Are Polly and Brandi From Selling the OC Still Friends?

A spinoff of ‘Selling Sunset,’ Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ follows various realtors working for the Oppenheim Group in California’s Orange County. The reality show has become well-known for the ever-changing dynamics between various cast members. Consider the friendship between Polly Brindle and Brandi Marshall that was tested during the recently released season 2 of the show, making many wonder if the two are still on amicable terms. Well, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Polly and Brandi’s Selling the OC Journey

In season 1 of the show, Polly Brindle and Brandi Marshall formed a good relationship between themselves as the two talked about things happening in the office with other people. This led them to often meet up for lunch and discuss the recent events in their lives. However, in season 2, during one of their lunch meet-ups, which also included Lauren Shortt, things took a different turn. After the divorce of Tyler Stanaland had started, rumors about his relationship with Alex Hall started to circulate, which concerned Brandi.

During the lunch, Brandi shared how she did not think it was good for Alex to get involved with a man who was still not legally separated from his wife, even though the two had separated. Polly did not seem to agree with this, as she said that she felt Tyler and Alex should be able to pursue a relationship should they want, as both of them were effectively single. Not long afterward, Polly shared with Tyler what Brandi had told her, which prompted him to ask Brandi for a private talk, though almost every cast member was able to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Brandi walked out of the conversation feeling like she had been attacked simply for having an opinion, as she thought that the rumors about Tyler and Alex might hurt the company’s reputation, which in turn would affect her career as a realtor. She also did not seem to appreciate that Polly had told Tyler what she had shared with her. This tension between the two remained simmering despite them once trying to sort out the issue.

The final straw for Polly and Brandi seemed to be when the latter learned that Polly had made out with Tyler in the office. She was furious about this and even asked Polly if she and Alex were “sharing Tyler,” a comment Polly seemed scandalized by. Overall, it seemed evident that Brandi was unhappy about several decisions that many of her colleagues were making, including Polly. Things heated up even more after an argument broke out between Polly and Alexandra Jarvis, in which the former mentioned that she had heard that Kayla Cardona had a video of her and Tyler making out.

After Alexandra Jarvis walked out, Kayla asked Polly what video she was talking about, to which she stated that Lauren had told her that Brandi had seen the video. At that moment, Brandi seemed flustered to have been put in the spot, while Tyler asked her why she told him that she had not seen the video. Brandi then said there was indeed a video, but she had not said something because she didn’t want to get more involved, though she pointed out that the two had apparently made out during a Christmas party.

When Alex said that Brandi should have told Polly about the video as a friend, Brandi asked her if she knew that she and Polly had not been talking for a while, something that Polly seemed to disagree with. Ultimately, Polly claimed that she did not regret any of her choices, apart from perhaps not co-listing with her for a property they had been working on together from the start of ‘Selling the OC‘ season 2. This truly upset Brandi as she felt like Polly was throwing it back at her face, prompting her to get up and walk out.

Are Polly and Brandi Still Friends?

It does seem like Polly Brindle and Brandi Marshall’s friendship may have come to an end for good. Not only is their recent online interaction next to null, but they also do not seem to follow each other on Instagram. Though unfortunate, the development is not surprising considering everything that went down between the two in season 2 of the show. While their well-wishers will no doubt hope that they can resolve this conflict soon and regain at least an amicable relationship, what matters the most is that both ladies continue to live their lives peacefully and keep earning their commissions by selling one breathtaking property after the next. We wish them both the best in life and hope to see more of them in the near future.

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