Will Spencer and Alex Have a Baby in 1923 Season 2?

Paramount+’s ‘1923’ is a Western drama series that tells the story of the Dutton family’s struggles to protect their land amidst an era of socioeconomic instability. In the series, Spencer Dutton and Alexandra have quickly become a fan-favorite couple, and their adventures in Africa and the sea have kept viewers invested in their storyline. However, a shocking twist in the season one finale leaves major question marks over the couple’s fate. Given their importance to the story, viewers must be curious about how the couple’s fate will set up the Dutton family’s future. If you are wondering whether Spencer and Alexandra will have a baby in ‘1923,’ here is everything we know in that regard! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Spencer and Alexandra?

Spencer and Alexandra meet in the series’ second episode, ‘Nature’s Empty Throne.’ Alexandra is the daughter of a British aristocrat, while Spencer works as a hunter in Africa. The two are instantly smitten with each other, and Alexandra accompanies Spencer on his adventures, leaving Arthur, her fiancé, behind. Spencer and Alerxandra quickly become romantically entangled and start a relationship. However, the couple is forced to undertake an arduous journey to Spencer’s home after he learns of his family’s tragic circumstances.

During their journey, Spencer and Alexandra find their way to SS Lambridge, a ship under Captain Shipley’s command. In his presence, Spencer and Alexandra get married. However, in the first season finale, titled ‘Nothing Left to Lose,’ Spencer and Alexandra travel aboard the RMS Majestic and run into Arthur and his family. After a series of events, Spencer is removed from the ship for dueling with Arthur, who insults Alexandra. The finale ends with the lovers being forcefully separated but promising to reunite.

Will Spencer and Alexandra Have a Baby?

At the end of season 1, Spencer and Alexandra are forced to separate. Alexandra’s father is the Duke of Sussex and orders the Captain of RMS Majestic to detain Alexandra and remove Spencer from the vessel. As a result, it is safe to say that Alexandra’s family disapproves of her marriage to Spencer. Therefore, it is likely that Alexandra’s family will try to keep the lovers apart. Consequently, Spencer and Alexandra’s future together will be jeopardized, and their chances of growing their family with the addition of a baby seem bleak.

However, Spencer and Alexandra promise to reunite with each other in Montana. Therefore, it seems inevitable that they will find a way to chart a future together. Since ‘1923’ is a prequel to the events of ‘Yellowstone,’ Spencer and Alexandra’s baby will define the Dutton family tree in the future. Presently, the Dutton patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner) is believed to be the grandson of Spencer’s nephew Jack Dutton (Darren Mann).

Moreover, John Dutton III does not seem to have a cousin, as the parent series establishes the Dutton patriarch as the only child of John Dutton Jr. Consequently, Spencer and Alexandra having a baby would bend the Dutton family tree in an unexpected direction. In the season 1 finale, Jack and Elizabeth’s baby dies because of a miscarriage. Elizabeth mourns the loss of her baby and fears she will never have a child with Jack. If that is the case, the Dutton family’s hopes to continue their lineage will hinge on Spencer and Alexandra.

One of the most popular theories about the Dutton family tree is that Spencer and Alexandra will have a baby but die before they can raise it. As a result, Jack and Elizabeth will raise the baby as their own, naming it John Dutton Jr. In the season one finale, Alexandra mentions focusing on building a family with Spencer, and the couple has already consummated their marriage. Hence, Alexandra might already be pregnant with a baby. However, viewers will have to tune in for the show’s already confirmed second season to get a definitive answer.

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