Where is Netflix’s Agents of Mystery Filmed?

Image Credit: Netflix

Created by Jung Jong-Yeon, ‘Agents of Mystery’ or ‘Miseuteori Susadan’ is a South Korean reality show that follows a team of investigators part of a paranormal division. Consisting of celebrities including Lee Yong-jin, Jon Park, Lee Eun-ji, Hye-ri, Kim Do-hoon, and Karina, the detective squad is tasked with navigating spooky puzzles at a research facility where things seem to have gone horribly wrong. Given the Netflix show’s elaborate set design and intriguing scenarios, fans of the series will likely seek to learn more about the shooting locations behind it.

Agents of Mystery Filming Location

‘Agents of Mystery’ is filmed using a studio setup in Daejeon, South Korea. Principal photography for the series began in late 2023 and was wrapped up by early 2024. While shooting, the actors and actresses commented that the detective format and setups of the show exceeded their expectations.

Singer Karina was especially sought after by Jong-Yeon for his casting on the show, and she agreed immediately, being a fan of his work. “It was the first time I met my seniors through this program, and it was so good,” said Karina in a translated press conference. “Above all, I was a fan of PD Jung Jong-yeon, and I loved detective novels and anime, and it was so nice to be able to do my first variety show with this kind of entertainment.”

Studio Cube, South Korea

‘Agents of Mystery’ was filmed entirely using intricate sets built by the production team on soundstages. Daejeon is home to some of the most advanced production facilities in South Korea, making it a prime location for the team behind the Netflix reality show to build their extensive sets. Among the studios in and around the city and, in fact, the country, Studio Cube stands out as the largest and most well-equipped for a production like ‘Agents of Mystery.’

Studio Cube, located in the EXPO Science Park, is often utilized by major productions for its state-of-the-art facilities. Known for having specialized stages and unending studio space, Studio Cube offers a perfect environment for creating the elaborate and spooky sets seen in ‘Agents of Mystery.’ Some notable shows and films that captured scenes at the studio include ‘1987,’ ‘#Alive,’ and ‘Hellbound.’

Image Credit: Netflix

Similarly, Studio 139 in Amiri Studio Valley is also a popular choice for Netflix projects, as the company leased six soundstages of at least 9,000 square meters at the facility. The facility has plentiful studio space and advanced technology, ensuring that the production teams have everything they need to bring their creative visions to life. Other Netflix shows and movies housed at the studio include ‘Chicken Nugget,’ ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,’ ‘Love to Hate You,’ ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ and ‘Queenmaker.’

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