Echo 3 Episode 9 Recap: Scorched Earth

Mark Boal’s ‘Echo 3’ features some action-packed sequences centered on a thrilling plot with kidnappings, murders, and illegal activities. Prince, Bambi, and Amber are the heart of the action-thriller show as the latter gets abducted by rebel troops in the chaotic region of Colombia. The AppleTV+ show’s episode 9 is titled ‘Scorched Earth’ owing to the culminating face-off between the rebel soldiers and Prince’s men.

The show focuses on some fundamental aspects like international relations, military expertise, and the power of the USA as a country. As the show nears an end, the episode spotlights the awaited encounter between the two opposing sides and Amber’s ultimate fate. Without further ado, let’s talk about the ending of ‘Echo 3’ episode 9 in detail. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Echo 3 Episode 9 Recap

As Prince and Bambi prepared to raid the facility in episode 8, they continue their venture in this episode as well. They gather their men and gear up to attack the facility in the darkness of the night. Very strategically, Prince keeps an eye on the facility through a high-tech drone. Two men enter the guarded land in an ATV. They leave the gate open so that the other snipers can take shots from outside.

One by one, they kill the rebels and move swiftly to the center of the facility. Bambi is tasked with locating Amber, and he frantically searches every corner of the building for his sister. When he is unable to find her in the predetermined places, he gets agitated and sends the news to Prince.

A party is ongoing at the premises with fireworks and loud music. The trained soldiers mask their shots and move quietly under the ambient noise. On the other hand, Prince and his strong conviction deter the men from leaving unless his wife is found. They decide to widen their search parameters and make more noise to build up pressure.

The soldiers are commanded to kill everyone in sight and find Amber at any cost. Carrying out the mission in the dark, the soldiers use the ambiance to their advantage. They use high-tech night vision goggles along with silent guns that make a very low noise when shot. All the weapons and equipment used by Prince and his men are manufactured by Haas Industries.

On the contrary, we see Violeta getting the news of the attack on the Venezuelan facility. While the soldiers are wearing Colombian uniforms, the country’s army denies any involvement in the operation. Thus, tensions begin to rise as she is unable to comprehend the situation and its possible repercussions. Ultimately, the fate of the mission is revealed in the climax of the episode.

Echo 3 Episode 9 Ending: Does Amber Dream of Bambi Saving Her?

In numerous episodes before ‘Scorched Earth,’ Amber has daydreamed about Bambi rescuing her from the madness. From seeing memories from their childhood to actually making up scenarios of Bambi breaking in and saving her, Amber has always believed in the capabilities of her brother. Not even once does she doubt her fate and her brother’s love for her.

Nonetheless, in this episode, Bambi actually comes through. He finds her little sister for real and gets her out of the facility. With the help of Prince, the trained men, and the highly advanced equipment, they are able to free Amber from the shackles of unlawful abduction and flee the underlying conspiracy between Colombia, Venezuela, and America.

Furthermore, Amber embraces and touches Bambi multiple times only to make sure she is not dreaming. Consequently, Bambi reassures Amber that he is there for real. The heartwarming meeting of a brother and a sister after so many months is a sight to behold.

One thing that stands out from this sequence of events is Amber’s ignorance of Prince. In every dream and every scenario she thinks of, she only thinks of Bambi coming to save her and not her husband, Prince. Both men are experienced military soldiers, and both of them have the ability to make arrangements for her freedom. However, we believe Bambi and Amber’s childhood together is the reason for the same. Amber learned that she can lean on Bambi in any situation, and he will never disappoint her. Moreover, Prince and Amber’s relationship has been going through a rough patch since she lied to him about her CIA job.

Why Does Amber Behave Strangely?

After meeting Bambi, Amber is over the moon as she can finally get out of this hellhole. Her happiness knows no bounds as soon as Bambi hugs her. However, she behaves a little strangely with Prince, and then in the car with everyone else. She recoils at someone else’s touch and does not seem in the mood to talk about anything.

Firstly, this is because of the sedatives and drugs that were administered to her. After Amber’s escape attempt failed, the facility superiors started drugging her to decrease her cognitive abilities and prohibit her from escaping again. Moreover, the drugs blurred the lines between dreams and reality for Amber. So, it is possible that she is in shock and still processing the hurried events of the night.

Secondly, Amber has experienced a lot of traumatic events that impaired her command over feeling normal again. When a person undergoes such massively negative and life-threatening situations, they are bound to go a little mad and lose their grip on sanity. Furthermore, the relationship between Amber and Prince is on thin ice. They are having trouble connecting again, and this could be why Prince’s presence makes her feel uncomfortable. Perhaps, she has no idea how to approach him or cut the tension between them.

Why Do Prince and Bambi Bomb The Facility At Last?

As Prince, Bambi, Amber, and the remaining men retreat from the collapsed facility, one of the men asks for permission to detonate a bomb. In the blink of an eye, it goes off and destroys the facility completely. Massive explosions throughout the fence of the buildings obliterate everything.

In hindsight, this could happen for two reasons. One, Prince and his men plan to erase any trace of their presence or mission on the facility, hence they decide to annihilate the whole place. They do get the civilians out, at first. The operation is a covert one, and they don’t want anyone to find out any evidence against them.

Furthermore, this can also be a way to exact revenge on the people and the place that tortured Amber for so many months. By bringing ruin to the very place that harbors so many miserable memories for Amber, Prince and Bambi truly avenge her fate. Amber was kept at the facility for months on end, and even kept tied up outside in scorching heat. Nobody would ever want their family to go through anything remotely similar to what Amber experienced in the illegal facility.

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