CBC’s Run the Burbs Season 3 Starts Filming in Ontario in September

The filming of the third season of CBC’s comedy series ‘Run the Burbs’ is all set to begin in September. The cast and crew of the show will be commencing the shoot in Etobicoke, an administrative district in Ontario, Canada. The series “follows the Phams, a young, bold Vietnamese-South Asian-Canadian family taking a different approach to living life to the fullest, while changing the way we think about contemporary family values and life in the burbs,” states the logline.

The first two seasons of ‘Run the Burbs’ were also filmed in Ontario, particularly in the cities of Hamilton and Toronto. The production team utilizes various neighborhoods and streets of Hamilton, along with a studio facility in Toronto to shoot the major portions of the series. The province of Ontario has hosted several films and television shows, including ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,’ ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘The Boys,’ ‘Wednesday,’ ‘Prison Break,’ ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘American Psycho,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ ‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ and ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ for filming in the past.

As for ‘Run the Burbs’ season 3, the renewal of the show was announced in March this year, a week before the season 2 finale. The new season is expected to arrive in the Winter 2024 roaster. Meanwhile, the show has undergone a significant change ahead of the production of the third season as Jennica Harper and Nelu Handa have been appointed as the new showrunners, replacing Anthony Q. Farrell.

Harper and Handa previously collaborated on the Jann Arden-starrer ‘JANN.’ Harper has also worked on ‘Spencer Sisters,’ ‘Cardinal,’ and ‘Skymed’ and is a recipient of the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Award. Handa previously served as a writer on the first two seasons of ‘Run the Burbs.’ She is also known for her works on ‘The Baroness Von Sketch Show’ and ‘Sort Of.’

‘Run the Burbs’ season 3 will feature Andrew Phung (‘Kim’s Convenience’) as Andrew Pham, Rakhee Morzaria (‘Running with Violet’) as Camille, Zoriah Wong (‘Upside-Down Magic’) as Khia Pham, Roman Pesino (‘Ghostwriter’) as Leo Pham, Ali Hassan (‘Laugh Out Loud’) as Ramesh, Julie Nolke (‘May the Best Wedding Win’) as Sam, Jonathan Langdon (‘Faith Heist’) as Hudson, Simone Miller (‘Detention Adventure’) as Mannix, Samantha Wan (‘Love at Sky Gardens’) as Cathy, Chris Locke (‘Drifting Snow’) as Sebastian, and Aurora Browne (‘Portrait of a Serial Monogamist’) as Barb.

Phung also serves as the co-creator of the series with filmmaker Scott Townend. ‘Run the Burbs’ season 3 is written by Phung, Townend, Sara Peters, Jay Vaidya, Mandeq Hassan, and Angelica Mendizabal. The executive producers include Phung, Townend, Shebli Zarghamimi, Aleysa Young, Laszlo Barna, Nicole Butler, Bill Lundy, and Karen Tsang, with Jessica Daniel serving as the producer.

In an interview with Variety, showrunner Jennica Harper teased what could be expected from the third season. “The goal for Season 3 is to have fun paying off a bunch of storylines started last season. Andrew and Camille are both working their dream jobs—but what does that mean for their work/life balance?” she stated.

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