Big George Foreman Ending, Explained: Does George Foreman Return To Boxing?

Based on the life of one of the most iconic boxers in history, ‘Big George Foreman’ is a biographical sports drama film directed by George Tillman Jr. The film stars Khris Davis and Forest Whitaker in central roles and follows the titular character in his journey from an impoverished beginning to a glorious career in boxing. After bringing home gold from the Olympics and earning the World Heavyweight Champion title, Foreman’s career took a sharp dive following an unfortunate loss to Muhammad Ali. Soon, a near-death experience sends Foreman down a life of faith until the boxing ring beckons back to him.

George Foreman’s life depicts an inspiring underdog story full of fascinating twists. If you’re curious to see where life leads Foreman and how he regains his former glory, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Big George Foreman.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Big George Foreman Plot Synopsis

Life charts a hard path for George, born into a poor family with three siblings and one single, working mother. Teachers constantly overlook George, and his peers bully him due to his family’s financial instability. As a result, George often picks fights in the schoolyard, and an everpresent bubbling anger finds a place under his skin. Consequently, by the time his late teens arrive, George has no prospects for his future until he learns about the Job Corps, a program helping high school dropout learns skills and get jobs.

Nevertheless, George’s anger issues persist, and he continues to get into fights at his center in California whenever the other candidates disrespect him. After getting caught in the middle of another altercation by Charles “Doc” Broadus, a faculty member, George almost sees expulsion from the center. However, Doc, a former professional boxer, recognizes George’s potential and offers to coach him in boxing. Even though George’s mother is against the idea, George starts training with Doc and soon develops a knack for the sport.

Driven by great ambition, George enters the Olympics the following year and wins the gold medal, to everyone’s delighted surprise. Still, some people call him a sellout, leading him to take on the World Heavyweight Championship in 1973. Soon enough, after defeating the renowned boxer Joe Frazier, George wins the title and launches into stardom. Nevertheless, fame comes with a prize, sending George down a conceited path that results in a divorce from his loving wife, Paula, due to his infidelity.

A year later, George enters into a ring with the legendary Muhammad Ali after the former challenges George multiple times on national television. The fight between the two athletes is thrilling and ends with Ali emerging victorious. The loss marks the collapse of George’s career, as the boxer faces other defeats in the near future. Ultimately, George has an attack that almost kills him after losing a match with Jimmy Young in 1977. As a result, George has a religious epiphany that compels him into the arms of the Lord.

George bids farewell to the boxing ring and becomes a preacher. In the coming years, George starts a new family with his second wife, Mary, and opens his own Church as well as a Youth and Community Center. Therefore, his world turns upside-down when he discovers that his longtime friend Desmond Baker, who handles his money, has left him bankrupt. Drowning in debt with his Church and Youth Center on the line, George Foreman has no choice but to return to his old life to do what he does best: box.

Big George Foreman Ending: Does George Foreman Return To Boxing?

The story starts with George’s gradual uphill battle toward greatness as he hones his boxing skills to become the best of the best. With a 40-0 track record, George Foreman was at the peak of his career when Muhammad Ali knocked him down. As such, when his story takes an unforeseen turn into preacherhood, it comes as a shock to everyone, especially his trainer, Doc.

Doc is the first one who sees the fire within George and encourages him to make something out of his anger. As such, when George decides to return to the game, Doc is the first person he turns to. Throughout his life, George has only ever been a boxer and a preacher. When his life spirals out of control, he realizes he doesn’t have the nerve to return to his sermons and tell people how to live their lives since he has lost control over his own.

On the other hand, boxing allows him to do something great and return to the life he has always known. Furthermore, by rising to stardom again, George can spread the word of his god to a larger crowd and send his message across the board. Doc has always had faith in George’s abilities, and he agrees to train him again.

Thus starts George Foreman’s second round in the world of boxing. Despite his age and the numerous years he has been away from the ring, George regains his past skills quickly and starts making his way up the ladder. Eventually, he surprises the masses and returns to a boxing career with a lot of success.

Even though George loses his match against Evander Holyfield in the 1991 Heavyweight Championship, his match paycheques effectively dissolve his financial debts, putting his life back on course. Still, even though he doesn’t have a pressing need to continue boxing anymore, George decides to finish what he has started and takes on Michael Moorer in the 1994 World Heavyweight Match.

Does George Foreman Defeat Michael Moorer?

Throughout his career, George Foreman entered countless matches, but few are as significant as his November 5, 1994 match with Michael Moorer. At 45, George has already had a historic career by returning to the ring with as much power and success as him. Comparative to him, Moorer is young and fast with new tricks up his sleeve. In fact, most of his opponents have left the ring after complete knockouts. As such, Moorer makes for a considerable rival.

George recognizes the same and pushes himself to his limit while training. The years have changed George, not only physically but also mentally. He’s no longer the beast who shows his opponents no mercy and brings raw, fiery anger into the boxing ring. Throughout his life, George fought because he felt hated by the world and ridiculed by his peers. However, after finding God, George learns a new way to deal with his emotions, no longer fighting for his anger.

George has realized he has nothing to prove to the world and that everything he needs is right in front of him in the form of his beautiful and healthy family. George enters his match opposite Moorer with the same mindset and gives the sport his all. Although the fight is one of the hardest George has fought, he perseveres and strategizes his way through Moorer’s brutal attacks.

The match goes on for nine rounds, with George’s condition worsening every moment. Nonetheless, in the end, George Foreman wins the championship against Michael Moorer. Consequently, George earns the title of World Heavyweight Champion for the second time in his career and makes history as the oldest holder of the title. Afterward, George goes on to continue his life as a preacher and ensures the future of his church and youth center. Likewise, his irreplaceable career companion Charles “Doc” Broadus was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1999, forever leaving their mark on history.

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