12 Best Nerd Movies of All Time

“Nerds”. That’s the sort of response you get from people if they see your good grades or you’re seen hanging out with socially reclusive people, debating about nerd stuff like who’s the better Marvel/DC superhero, which company makes the better phones – Apple or Samsung etc. It’s no secret that being a nerd, we have a hard time being a part of large social groups and hence hang out with only those people who are like you: either they get good grades or they share similar interests with you. So while we see the popular kids in high school attending parties, dating etc, we take comfort in doing things that in our world is considered normal like playing video games, debate with friends about cool sci-fi movies/concepts, read a hell of comic books etc.

Anyway, if you’re a cinephile, then you should definitely check out these movies as you may see yourself reflected in these films and can totally relate with the characters and the nerdy situations they might be in. Here is the list of top geek movies ever. You can watch some of these best nerd movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

12. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Imagine a 40 year-old adult who still is a virgin! That’s what this film is all about where Steve Carrell plays Andy, a worker in an electronics store who still is a virgin. After his friends/co-workers find out about this, they vow to help Andy lose his virginity. This movie is made for Steve Carrell who does an amazing job portraying a man whose innocence and naivety is displayed when faced with the prospects of talking to women, dating or intimacy. Credits must also go to Judd Apatow (who makes his directorial debut with this film) and the ensemble cast for the jokes which are so hilarious like that waxing scene as seen above in the picture which will keep you in splits of laughter and how Andy mistakes a condom for a balloon and starts blowing all of them. Yes, it is a sex comedy but also a sweet romantic movie as we see how Andy goes from being a full-on nerd to being a man capable of being in a relationship. Watching this will definitely bring a smile on your face.

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11. Office Space (1999)

There isn’t a better film which truly satirizes the corporate work culture in the IT industry about white-collar employees than this movie. Everyone hates their job once in a while due to having to work unnecessarily for long hours, not being paid in due time, having to report to so many bosses, being ruthlessly exploited etc. In this film, Peter finally wakes up and decides that he won’t take this anymore and encourages his two nerdy friends, Michael and Samir to cheat the system so that they can make so much money through illegal means. Watch this for Gary Cole’s wonderful performance as the passive-aggressive Gary Cole who’s often caught mumbling “Yeahhhh, whaaaaat’s happpening?” The film has some really good humour and should appeal to any nerd out there who hates their job.

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12. Spider-Man (2002)

Well, the reason why this superhero film makes the list is due to the fact that we all can relate with Peter Parker as Spider-Man. A nerd, who has an introverted personality, gets bitten by a genetic spider and realizes that he can sins webs. He realizes that he has to balance all the aspects of his life, like any other high school teenager should do like graduating, dealing with the grief of losing Uncle Ben, learning probably the most important lesson of his life – “With great power comes great personality” and how he has to defeat the diabolical Dr Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin from wreaking havoc in the city. With a really cool spider-man costume, such cool visual effects, and some great storytelling, it’s no secret why this film will appeal to any nerd out there.

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9. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Essentially a stoner film, it chronicles the lives of two inane potheads with an introverted lifestyle who resolve to satisfy their craving for classic American food by visiting White Castle and eat their delicious burgers. What follows is a series of some comical adventures that these two get into and then come to realise that some of the simplest things in life cannot be attained easily. This movie should particularly appeal to all the Asian/Indian immigrants as the film does well to address the racial, stereotypical jokes that they might face while living in America. This movie has its moments of hilarity like a raunchy surprise gone really disgusting, their interactions with a racist cop, and how they deal with some white bullies. And who can forget Neil Patrick Harris’ cameo where he plays a drug-addicted, hornier version of himself?!

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8. Ghostbusters (1984)

No, not that 2016 awful rebooted version but the original one! This movie truly set the benchmark for future horror-comedy films to follow. It’s about three men while pursuing their PhDs in parapsychology, get kicked out from a prestigious university and then decide to start their own business of catching ghosts who often wreak havoc in New York City. After their business becomes very reputable and successful, they realise they have to combat a powerful ghost when one of the Environment protection agents releases their storage container containing al their captured ghosts which goes on to possess two neighbours. Right from the start to the end, the film is a laugh riot. The brilliant acting by Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis followed by some really good-looking visual effects that portray the ghosts is what makes this movie so memorable. And who can even forget that famous Ghostbusters soundtrack “When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!” Just classic stuff.

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7. American Pie (1999)

Sex comedies weren’t that prevalent until this film came out and completely revolutionized that genre. This film follows a bunch of socially awkward high schoolers who before their graduation vow to lose their virginities There are some moments which will truly make you roll on the floor with laughter like the apple pie sequence and how Finch seduces Stifler’s Mom. The film also gives us one of the most memorable characters – the extremely horny Steve Stifler played wonderfully by Sean William Scott. Again it has got a lot of vulgar-like humour but this film should definitely appeal to any high school nerd.

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6. Zombieland (2009)

One of the best zombie apocalypse movies ever made, its plot deals with a young, very introverted college student who is surviving in America which has gone on to become Zombieland where almost everyone has turned into a zombie. What’s so likeable about this film is that a lot of nerds will relate with Jesse Eisenberg’s character who makes all these hilarious and socially reclusive rules in order to survive. Followed by a compelling performance by Woody Harrelson, with subtle humour, a great soundtrack, a hilarious cameo by Bill Murray playing as himself and the terrific use of visual effects regarding zombies, this movie is a delight from start to finish.

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5. Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

Nerds often go through a hell lot of bullying don’t they? This is a movie which will appeal more to the Americans. It chronicles a group of nerds in a fictional college who while being constantly bullied by a fraternity and a sorority decide to end this harassment.Not only is the film very entertaining and funny but it is also considered as a blueprint for success in campus comedies. It showcases the typical lifestyle of an American college like people getting drunk, crazy parties and a whole lot of nudity. This movie pays an ode to all those nerds who are constantly bullied in college by stepping up to them and brings the underdog in all of us. Featuring a very talented cast, this movie is re-watchable on so many levels.

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4. The Social Network (2010)

This film truly pays an ode to all those nerds who despite being ridiculed for being introverted and reclusive, go on to become very successful entrepreneurs. It deals about how Mark Zuckerberg, an undergraduate creates a website called Facebook from his Harvard dorm room which goes to become the world’s leading social networking website worth billions of dollars and makes him the world’s youngest self-made billionaire but at the cost of going through a lot of legal trouble. Major credit should go to Aaron Sorkin for writing such a compelling script which captures the attention of the viewers from start to finish. Featuring strong performances by Jesse Eisenberg (for playing Mark Zuckerberg), Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake and Armie Hammer and a superb soundtrack, David Fincher’s The Social Network is one of his best works Do not miss this one!

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3. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Napoleon Dynamite is the definition of what a nerd really is: a socially awkward 16 year-old with a sullen and aloof personality who daydreams in school, doodles fantasy creatures and reluctantly deals with various bullies. He later helps his new friend Pedro for class presidency while also dealing with his bizarre family back home. This film truly explores the essence and mediocrity as we follow the life of a teenager doing uninteresting things in an uneventful small town. It pays tribute to the ordinary stuff which you have no reason or desire to. One of the best dialogues has to be when Napoleon says “I’m only tolerating this monotonous existence because I’ve got nothing else to do.” Definitely the most underrated film on this list.

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2. SuperBad (2007)

Ever been through high school where you also would want to attend parties, woo your crush and possibly get even laid? Well then this is the film for you. Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg when they were just fourteen, it follows two rather unpopular nerds who after being invited to a high school party, resolve to buy alcohol so as to impress their crushes. What follows after that is a hilarious adventure as these two go to such lengths to get alcohol. Though it’s got a lot of vulgar humour like dick drawings and stuff, this film shows us the true values of friendship as these two characters are about to embark to different colleges thereby and want to do something cool together. The chemistry between the two is what makes the movie so worth it. And of course who can even forget Christopher Mintz Plaase’s debut who comes along with possibly the best fake name in history as ‘McLovin’?!

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1. Back to the Future (1985)

The concept of time-travel should appeal to any nerd. The film follows 17 year-old Mary McFly who after being invited by his scientist friend Doc Brown for a time-travel experiment accidentally sets the DeLorean, a time machine which sends him back 30 years to 1985. Marty must then make certain that his teenage parents to-be meet and fall in love so that he can get back to the future or he’ll cease to exist. In a battle against time, he has to return back to the present and also save the life of Doc Brown. Featuring some terrific performances by Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd and mind-blowing music and action scenes, Robert Zemecki delivers probably the greatest time-travel of all time.

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