Do Luke And Tally End Up Together in FUBAR?

‘FUBAR’ is a Netflix comedy-action series created by Nick Santora about a compelling father-daughter duo. The series revolves around Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a secretive CIA operative who’s on the edge of retirement. For his last mission, the CIA sends to rescue another agent: Emma Brunner, Luke’s daughter, who has been a CIA Agent for years without his knowledge. Now the two Agent Brunners have to go against a deadly criminal, Boro Polonia, while keeping their identities a secret from their families.

‘FUBAR’ delves into the classic spy double-life storyline. Throughout the series, Luke tries to win back his ex-wife, Tally, while his life as a secret agent complicates their relationship. Due to the same, viewers might wonder whether or not they end up together. If so, here is everything we know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Luke And Tally’s Fate

At the start of the series, Luke and Tally star off as amicable ex-spouses who celebrate big family moments together. Although Tally divorced Luke, there isn’t any visible bad blood between them, and they’re friendly toward one another. When Luke plans to retire from the CIA, his superiors let him take a ship from an old mission. During their marriage, Tally and Luke used to talk about sailing the world together. Therefore, Luke acquires the vessel in hopes of winning Tally back.

However, after Luke is pulled back into the field for a last mission, he discovers through Barry that Tally has started dating someone else. Still, he doesn’t give up hope on a relationship with her and keeps trying to win her back. When Tally quits her job, Luke readily offers her a position at his company, Merry Fitness, a gym equipment supplier. However, Merry Fitness is only a cover for Luke’s secret identity. As such, Tally soon starts to become suspicious of the business. Eventually, she finds out that several of the company’s clients are fake.

Moreover, after Romi’s cancer treatment, Tally finds a video of Aldon, Luke’s associate, kidnapping Romi’s birth father, Kyle. Therefore, she meets Luke on his ship and confronts him about the video. Luke easily lies to her about it on the spot. He also explains away Merry Fitness’s inaccurate client list by making up a gambling problem for Barry, who co-owns the business with Luke. Afterward, Luke changes the line of conversation, getting Tally to admit her feelings for him, and the two sleep together.

Their relationship progresses, and Tally decides to reveal their affair to Donnie and end things with him. However, before a big pre-planned date night, Luke has a conversation with Emma, where she accuses him of hurting Tally by stringing her along. The first time around, Luke and Tally’s marriage had fallen apart because of Luke’s demanding job. Tally never stops loving Luke, but she needs a more reliable life partner.

As such, Luke realizes Tally deserves someone better than him and breaks up with her. As a result, Tally gets drunk and proposes to Donnie. Months later, on Tally’s wedding day, Emma urges her father to go after her mother, but Luke hesitates since he believes he will hurt Tally again. Nevertheless, Luke shows up at Tally’s wedding and reveals the entire truth about his former profession. After telling her the truth, he asks Tally not to marry Donnie. Afterward, Boro Polonia crashes the wedding, and the Brunner family escapes in a van. Luke and Emma’s secret identities have been leaked, and the lives of everyone close to them are now in danger.

Even though Luke and Tally do not end up together at the end of the first season, it’s clear that both Tally and Luke still have feelings for one another. Now that Tally knows the full truth, she can understand Luke’s predicament more easily. Likewise, since Luke is officially retired now he can not be honest with Tally about everything. Although they don’t end up together, a window is left open for the couple in a potential second season.

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