7 Movies Like The Night House You Must See

With David Bruckner at the helm, ‘The Night House’ mingles dream and reality to embark upon a tale of a lonely wife struggling to cope with the unexpected loss of her husband. While she stays alone in the lakeside house, grotesque dreams haunt her sleep. While the mornings seem ordinary, the nights get progressively disturbing.

Despite the best wishes of her friends, she delves into a rabbit hole, discovering uncanny truths. Some of the themes and devices the movie conceals are loss, death, family, memory, and mirrors. We have some handy suggestions if you are looking for more movies that walk a similar path. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘The Night House’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Mirrors (2008)

Dilapidated houses make for perfect horror movies. Helmed by Alexandre Aja and based on the 2003 South Korean movie ‘Into The Mirror’ (‘Geoul sokeuro’), ‘Mirrors’ is an enchanting horror foray, complete with a claustrophobic finale. Ben, a rundown ex-cop, lands a job as a security guard in a ramshackle property. The house is curiously filled with mirrors, and the nights unfold strange visions within. With a death in the family, the life of Ben spirals out of control. If following ‘The Night House,’ you seek to watch another movie that depicts mirrors as a gateway to the other side, this movie would be a perfect match for you.

6. Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)

The human mind is a complex work of art, as it attempts to fill the blank spaces of memory with macabre imagination. Coping with loss often leads to horrific revelations, as seen in Jacob Gentry’s eerie thriller movie ‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion.’ The story revolves around a video archivist who becomes obsessed with a conspiracy theory surrounding the titular television phenomenon. The illegal broadcasts may or may not have something to do with the mysterious disappearance of the archivist’s wife. Like ‘The Night House,’ this movie uses its slow-burning horror ambiance as a coping mechanism and even a cure. Therefore, if you are looking for the same psychological intrigue, this is a movie that you should add to your bucket list.

5. Till Death (2021)

In Scott Dale’s cold and ambient psychological thriller movie ‘Till Death,’ Megan Fox steals the show. Hoping to revive their tainted marriage on the eve of their anniversary, Mark and Emma head to a cozy cabin in the forest. Mark blindfolds Emma to add to the kink, but little does Emma know that Mark has a much more sinister surprise in store for his wife.

The morning following their steamy nocturnal encounter, Emma wakes up handcuffed to a dead husband. Meanwhile, a horrific past looms large on Emma’s mind. If you are looking for another horror thriller following ‘The Night House’ that builds on secrets and deceit, this film will not fail to entice you.

4. Swallow (2019)

Carlo Mirabella-Davis weaves a challenging and complex portrait of a so-called “Tradwife” in the psychological horror thriller movie ‘Swallow.’ Haley Bennett delivers an engaging performance in the role of Hunter, whose marriage with Richie has gained her upward mobility. However, as much as she gets used to the newfound comfort in her life, the bond of convenience gradually stifles her to become a submissive wife. As a self-destructive coping mechanism, she eats inedible objects, from pins and needles to batteries. If you are keen on watching another female-centric psychological thriller following ‘The Night House,’ this movie should appease your tastebuds.

3. Self Isolated (2021)

Helmed by Chad Ridgely, ‘Self Isolated’ is a brooding horror thriller movie set against the palpable paranoia of the pandemic. The story revolves around a woman who comes to life following a state of comatose to find herself all alone. Her husband has gone missing, and she has little to no memory of the past. The story veers out of control as she embarks on an investigation to fill the blank spaces in her memory. Meanwhile, the appearance of a beguiling neighbor may lead her to some truth. If, following ‘The Night House,’ you seek to watch another thriller centered on the disappearance of a husband, this is the movie that you should watch next.

2. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Mike Flanagan reared the horror thriller movie ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ as a prequel to the 2014 movie ‘Ouija.’ Based on the popular game by Hasbro, the story follows a widow who uses her fortune-telling and conning skills to help people get closure from their deceased family members. Following her husband’s death, she and her two daughters struggle to make ends meet, and to step up the game, the widow brings home an Ouija board. As she attempts to communicate with her dead husband, the story unearths diabolical spirits. If ‘The Night House’ has kindled an interest in you for movies about the aftermath of a death in the family, this is the movie where you should head next.

1. Relic (2020)

Emily Mortimer appears in Relic by

With Natalie Erika James in the driving seat, the psychological horror-thriller ‘Relic’ is a damning and intriguing allegory of dementia. Edna lives in a country house, coping with memory loss. Kay, her daughter, arrives at the home with granddaughter Sam. They are happy to breathe the tranquil air around the house, but the story gets quite suffocating.

Something dark happens to lurk in the hidden corners of the house, and with Edna’s deteriorating physical and mental health, the brooding tale veers off the course. If you seek to watch another familial story of psychological fascination and horrific repercussions following ‘The Night House,’ this is a film you should experience, although the experience may not be relishing.

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