Do Barry And Tina End Up Together in FUBAR?

Created by Nick Santora with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead, Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’ is an actioncomedy series about a team of CIA Operatives taking down an International arms dealer. The series focuses on the father-daughter duo, special agents Luke and Emma Brunner, after they discover the truth behind each other’s secret professions. As the story progresses, the Brunners are assigned to work together on Boro Polonia’s case alongside a team of CIA Agents.

On that team, Luke’s friend and Emma’s godfather, Barry Putt (Milan Carter), works with Tina Mukherjee (Aparna Brielle) to monitor the field agents and supply them with information. The two characters have a fun and nerdy chemistry that leaves fans rooting for them as a couple throughout the series. As such, here is everything you need to know about whether or not Barry and Tina end up together. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Barry and Tina’s Initial Attraction

After Luke’s retirement plan is put on hold due to the Agent retrieval mission to Guyana, Director Dot puts together a team for Luke to track down Boro Polonia. Since Boro has connections to some of the world’s biggest criminals and plans on auctioning an undetectable nuclear weapon, Dot borrows Tina, an analyst from the National Security Agency. From Barry’s first introduction to Tina, it becomes clear that he’s attracted to her.

At first, Barry follows Agent Roo’s advice and tries to hide his nerdy side from Tina in an effort to impress her. As such, when the time comes for someone to trade places for a few hours with a black market middleman, The Great Dane, Barry volunteers. However, Barry has a medical heart condition and is prone to anxiety. Therefore, as the mission starts to go south, Barry starts to panic inside the Turkish prison.

During this time, Tina keeps Barry company and talks to him about his nerdy interests. Barry reveals that he volunteered to be the decoy to impress Tina. After switching places back with The Great Dane, Barry asks Tina out on a date. Although their first date is interrupted when Barry gets a call about Luke’s granddaughter, Romi’s cancer, Barry and Tina agree to keep their relationship going.

As their relationship progresses, Barry finds that Tina is also a nerd like him who has incredible trivia knowledge about superheroes and pop culture. The two grow closer, and eventually, the field agents embark on a last mission to Sardovia. However, Tina informs Barry that she’s being transferred to another state after the Boro Mision comes to a close. Barry hasn’t had much luck in love previously and genuinely likes Tina.

As a result, Barry goes around his department following a trail of quid pro quos to figure out a way to cancel Tina’s transfer. While the team fights off criminals in Sardovia, Barry fights with a string of bureaucrats who all have petty grievances with one another. Ultimately, Barry loses a priceless Spiderman comic and an old Star Wars-related argument but manages to interfere with Tina’s transfer.

After Tina learns about the same, she figures out Barry is behind it and thanks him. The two continue to date even after the Boro Mission ends. Barry invites Tina to Tally and Donnie’s wedding, but she gets held up at the office. Eventually, Boro Polonia returns to exact revenge on Luke and Emma. Meanwhile, at the CIA headquarters, Tina receives an alert about Barry and his special agent friends’ identity leaks.

At the same time, she also has a conversation with a Russian. Earlier in the show, a Russian man was interested in doing business with Boro. Therefore, Tina’s sudden alliance with the Russians hardly seems promising. As the first season ends, Tina and Barry are in a relationship with each other. However, we’ll have to wait for a second season to find out what Tina’s relation to the Russians means for her and Barry’s future.

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