The Snow Girl: 8 Similar Shows You Must See

Netflix’s ‘The Snow Girl‘ is a Spanish mystery thriller series originally titled ‘La chica de nieve.’ Its compelling narrative revolves around the disappearance of a young girl named Amaya. Miren Rojo (Milena Smit), a trainee journalist shoulders the responsibility of investigating this case alongside her senior, Eduardo (José Coronado), and Inspector Millan (Aixa Villagrán). The trail is cold, and everything seems like a conundrum, but Miren tries to piece the evidence together. While doing so, she is plagued by a past traumatic incident, which she harnesses to move forward in the case.

The series is an adaptation of Javier Andrés Roig’s eponymous novel, which sold over a million copies in Spain. Davida Ulloa and Laura Aleva are the two directors who have collaborated on this project and jampacked the story into a binge-worthy series. If you were submerged in the dark and twisted world, and wish to relive the experience, here’s a list of recommendations you might also like.

8. Express (2022- )

‘Express’ is another brilliant Spanish thriller series about express kidnapping, a violent crime where people are forced to hand over money after withdrawing it from an ATM. In the show, Bárbara is the victim of this vileness, and the criminals abduct her for a short period. We follow the journey of the young psychologist and her family as they deal with the aftermath of this escalating felony. Creator Iván Escobar also sprinkles some comic elements throughout the show to make it lighthearted. In ‘The Snow Girl,’ a moderately similar crime plays out through the eyes of Miren, but ‘Express’ depicts the experience from the perspective of the abducted.

7. The Lørenskog Disappearance (2022)

The Lørenskog Disappearance, primarily known as ‘Forsvinningen – Lørenskog 31. Oktober 2018,’ is a Norwegian crime drama show based on actual events. After Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen (a billionaire’s wife) is abducted from her home, the police investigate but keep meeting dead ends.

Though the circumstances change a year later, and the culprit is finally unveiled, the junctures and curveballs in the show are the highlight and keep you hooked till the end. Creators Nikolaj Frobenius and Stephen Uhlander effortlessly portray the actual incident and condense it into a mini-series. ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ is a treat for fans who can’t get enough of ‘The Snow Girl’ but want to experience a kindred story in a true crime setting.

6. Alba (2021)

Alba‘ is a Spanish series that revolves around Alba (Elena Rivera), who visits her hometown for the holidays, and everything changes overnight. She wakes up on a beach, only to realize that she has been a victim of a sexual assault. The perpetrators of this act are four boys, and discovering their identities shocks her. Regardless, Alba is fearless with a spine of steel, and she goes after her culprits to seek justice. Creators Carlos Martín and Ignasi Rubio are the brains behind this drama. As seen in ‘The Snow Girl,’ Miren also chases her wrongdoers, much like Alba.

5. Stolen Away (2020)

‘Stolen Away’ is a Spanish thriller series, originally titled ‘Perdida.’ It is created by Natxo López, who adds a never-seen-before element to this niche. After Antonio’s 5-year-old daughter is nowhere to be found, the investigation is closed, and nothing is revealed. But thirteen years later, he constructs a plan to discover the truth about the mysterious event. Antonio sniffs cocaine to deliberately get arrested in Bogotá and hunts down the man who kidnapped his child years ago. ‘The Snow Girl’ has a similar storyline where people discover the truth much after the incident occurs.

4. The Moorside (2017)

Paul Whittington’s directorial ‘The Moorside’ is a two-part British series about the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, a 9-year-old girl. Her friends and neighbors partake in the search, exemplifying what community effort truly means. With that said, the viewers are divided between the show’s sensitive content and whether it is suitable to be televised. Unlike ‘The Snow Girl,’ a whole town assists the police and fulfills their duty in ‘The Moorside,’ but a recurring theme in both shows is “hope” and doing the most for people without any selfish motives.

3. The Disappearance (2015)

‘The Disappearance’ (also known as ‘Disparue’) is a French thriller series that follows the police investigation and events that unfold after a teenage girl attends a festival but doesn’t return home. The incident weighs heavy on her family as they try to cope with it, and the secrets to the final revelation are buried deep within their community. The director Charlotte Brandström makes us second-guess whether it was a crime or an accident with mind-boggling twists. Tune in for this one if you relish the unexpectedness of ‘The Snow Girl’ because this show is known for its “oh, didn’t see that coming” moments.

2. I May Destroy You (2020)

‘I May Destroy You‘ is a thought-provoking drama series layered with dark humor. It follows Arabella (Michaela Coel), an influencer and novelist in her late twenties who is positively acclaimed for her work. She needs a refreshing break from cramming away while writing her second book, so she spends a night out with her friends.

However, the next day Arabella can barely recollect the incidents from the previous night. Creator and writer Michaela Coel make you re-think sexual consent while exploring delicate themes of liberation and exploitation through the lens of flawed characters. Parallel to ‘The Snow Girl,’ the protagonists in both series is moving and healing past traumas inflicted through sexual abuse and even using it as a catalyst in their lives.

1. The Missing (2014-2016)

‘The Missing’ is a British crime anthology series created and written by Harry and Jack Williams. The first part of the story revolves around a family on vacation in France. Oliver, their son, mysteriously disappears in a crowded bar and is never found. Eight years later, his father discovers persuasive evidence and seeks assistance from Julien Baptiste, the original detective allotted to the case.

The second part is reminiscent of the first, and the same investigator embroils in another case that involves a missing young girl. Julien makes every effort to locate the victim, traveling as far as Germany and Iraq in the hopes of solving the inexplicable occurrence. This show, like ‘The Snow Girl,’ focuses on fictional cases of children who go missing and can’t be found for a long time.

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