Delete Ending, Explained: What Happened To Lilly?

Centering around a scandalous affair and a strange device, ‘Delete’ is a Thai thriller drama show directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom. A famous art curator, Lilly, starts an extramarital affair with a well-loved writer, Aim, behind her wealthy and powerful husband, Too’s back. Therefore, when their relationship threatens to come out into the open through Aim’s girlfriend, Orn, it sends the couple into a frenzy. Soon, however, Lilly finds herself in possession of a mysterious phone that can make people disappear by simply taking a photo of them. With a quick but wicked solution to their problems in her hands, Lilly might just find a way to secure a future for herself and Aim. However, when Lilly suddenly goes missing, it opens up a world of mystery and lies.

If you’re curious about how this complicated situation ends for the characters and what secrets it reveals about their world, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Delete.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Delete Plot Synopsis

After Lilly returns from her secretive getaway with Aim, her husband, Too, starts acting strange, and Lilly realizes he suspects her of infidelity. Likewise, Aim’s longtime girlfriend, Orn, also starts to notice her boyfriend pulling away from her more and more. As a result, Orn sets up cameras in the apartment and catches Aim and Lilly red-handed. Afterward, she threatens to release the footage unless Aim ends things with Lilly, something Aim is vehemently against. At the same time, Lilly learns she’s pregnant and realizes it’s Aim’s child.

However, when a random girl approaches Lilly at a supermarket and asks Lilly to take a picture, everything changes. After Lilly snaps a photograph of the girl on the girl’s phone, she disappears with a flash. Lilly realizes the phone can make people disappear or “delete them” and shares the information with Aim, who uses the device on Orn. Later, after her birthday party, Lilly plans on using the phone on Too but fails. The following day news comes out about her disappearance.

Initially, Aim suspects Too has deleted Lilly but learns Too’s also in the dark about Lilly’s disappearance. Eventually, Police Captain Yuttachai starts investigating Lilly’s case and questions both Too and Aim. After interrogating Aim, Yuttachai starts to suspect his involvement in Orn’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Too’s stepsister June faces difficulties fitting in at her boarding school. June, who always felt alone with Too and their father, used to be in love with Lilly. However, after she makes an advance on her, Lilly rejects her, leading to the two growing apart.

Now, June, a kleptomaniac, harshly gets bullied by her peers after they find out she has been stealing their things. As a result, June, who stole the strange phone from Lilly’s purse, uses it to delete her bully Ploysai. After Ploysai’s disappearance hits the news, Yuttachai and Aim suspect June’s involvement. Meanwhile, someone breaks into Too’s house, looking for the phone. Although the burglar fails to find the phone, Too finds a clue that leads him to a young girl, Natcha, a cancer patient at the local hospital.

While Too visits Natcha, Aim arrives at June’s school to question her about the phone but receives no answers. Soon, June also gets an ominous text from someone who claims to know about Ploysai’s disappearance. They set up a rendezvous for June to hand them the phone. At the handover, a masked stranger attacks June and Tong. The stranger deletes June, but Tong manages to escape with Aim’s help.

Through Tong and Natcha’s help, Aim and Too simultaneously learn about their attacker’s identity: Captain Yuttachai. Shortly after, Too gets a phone call from Lilly, who tearfully asks him to help her, revealing that on the night of her birthday, Yuttachai kidnapped her.

Delete Ending: What Happened To Lilly?

On her birthday, Too reveals he knows about Lilly’s affair with Aim, which prompts Lilly to share news of her pregnancy with him. In the past, Lilly underwent a miscarriage, which added to their relationship’s deterioration. Nevertheless, after finding out about her pregnancy with Aim’s child, Too insists he wishes to raise Lilly’s child as his own and start a family. Although Lilly agrees with him, eventually, she drives away in the middle of the night in her car.

On the way, Yuttachai pulls her over and kidnaps her. When Lilly wakes next, she’s in Yuttachai’s daughter Claire’s room, shackled to a bed. Lilly discovers that Claire is the girl she deleted at the supermarket. After deleting several suffering patients from the hospital at their request, Claire had to delete her close friend, Natcha, after she begged Claire to do so. As a result, Claire wanted to disappear too and asked Lilly to take her picture, knowing it would delete her.

However, after Claire got deleted, the people she made disappear all returned, including Natcha, with no memories of the incident. As it turns out, if you delete a person, all the people they deleted automatically return to the world. Therefore, Yuttachai, having realized the same, seeks out Lilly to get his daughter back by making Lilly disappear.

In the end, Yuttachai manages to delete Lilly and brings Claire back. However, Too witnesses the event and chases Yuttachai to his house. Too deletes Yuttachai with Aim’s help and successfully brings Lilly back in the end.

Does Too Delete Aim?

After Too deletes Yuttachai, he has a moment where he contemplates deleting Aim as well. Too’s and Lilly’s marriage went downhill long before Aim entered the picture. Nevertheless, Too blames him for stealing away his wife and thinks his life would be easier with Aim gone. Still, Too doesn’t delete Aim and instead allows him to go to Lilly. However, after Lilly reunites with Aim, injured and shaken by her near-death experience, she ends their relationship.

Lilly wants to give her marriage with Too another chance and is most likely also worried about starting a new life with Aim from scratch. Moreover, since she’s a woman in the public eye, she might also be scared about the backlash she would receive for leaving Too. As such, she lies to Aim about who her child’s father is and leaves him for Too.

After Lilly leaves him, Aim’s life starts to fall apart. He deleted Orn for her, whose family desperately needs her. However, now that he doesn’t have Lilly, he realizes he can’t even justify his immoral actions anymore. Although Lilly finds a peaceful and domestic life with Too, preparing their child’s nursery and fixing their relationship, Aim is left to deal with the fallout. Lilly tries to offer a way out to Aim by suggesting she sacrifice herself to bring back Orn, but Aim turns her help away.

Eventually, Aim realizes he has to delete himself in order to bring back Orn, the person he deleted. As a result, Aim reaches out to Too, who has the phone, and asks for his help. Although Lilly throws away the phone in a lake to ensure the disappearances stop, Too fishes it out. Since, Too already wanted Aim gone, for him granting Aim his wish is only a plus point. Therefore, Too deletes Aim without any hesitation.

What Is Inside Too’s Basement?

Shortly after Aim disappears, Orn returns to their shared apartment. Due to the same, Lilly realizes Aim is gone and works out that Too has a hand in Aim’s disappearance. Since Too is the only person besides herself who knows the phone’s whereabouts, he’s the only one who can delete Aim. However, when Lilly goes to Too’s isolated stables to confront him, she finds a much different horror.

After noticing some unusual activity in the stables, Lilly snoops around and finds a hidden basement cluttered with guns and a scent of decaying rot. Following a swarm of flies, Lilly discovered several chests. After prying a chest open, Lilly discovers a dead body inside.

Throughout the story, Tong talks about his sister Thong, who went missing five years ago. No one could ever find a trace of her, but now her skeleton lies among numerous others in Too’s basement. However, Too is not directly connected to the corpses. Instead, Too’s father, decorated Thai cowboy Thee, is responsible for the bodies of the young women.

Earlier, references are made to Too’s mother, who died after drowning in a lake. However, Too’s mother’s death was not the accident that his father made it out to be. Too’s mother tried to leave his father’s house in a car with another man. Specifics about her situation aren’t known, but she could have left Thee for another man or found out about his involvement in the girls’ deaths. Regardless of the reason, Thee killed her for her actions and swept her death under the rug with his power and influence.

Similarly, Thee tries to hide his atrocities involving the young girls in Too’s basement as well. After Too fishes out the phone from the lake, he realizes he can help his father by deleting the girls’ corpses to get rid of the evidence. However, Lilly hides inside a chest and watches him delete the corpses, casually disconnected from the scene’s horror.

Lilly realizes her husband is a monster, but before she can flee, Too catches her. The show ends with ominous sounds but no photography flash, marking Too’s decision not to delete Lilly. Still, a grim scene is set for a potential second season, where Lilly would have to face Too and his powerful family alone as she tries to bring Aim back.

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