Hallmark Orders David Weaver’s ‘Junebug’; Starts Filming in Vancouver This Month

Hallmark Channel continues to expand its upcoming slate with new orders week after week! The network has greenlit David Weaver’s telefilm ‘Junebug.’ The TV movie is set to begin principal photography on May 21 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The plot revolves around an overworked editor who wakes up to a startling realization: she has been suppressing her inner child for the sake of being a stable adult. This self-imposed repression has left her dreams gathering dust on the sidelines while she tries to do what is expected of her.

Image Credit: WeaverFilm

Weaver is a Hallmark veteran and has directed recent projects such as ‘Love & Jane,’ ‘Christmas Island,’ ‘Wedding Season,’ ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate,’ and ‘Lights, Camera, Christmas!’ He has also worked on several upcoming projects. ‘Operation Nutcracker’ is a Hallmark holiday film by Weaver that follows an event planner (Ashley Newbrough) and the heir to the Warby dynasty (Christopher Russell) as they track down a stolen antique nutcracker. The filmmaker also helmed the upcoming ‘Holidazed,’ which centers on five families in Oak Bay who live on the same street and comically deal with the inconveniences and joys of coming home for the holidays.

Weaver not only directs but also writes many of the films he undertakes. When asked about his directing style, he said in an interview, “I do it exactly in the same way that I did it when I was 16 years old. I was in the backyard with my video camera, and the sun was going down, and all my friends (laughs) wanted to go home. I had one more shot, and I was trying to talk them into doing that.”

Weaver continued, “I like to plan. What I have done in the past is go through the script when I receive it. They are often still in flux in the sense that there are rewrites being done for things that the network has asked for. So you are planning the movie even while things are changing.” Thus, we can expect a similarly flexible approach from the filmmaker in ‘Junebug,’ which may undergo a few changes while being filmed.

Vancouver, British Columbia, is a regular filming destination for Hallmark movies. This is doubly true for holiday movies, which are often filmed in the summer months with large quantities of fake snow. As ‘Junebug’ begins shooting around the city, it will be joining Hallmark’s ‘The Chicken Sisters’ adaptation, which is also filming in the city this month. The limited series is based on K.J. Dell’Antonia’s novel of the same name and chronicles the legendary feud between two competing fried chicken outlets and their owners. Vancouver has housed the production of recent Hallmark movies like ‘Legend of the Lost Locket,’ ‘Fourth Down and Love,’ ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate,’ ‘Love & Jane,’ ‘Joyeux Noel,’ and ‘Napa Ever After’ as well.

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