Alex and Brandi From Selling the OC Seem Perfectly Amicable These Days

As a reality-realty series that lives up to its title as well as parent production in every way imaginable, Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ can only be described as equal parts baffling and entertaining. That’s because it centers around some of the fiercest realtors in Orange County as they navigate every aspect of their professional lives, all the while being bombarded with interpersonal drama. It thus comes as no surprise emotions are almost always heightened, which is precisely what led to Alex Hall and Brandi Marshall having some troubles in season 2, only to then seem amicable in season 3.

Alex and Brandi Had a Huge Fight

As mothers trying to create a good life for their respective families, Alex and Brandi have always had a lot in common, which is why they were once incredibly close friends. In fact, the latter had actually confided in the former about her mom suffering from a brain tumor and how the office drama was simply all so petty in front of what life means and continues to have the potential to be. In other words, she trusted Alex enough to share some of her deepest secrets and it was reciprocated too, well, that is, until everything changed by spring 2023.

The truth is Brandi had some strong opinions regarding Alex and her growing friendship with fellow co-worker Tyler Stanaland, especially as he was going through a very public divorce from actress Brittney Snow. It’s not like she had a problem with their friendship; she just didn’t like the fact it sometimes looked to be a lot more, and rumors had started circling around in their small county, putting their entire brokerage’s reputation at risk. She thus voiced this opinion, only for the duo to find out and be bothered by it because she’d used the term “is the ink even dry it” without even understanding their situation — Alex, as a divorcee herself, was helping him.

Therefore, when the opportunity came for Tyler to work with her for a client, he decided to talk things out with her before proceeding so that everything could be said and done. But Alex soon joined in the conversation since it concerned her too and things seemed to be going fine, that is, until others started chiming up too. Brandi hence felt crucified for voicing her opinion and walked away, following which Alex actually gave her a hug and tried to console her, but it’d already led to the start of their fallout.

Brandi actually felt as if the way Alex spoke was rude and condescending, so she tried to distance herself from the situation as much as she could, including during a work trip to Cabo, Mexico, when she switched rooms in order to get away. However, during their last night, things came to a head as another argument, and Alex’s tone triggered Brandi to such an extent that she walked toward her once-seemingly friend, driving the former to genuinely question if she was going to throw a hit, turning things even beyond.

In a strange turn of events, though, once everyone returned to California, Alex conceded the only reason she was upset was because it felt like she was losing a friend for no reason. She believed Brandi’s reaction was a result of her mom recently passing away and her needing to let out some anger, which kind of turned out to be true. The latter actually went to one of her open houses, where she apologized and said she’d been too emotional since everything happened, so she’d just snapped.

That’s when Alex and Brandi were able to talk everything out; the latter conceded she felt as if whenever they spoke, Alex was either speaking down to her or controlling the conversation, especially as it often turned into an argument. Alex then admitted it might be possible because her Italian roots had her using a lot of hand gestures and she’s anyways very loud as well as opinionated, but she never meant for anything to be negative. That’s when the duo realized they were both pretty emotional and maturely decided to touch upon this matter later when things had settled down a lot more for them.

Are Alex and Brandi Still Friends?

Although it’s unclear whether Alex and Brandi are close friends at the moment, they definitely remain co-workers and acquaintances with seemingly no bad blood between them anymore. They don’t follow one another on social media or personally interact in any way, shape, or form, but they do seem happy for each other’s success and individual lives. The truth is, as indicated in season 3, they’ve simply distanced themselves from one another in order to ensure no other drama or fight breaks loose. However, considering how they traversed a long road and ultimately handled themselves with grace, we’re going to stay optimistic and actually believe they’ll be able to cross the line into friendship once again.

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