer out an immunity deal for him. With Omar Navarro taking a back seat in the hopes of getting a clean chit, his maniacal nephew Javi bursts onto the scene. If the Byrdes thought they had problems before, Javi is exactly the catalyst they don’t need.

Reckless and ambitious, Javi kills off some long-running characters of the show with appalling suddenness. As the new boss of an international drug cartel, to say nothing of the FBI’s support, Javi understandably feels untouchable. It’s just that he might have underestimated the criminally inclined locals — specifically an ill-tempered curly-haired Langmore. The decisive ‘Ozark’ season 4 part 2 is going to feature some devastating fatalities. How likely is it that Javi makes the list? Let’s take a look. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Javi Die in Ozark Season 4 Part 2?

Javi Elizonndro is the son of Omar Navarro’s sister and is seemingly next in line to take over the Navarro Cartel. This makes him essentially untouchable by anyone with the tiniest sense of self-preservation. However, the cartel has a golden rule — to not kill American law enforcement agents, especially on American soil. Shockingly, the first murder Javi commits upon reaching the Ozarks is that of unsuspecting town Sheriff John Nix. The lack of judgment on his nephew’s part even shocks Navarro, but Javi cannot be controlled. It eventually becomes clear that Navarro himself fears Javi and expects a violent power-grab from the ambitious youngster.

When Javi is summoned by the FBI and offered a deal that gives him the bureau’s support in return for cartel intelligence, his substantial ego is further boosted. In fact, the drug lord promptly goes over to his rival heroin producer Darlene Snell’s home and kills her and her young husband, Wyatt. This brings us to the first and most obvious threat to Javi’s life — Ruth Langmore.

If Javi is to die in part 2, Wyatt’s cousin has the perfect combination of guts, motive, and nothing-to-lose anger to actually go through with it and succeed. Season 4 part 1 closes with Ruth driving to Javi with a shotgun. However, she then stops on the side of the road, which means she likely doesn’t go and confront the cartel boss alone (which would be pointless and suicidal). However, with a good plan — remember her dock wiring trap from season 1? — the vengeful Ruth has a real shot at killing Javi. It doesn’t hurt that possibly every fan of the show is also rooting for her.

Next, an end for Javi that more fits the bleak tone of ‘Ozark’ might find Wendy getting further corrupted by power. Her meteoric rise in ruthlessness when it comes to dealing with obstacles has seen Marty’s wife (indirectly) commit some appalling murders. Javi is easily a big enough liability to the Byrdes to earn the murderous attention of Wendy Byrde. Of course, if it comes to pass, she will not commit the act herself but will put a plan in place. Within the Byrde family, the mother is the one most likely to do Javi in.

Despite Javi’s apparent “protection,” he is actually in a lot of trouble. Unbeknownst to him, his uncle planned on giving him up to the FBI as part of the plea deal. Even now, the bureau holds a recording of Javi admitting to causing an explosion that killed multiple federal agents — a crime enough to get him locked away in American prison forever. However, there is a chance that Javi’s self-serving FBI handlers will use him to extract intel over many years instead of arresting him outright. In short, there is a possibility that, instead of dying, Javi ends up going to prison in ‘Ozark’ season 4 part 2.

However, for all the chaos that Navarro’s maniacal nephew brings into the plot, the relatively simple prison sentence just doesn’t seem fitting. Javi is likely going to have a spectacular death, and if Ruth or Wendy aren’t the ones to do it, his wily uncle, Omar Navarro, might be the one to kill Javi. Currently in custody, Navarro’s only option to get out might be to accept the FBI deal and become an informant for them. To do that, he will have to get his nephew out of the way. The only person for whom killing Javi is relatively simple is Navarro, and the wily former cartel boss might just do everyone a huge favor by killing off his nephew.

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