Will Sophie and Jesse End Up Together in HIMYF? Theories

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A standalone sequel to ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father’ centers around the life of Sophie, who tries to navigate her relationships and career while living in New York City. After several disappointing men, Sophie comes across Jesse and decides to give the infamous singer a chance. However, the turn of events leads Sophie and Jesse to decide not to date and stay as friends.

Still, the companionship Sophie and Jesse share and the emotional support they provide for each other make one wonder about the prospects of seeing them together in a relationship. If you are curious about the same, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Sophie and Jesse End Up Together?

When Sophie tries to get over Ian, Jesse believes that he stands a chance to date her. When Sophie stands Jesse up, both of them realize that they aren’t ready to consider dating each other. Jesse’s failure to move on from Meredith and Sophie’s wish to put an end to her disappointing dating life leads Sophie to convince Jesse that they aren’t meant for each other. Even though Jesse agrees to the same, he had to force himself to accept Sophie’s reasons, which shows the strong feelings he nurtures for Sophie.

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Meanwhile, Sophie’s relationship with Drew affects any chance Jesse has to end up with Sophie. As Ellen suspects, Jesse’s agitations when Sophie mentions and spends time with Drew indicate that Jesse hasn’t yet accepted Sophie’s new relationship. Even in between the time Jesse goes out with Mia, the former seemingly struggles with his feelings for Sophie. As long as Jesse fails to get over those feelings, the possibility of him ending up with Sophie remains. Although he may need to wait for a while, especially with Drew around, a potential union with Sophie is definitely worth such a wait.

First and foremost, Jesse understands Sophie better than anyone around her. When she shares how painful her childhood was to be “the fixer” of her mother Lori, it is Jesse who motivates her to come out of those hurtful memories to stand on her own identity. Jesse even paves the way for Sophie to date Drew by sending her Drew’s phone number even after she makes it clear to him that she isn’t interested in dating another potentially disappointing man. Rather than separating Sophie and Drew, Jesse does his part for their union only because he knows that Sophie will be happy about it.

Sophie, on the other hand, motivates Jesse to confront his traumas inflicted by Meredith to start writing songs again. She even gives him her lucky bangle with which he starts composing. Sophie also does her part to not see him alone by helping him set up tinder. Such an understanding may turn out to be significant if they choose to consider one another. Jesse and Sophie’s compatibility makes both of them suitable for one another as a partner. If Jesse continues to play a pivotal part in helping Sophie understand her own identity and worthiness, they may not limit their companionship as friends.

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

Even though Sophie and Drew’s relationship is progressing admirably, the stark differences between the two may turn out to be a life-altering challenge for them to overcome. If Drew fails to understand the complexity of Sophie, especially with regard to her childhood, the strength of their relationship may get tested. If that’s the case, Jesse may earn his chance to build a life together with Sophie. As they help each other to grow and evolve, it will not be a surprise if they realize how good they are for one another, leading them to their potential togetherness.

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