7 Shows Like My Name You Must See

‘My Name’ is an action thriller Korean drama packed with wall-to-wall fight sequences, while the drama is quite passionate at times. Created by Kim Ba-da and directed by Kim jin-min, the series follows orphaned Yoon Ji-woo, who must embark upon a quest for vengeance following her father’s mysterious death. She feigns an identity into the police academy with the help of an influential crime boss, who claims to have been best friends with her deceased father.

She would rediscover herself and make amends with her internal conflict on her path, but the course is all blood-and-gore. If you have liked the concoction of the female-led revenge thriller, we have some recommendations that would be well suited to your liking. You can find most of these shows similar to ‘My Name’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Bomb Girls (2012-2014)

Developed by Michael MacLennan and Adrienne Mitchell, ‘Bomb Girls’ is a war drama series that sheds light on a lesser-known chapter in the history of the Second World War. Set in the turbulent 1940s, the series follows a group of women who daily jeopardize their lives working in a munition factory to send supplies for the Allied forces. These women come from various walks of life, but they become united in a rapidly changing world while a mushroom cloud looms large on the horizon. The cast ensemble comprises Meg Tilly, Jodi Balfour, Charlotte Hegele, and many known faces from the industry. If you have found the ominous ambiance of ‘My Name’ compelling, this is a show you must add to your bucket list.

6. IRIS (2009-2013)

Written by Kyu Won Jo, Je-kyu Kang, Hyun Joon Kim, and Jae-eun Kim, ‘IRIS’ (‘Ailiseu’) is a heart-pounding crime thriller K-drama series with a brooding mystery at its kernel. The series follows the National Security Service (NSS) of South Korea, taking on a covert terrorist group by the name of IRIS.

Kim Hyun-jun joins the elite black ops team to learn about his past, which drives him further from a fleeting present. He becomes tangled up in an international conspiracy. If Yoon Ji-woo has made you sympathize with her bending of ways to bring out the truth in ‘My Name,’ this show will keep you hooked from the very early moments.

5. Sisyphus: The Myth (2021-)

In the sci-fi thriller ‘Sisyphus: The Myth,’ writers Lee Je-in and Jeon Chan-ho revive an age-old trope in favor of a fast-paced and gritty action attraction. The story revolves around future soldier Gang Seo‑hae who must leave her family and travel back to the past to stop a scientist whose discovery would define the bleak future.

You may have heard of the story of a future soldier traveling back to the past to avert a potential apocalypse. Still, Park Shin‑hye in the female lead keeps things interesting as she portrays the female lead with an iron grip. If you have fallen for Han So Hee’s roving portrayal of Yoon Ji-woo in ‘My Name,’ this is a show that requires some of your attention.

4. Killing Eve (2018-2022)

Actress-producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge of ‘Fleabag’ fame takes the helm of enthralling action-adventure dramaKilling Eve.’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alum Sandra Oh takes up the unequivocally daunting role of Eve, whose blue-collar desk job does not give her much thrill. She seeks to become a spy and thus enters blonde killer Villanelle, sparking a sprawling cat-and-mouse chase.

The epic drama goes south in no time, as the duo become obsessed with each other. Almost a toned-down ‘Batman’ venture, the show is as satisfying as it is disturbing. If you have found the cat-and-mouse chase of ‘My Name’ to be heavy on your nerves, this is a show that you must check out.

3. Orphan Black (2013-2017)

If you have a penchant for female-centric television shows, ‘Orphan Black’ holds enough merit to wow you. Developed by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, the sci-fi biopunk noir-thriller revolves around Sarah, an English orphan with a dark past, and her brother Felix. They frequently change foster homes before meeting Mrs. S and coming to North America.

She meets her doppelgänger, Beth, on a chance occurrence and under tragic circumstances. When Beth takes her life, Sarah decides to exchange her identity for Beth’s. But a devastating exposition awaits the protagonist, which plunges her into a vortex of lies and changing identities. If you have found the theme of hidden identity in ‘My Name’ interesting, this is a show where you should put your money.

2. Giri/Haji (2019)

Created by Joe Barton, ‘Giri/Haji’ is an English-Japanese bilingual crime thriller painted with a serene noir ambiance. The story follows a Tokyo cop who lands in London to look for his criminal brother, who has gone AWOL. While a potential war rages in Tokyo, the cop must juggle between duty, family, parenthood, and love and cut across the deception around him. ‘My Name’ tells a story of family and betrayal, and this series conceals the same themes while taking a tour of the London underworld.

1. City Hunter (2011)

Created by Hwang Eun-kyung and Choi Soo-jin and based on the popular Japanese manga series of the same name, ‘City Hunter’ has everything – power-packed action, a taut story topped with a dollop of an international conspiracy, and a revenge plot with an air of romance. Lee Yoon-sung leads a double life, eager to locate the murderers of his father and exact vengeance. He lands a job at the presidential palace and falls in love with Kim Na-na.

The past story goes back to the infamous Rangoon bombing of 1983. If you like some political conspiracy, this South Korean gem will not cease to impress you. ‘My Name’ seemingly borrows heavily from this popular early K-drama, including the revenge theme. If you seek to revisit the heydays of Korean television, the legacy of this show has seldom been surpassed.

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