Will Mercedes and Mane Get Together in P-Valley? Theories

Mercedes Woodbine’s personal life in Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ is severely complicated. She despises her mother Patrice Woodbine for shattering her dreams and fails to take care of her daughter Terricka since she is not able to gain custody of the latter. Mercedes and Farrah Haynes’ endearing companionship gets affected by Cedric Haynes AKA Coach’s realization that the former is more interested in his wife than in him. While dealing with these intricate relationships, she shares appealing chemistry with Mane. As they meet each other after a while in the eighth episode of season 2, the viewers may want to know whether they will get together as a couple. Well, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Mercedes and Mane Get Together?

Mercedes and Mane get closer when the latter makes himself present around her. Even though he is always involved in some problematic endeavors all the time, Mane has an irresistible appeal, which attracts Mercedes to him. However, the appeal doesn’t stop the cops from arresting him for his troubles with the law. In the eighth episode of season 2, Mane gets released from prison after a while with a tracker tied to his ankle. Mane and Mercedes end up flirting heavily and the former invites the latter to a party to enjoy the attraction between them.

While Mane makes his intentions of having an intimate time with Mercedes clear, she is not able to reciprocate the same intentions. Mercedes, personally and professionally, is going through a tough period. The murder of Montavius continues to haunt her, giving her nightmares and immersing her in guilt. She tries her best to overcome the same but fails. She asks Mane whether there is a way to overcome the feelings that suffocate her, only for him to say that there isn’t any definite way. As she gets stuck with the same, Mercedes isn’t able to entertain Mane or the possibility of a relationship.

In addition, Mercedes is losing her place in The Pynk. After killing Montavius, she suffers from immense pain in her shoulder. Even though Diamond takes it away for a while, it returns to her, limiting her performance. Noticing the same, Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night gets forced to ask Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi to headline the strip club’s opening night instead of Mercedes. The growing fame of Roulette and Whisper further makes it evident that Mercedes is past her prime and the renowned “Mercedes experience” is not the same anymore. As the dancer hits rock bottom professionally, she may need someone more capable than Mane to be her partner.

Mane is perfect for Mercedes to have a good time. His charm is indeed a thing to cherish and it will be a surprise if Mercedes doesn’t flirt with him again. However, anything more than that doesn’t seem possible considering Mercedes’ life journey at the moment. Mane is someone who doesn’t mind getting into trouble without a second thought. As someone who will be getting imprisoned very frequently, he cannot be a constant presence in Mercedes’ life. When he initiates intimacy, Mercedes stops him and says that she is not looking for what he can offer.

More than anyone, Mane knows that he cannot offer what Mercedes wants and he walks away from her upon expressing his hope that she will find what she seeks. Considering these factors, we may not see them get together as a couple. Still, they may continue seeing each other as two companions sharing unignorable chemistry.

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