Does Jack Dutton Die? Is Darren Mann Leaving 1923?

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‘1923’ is the second chapter in the origin story of the Dutton family, following the events of ‘1883.’ The second ‘Yellowstone‘ spin-off introduces viewers to Jack Dutton (Darren Mann), the grandfather of John Dutton III (Kevin Costner). In the series, Jack is a young, hot-headed cowboy who loves his family. However, in the third episode, the enemies of the Duttons launch an attack on the family, leading to Jack suffering a severe injury. If you are wondering whether the injury will lead to Jack’s death and actor Darren Mann’s exit from the series, here is everything you need to know about Jack’s fate and Mann’s future in ‘1923.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Jack Dutton’s Fate in 1923

Jack Dutton is the son of John Dutton Sr (James Badge Dale) and the grandson of James Dutton (Tim McGraw). he is a passionate rancher and the great-nephew to Jacob Dutton, the current patriarch of the Dutton family. Jack is obedient and deeply loves his family. He is engaged to Elizabeth “Liz” Strafford (Michelle Randolph), and the couple is set to tie the knot. However, Jack embarks on a trip with the Yellowstone Ranch cowboys forcing the family to postpone the wedding. He is shot by the shepherds on the hill but survives.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

In the third episode, titled ‘The War Has Come Home,’ Jack returns home and reunites with Liz. Later, the Dutton family heads to the town, where they have several chores to complete. During their stay at a hotel, Jack and Liz sleep together and chart their future together. However, on their way home, the Dutton caravan is attacked by a group of gunmen led by their enemy, Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn). During the ensuing gunfight, Liz is shot and gets stuck in the loose wagon. Jack frees Liz from the wagon but is shot in the process. Jack fights valiantly against the Dutton foes despite the injury.

Darren Mann is Likely Not Leaving 1923

In ‘1923,’ actor Darren Mann essays the role of Jack Dutton. Mann’s character faces a near-death experience in the first and third episodes of the show. While Jack is saved from the shepherds in the first episode, the incident sparks a conflict between Banner Creighton and the Duttons. Jacob kills the shepherds who attacked Jack, but Banner survives and returns to attack the family in the third episode. Jack is shot in the shoulder during the gunfight but manages to save Liz. While Liz and Jacob are mortally wounded, and Jack’s father, John Dutton Sr, dies on the spot, Jack is alive and not in distress due to the gunshot wound.

Mann is best known for playing the role of Young Barry “Baz” Blackwell in the crime drama series ‘Animal Kingdom.’ The actor is credited as a series regular for the first season of ‘1923.’ His character, Jack Dutton, is essential to the overall narrative of the ‘Yellowstone’ universe. Jack is a candidate to inherit the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and his survival is essential for the birth of John Dutton III, the protagonist of the parent series. Therefore, it is likely that Mann’s Jack will survive the injury and will live to fight another day.

Ultimately, it is unlikely that Jack Dutton will be killed off so early in the series. The character is young and dynamic, lending himself to several exciting plot threads to explore down the road. For example, the series could explore the impact of John Dutton’s death on Jack, and his father’s death is likely to shape the character’s future. Moreover, the injury to his fiancée also seems to be a life-altering event for Jack. Therefore, it is likely that we will see more of Jack Dutton in the future episode, meaning actor Darren Mann is not slated to exit the series anytime soon.

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