Hannah and Marco: Is the Love Island USA Stars Still a Couple?

Based on the similarly named British series, Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ is a dating reality show that has captivated viewers since the first season in 2019. Hence, it is no wonder that people are quite eager to know more about the winning couple of the recently finished fifth iteration of the series, Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli. Their sweet love story captured the hearts of many and thrived under challenging circumstances. But are the two still together even after their time on the show? Well, we are here to explore the same!

Hannah and Marco’s Love Island USA Journey

Entering the Peacock show on Day 1, Marco Donatelli initially coupled up with Destiny Davis, and the two even shared a kiss. However, as Hannah Wright entered the villa on Day 2, he could not help but shift his focus on her. Before committing to her fully, he decided to ask Destiny about being open, something she was far from happy about, given their shared kiss. Nevertheless, the two did end their relationship, and Marco started to talk to Hannah in hopes of wooing her. Day 3 allowed Hannah and Carmen Kocourek to “steal” one of the guys from a couple. After the latter chose Victor Gonzalez, Hannah decided to go with Marco, something he was certainly happy with.

Though Hannah expressed disappointment about being unable to couple up with Victor, she also seemed excited about the new opportunities her relationship with Marco would open for her. As time progressed, Hannah and Marco kept growing closer and closer. Their connection was undoubtedly evident for all the cast members to see, as they were the second couple to be chosen to be sent to the Hideaway. Not long afterward, the pair had to live apart after all the girls moved to Casa Amor, including Hannah.

The two were dedicated to not entertaining anyone else’s attention and started sleeping outside, waiting the week before they would reunite. It did seem like Marco’s resolve might get tested as his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Ortega, made her way into the villa while Hannah was away. Despite the unexpected development, he was more than open about his feelings for his former partner. He remained firm that while their separation might have happened due to his willingness to open up, he was a changed man now and took delight in his open communication with Hannah (Wright).

That said, he stated that he had no plans of pursuing any other connection, even with Ortega, and expressed that he would be happy to see her find her match through the show. On the day of the recoupling after Casa Amor, Hannah and Marco were over the moon that none of them had brought someone else into the villa. They also realized what they felt for each other was quite strong and became even more dedicated to seeing their relationship thrive. In fact, during their last date on the show, Marco asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, and she was delighted to accept the offer. Given their relatively drama-free time on the show as a couple and their strong connection with each other, it did not surprise many that Hannah and Marco were crowned the winners of season 5 of ‘Love Island USA.’

Hannah and Marco Are Likely Still Together

As of writing, neither Hannah Wright nor Marco Donatelli have shared any updates regarding the present status of their relationship. That said, we are optimistic that the two are still together. Not only are they perhaps the couple who lasted the longest on the show, but their time together was full of several sweet moments that fans across the world could not help but gush over. Keeping aside any minor hiccups in their journey, Hannah and Marco’s overall bond was something that made people truly appreciate the love that they had for each other.

It is possible that we might get an official update regarding their status as a couple in the near future. It is highly likely that the two might indeed be in a relationship, given that they had already started to think about their future in the real world while on the show. From Hannah’s musings regarding whether she would like to move closer to Marco to his eagerness to meet his partner’s mother, especially with the recent passing of his own, combined with their professions of love for each other, it is certainly understandable why everyone is highly confident that Hannah and Marco have continued their relationship.

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