Hallmark’s Branching Out: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Maclain Nelson, ‘Branching Out’ follows single mom Amelia as she sets out to find her daughter’s biological father. Amelia has an adorable little daughter, Ruby, who asks about who her father is. Ruby knows she is conceived through IVF but is curious nonetheless as she is working on a family tree. This leads Amelia to ponder the matter and ultimately inquire into the whereabouts of the donor she chose. Learning that the donor’s name is T.J. and driving into the small town where he lives, Amelia prepares herself to meet the father of her child.

The Hallmark family movie takes us to a picturesque countryside setting, where Amelia and Ruby bond with T.J., participating in the town’s fair. The narrative explores themes of parenthood, trust, and responsibility. Against the stunning backdrop of rolling hills and a sparkling lake, a burgeoning romance develops between Ruby’s parents as they meet for the first time.

Where Was Branching Out Filmed?

‘Branching Out’ was filmed entirely across multiple locations in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Principal photography began in mid-February 2024 and was wrapped up in a few weeks by February 25, 2024. The cast seemed to have enjoyed their time working on the production and took to social media to share behind-the-scenes shenanigans. “We are still processing the magical whirlwind of the last 3 weeks, but feeling incredibly grateful to have met and worked with such beautiful souls with so much talent and heart,” wrote actress Mia Marina in an Instagram post. “Thank you to all. We love you so so much and miss you even more.” The Hallmark movie was filmed on location, employing the scenic natural beauty of Utah as its backdrop.

Utah County, Utah

Most of the scenic backdrops seen in ‘Branching Out’ are filmed within the territories of Utah County in the Beehive State. The lake seen in the movie is actually the Utah Lake. As the largest freshwater lake in the state, the waterbody appears like a shimmering jewel amidst rugged mountains looming in the background. The mountains observed are the towering peaks of the Wasatch Range to the east and the gentle slopes of the valley to the west. Characterized by vast open natural landscapes, Utah County provides the perfect serene countryside ambiance and tranquil atmosphere for heartwarming stories like that of ‘Branching Out.’

The county’s seat is Provo, a city steeped in history, which can also be seen in the film. From its bustling downtown district with eclectic shops and eateries to its scenic trails and parks, it provides a dynamic backdrop for both residents and visitors alike. As a filming location for ‘Branching Out,’ Provo’s charming streets and vibrant energy capture the essence of small-town life and community spirit. Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Wasatch Range, Provo offers outdoor adventure and is a destination for hikers and trekkers.

Salt Lake County, Utah

Home to the bustling metropolis of Salt Lake City, sites around Salt Lake County became an integral part of the filming process of ‘Branching Out.’ Within the city, multiple casting calls were made for background performers and extras. For shoots on February 2 and 23, actors for caucasian male and female standing roles were requested. For shooting on February 21, a call for band members, including a bass guitar player, keyboard player, and drummer, was made. These performers were seen playing as a part of T.J.’s band as he led with the guitar. Other casting opportunities included those of guitar shops, cafes, and farmers market extras, as well as for school children and parents.

Branching Out Cast

The Hallmark film is led by Sarah Drew, who steps into the role of Amelia. Drew is a seasoned actress who is best known for her performance as Dr. April Kepner for the hit ABC series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and as Hannah Rogers in Warner Bros’ ‘Everwood.’ She can also be seen in ‘Cruel Summer,’ Lifetime’s ‘The Girl Who Caught a Killer,’ and ‘A Cowboy Christmas Romance.’

Starring alongside her is Juan Pablo Di Pace as T.J. The Argentina-born actor has garnered attention for essaying Jesus Christ in ‘A.D. The Bible Continues,’ Nicolás Treviño in TNT’s reboot of ‘Dallas,’ and Petros in ‘Mamma Mia!.’ His other credits include ‘Fuller House,’ ‘The Catherine Tate Show,’ and ‘Aftersun.’ Other actors seen in ‘Branching Out’ include Cora Bella as Ruby, Cora’s mother, Mia Marina as Bianca, Juan Diaz Garay as John Fischer, Cameron Foremaster as Ranch Hand, and Candace Kirkpatrick as Sofia.

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