7 Best Free Adult Games You Can Play Online

Adult video games have always been somewhat of a cult concept in the gaming community and despite the woes of several groups out there, it has always managed to survive through the backlash. Now adult video games are just another genre out there with games being available at every nook and corner of the internet. Today we are counting down some of the better adult video game experiences out there that are completely free to play. You can play these top adult video games online.

7. AChat

‘AChat’ is not really a game but a virtual sex simulator with an active gaming community. Most of the users within the servers are between the age groups of 25 to 40 and are somewhat related to gaming but come here with an adult mindset. The aim is to visit the various forums and chat windows in order to connect with other people online that match your interest. You start off by creating a free account which can later be upgraded with real money to unlock the full features of the website. Otherwise, you are free to use the app completely free of cost, albeit with limited facilities. This allows people to try out the website and if it happens to catch their interest, they are then able to pay real money in order to upgrade their account.

Once you have your account set up, you can personalize your interests and fill up your own details in order to attract other people online. The search option is quite nifty for browsing through the various topics presently in discussion and once you find a string that matches your choice, you can enter it and interact with other users. If you happen to pay for the premium access, you can also privately enter rooms with other users and indulge in sexual activities. There are a range of various positions and toys to choose from and 3D avatars are used in order to replicate the action on screen. These toys and other accessories sometimes cost real money to buy so be on the lookout for that. Otherwise this is a sweet little adult sex simulator that you can definitely try out if you are looking for a casual experience.

6. Girls on Tanks

‘Girls on Tanks’ is a popular adult themed video game available on the popular website ‘Nutaku’. ‘Nutaku’ is well known for its collection of pretty innovative adult themed games, so while you check out this one, go ahead and browse the website as well. We have managed to find quite a few hidden gems in there that we will surely cover in a future article, but for now let’s focus on ‘Girls on Tanks’. It is a turn based strategy game where you control several characters on a given map with a square grid. All of these characters have movement points as well as individual stats. When it’s your turn, you are able to choose any one of your character and move them strategically across the map. If they happen to come adjacent to a square that is occupied by your opponent, then you can engage in combat and take them down.

After you are done moving all your characters in this manner, your turn ends and its your opponent’s turn to move their units. This goes on until one of the players have no units left and the other is declared the winner of the conflict. As you progress through the game, you can piece together the back story that has lead to this war. The Heartland War has totally devastated the land and has laid waste to its basic resources. People are constantly afraid of what might happen to their fate if they dared to cross the line since the four factions are hard at war, further expending the valuable resources. It is at this opportune moment that you show up and like the hero that you are, need to lead your men to their fate. This is an extremely well made strategy game that has adult themes tied around its edges, so you should definitely give it a go.

5. Corruption of Champions

‘Corruption of Champions’ is a free to play online role playing game developed and published by indie game developer Fenoxo. Similar to the other titles developed by Fenoxo, it is completely text based with few pictures inserted to add to the immersive value of the game. However, don’t disregard this one as one of those disposable freewares as Fenoxo really has put a lot of effort into its development. This shows in the well scripted story that has just the right amount of humor added into the mix so that it doesn’t turn into this lewd sex adventure but also manages to keep its readers intrigued and interested. This is quite surprising given that Fenoxo probably had very limited resources available to him when he was developing this game. So make sure you head on to the official website and support the development team if you happen to like the game!


Now coming to the actual title, one of the very first things you will notice is the abbreviation for it, which comes down to ‘CoC’. This is not accidental and is quite a clever mechanic introduced by them that can be found in many of their other titles as well. Even though the experience is completely text-based, it has a surprising amount of gameplay depth to it. The characters are well developed and you will have the option of customizing and powering up your abilities as you please. This is one aspect of the gameplay that is highly appreciated by the community and is one of the major selling points of the game. The role playing depth is quite commendable and I found myself quite involved with my character, something that’s a must for a RPG. All in all, this is one free to play experience that you should definitely not miss out on if you are looking for an online adult themed video game.

4. Trials in Tainted Space

While we are on the topic of ‘Fenoxo’, we might as well cover ‘Trails in Tainted Space’. As most of you have probably figured out by now, the title literally abbreviates down to ‘TiTS’ and no, that is not an oversight by the devs. As stated in the entry above this one, ‘Fenoxo’ is well known for coming up with titles that are innovative and questionable at best, so we expect a few more of these in the coming future. While ‘Corruption of Champions’ dealt with an extensive fantasy RPG, ‘Trials in Tainted Space’ takes you to the vestiges of outer space. It is a text based sci-fi RPG where you travel across various planets and subdue the enemies who stand in your path, sometimes in ways that will definitely question your morals.

However, if you ever had the desire to humiliate space cadets, then this is your go to simulator. It has all the options to take control of your opponents and make them suffer through various means that can only come to the minds of a space-faring pirate, but hey! We are not judging! Similar to the other releases by Fenoxo, it is actually quite well made and the in-depth role playing mechanics supported by a hilarious and whacky storyline make for a pretty entertaining experience. If you do want to check the game out, head on over to Fenoxo’s website where tit is available for download completely for free! Oh, did I say ti*s? I meant it!

3. Honey Select

‘Honey Select’ is an adult themed virtual reality eroge developed and published by Illusion in the year 2015. If you have played any of the other releases by Illusion, then you will definitely be able to get a feel for this one. Even though the devs only provide the basic engine for the gameplay, it is the players who make the game shine. This is because Illusion only provides the basic models of the characters who indulge in sexual activities. The main identities are given by the players themselves. It is possible to customize one character extremely vividly so that it resembles real life characters as shown by many people online. It is amazing what the human mind is capable of given the resources, time and dedication are at their places.

There are instances where players have recreated famous celebrities like ‘Wonder Woman‘ and ‘Catwoman‘ using just the basic editor in the game. This either tells you how good the game engine is, or how talented the community is but one thing is for sure — one wouldn’t survive without the other! This is the epitome of symbiotic relationships between the game and its players and that is something really rare in itself. Other than that, it is often regarded as the best sex simulator of VR devices. The premise is pretty simple. Customize the characters according to your wishes and then make them indulge in various sexual activities as if you were directing a porn film. There are quite a few choices to begin with nowadays, but you always have the option of designing one from scratch. You do need a VR device to play this one though, but if you have one, then we highly recommend you check it out since it’s one of the best adult themed experiences on VR devices.

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2. Second Life

Second Life’ is an extremely popular virtual world simulator developed and published by Linden Labs in the year 2003. Within its 15 years of development, it has found a strong and dedicated community that is extremely active and loyal to the game. It is an MMO where you start off by creating your own avatar and customizing its looks. You are then able to enter the game world where you are able to travel from key locations to key locations and meet other people online. It is possible to chat and interact with other players and when you find someone interesting, you can hit them up privately to get to know each other better. Once you have gathered trust, you both can then take part in a variety of activities such as going on dates, going clubbing or playing games.

There’s everything in the game that can come to your mind such as buying property, building or renting houses and then decorating them according to your wishes. While the base experience is completely free of cost, you do need to spend real money in order to progress your character aesthetically. When you come to think about it, this is not very different to dating in real life and aesthetics do play a major role in that aspect. In addition to the properties you can buy, you are also able to go shopping or trade with other players online. This is one of the most diverse virtual world simulators we have played in a while and we urge people to try it out if they are looking for an online adult themed experience.

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1. Date Ariane

Date Ariane’ is an extremely popular dating simulator that allows you to date this woman called Ariane. She is good looking, funny and up for some real adventures, so you better watch out when you take her out on a boat. You have arrived at the gates of the beautiful lady and you start off by introducing yourself. From this moment on whatever you choose will have an overall impact on the gameplay. Whether you want to kiss her straight away or woo her with a joke or two is entirely up to you but remember that that game registers all of your choices and displays a score at the end. Kiss her too many times and its date over for you. Do you have the skills to woo Ariane into bed?

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