Hallmark’s Wedding Season: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Helmed by David Weaver, Hallmark’s ‘Wedding Season’ is a romantic comedy movie that follows a journalist named Trish who has to honor the duty of being a bridesmaid back-to-back for her three best friends. However, when she doesn’t find a date for herself, she decides to pair up with a photographer named Ryan, who happens to be the brother of one of her best friends. After spending some time together attending the weddings, Trish and Ryan feel some sparks flying between them.

The romantic movie mostly takes place in the setting of weddings, with everyone dressed accordingly for the occasion and the venue decorated up to the mark. Not only that, the lead-up to the weddings sees Trish moving from one place to the other to ensure everything is perfect for the biggest days of her three best friends. So, all these fast-changing sites and venues are likely to make you think about the actual filming sites of ‘Wedding Season.’ In that case, we have got you covered!

Wedding Season Filming Locations

‘Wedding Season’ was filmed in British Columbia, seemingly in Metro Vancouver. Principal photography for the rom-com movie reportedly commenced in April 2023 and wrapped up in a couple of weeks within the same month. Thanks to its vast and diverse terrains, including sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, mountains, forests, lakes, grassy plains, and inland deserts, British Columbia makes for an ideal filming site for different productions. Now, let’s take a look at all the specific locations that feature in the Hallmark movie!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

It appears that all the pivotal sequences for ‘Wedding Season’ were recorded in Metro Vancouver or Greater Vancouver, with the filming unit setting up camp across the metropolitan area. To be specific, the city of Burnaby seems to be the primary production location for the movie. It is possible that the production team also utilized the facilities of one of the film studios situated in Metro Vancouver, mainly for shooting some key interior scenes. Some of the notable studios in the metropolitan area are Vancouver Film Studios, Bridge Studios, Eagle Creek Studios, and Mammoth Studios.

In the backdrop of several exterior scenes, many of you will likely spot some popular local landmarks and attractions, such as Central Park, Robert Burnaby Park, Burnaby Lake, Deer Lake, Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby Village Museum, the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, and Burnaby Public Library. Apart from ‘Wedding Season,’ the locales of Metro Vancouver have been featured in numerous other film and TV projects over the years, including ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ ‘The Age of Adaline,’ ‘A Million Little Things,’ ‘Firefly Lane,’ and ‘Virgin River.’

Wedding Season Cast

In the Hallmark movie, Stephanie Bennett essays the role of Trish Paterson, the journalist who has to attend the weddings of her three best friends as a bridesmaid. Ever since she started to train as an actress in 2010, Stephanie has appeared om starring roles in several movies and TV shows, them are ‘Listening to Love,’ ‘Stolen Dreams,’ History Channel’s ‘Project Blue Book,’ and the CBC series ‘The Romeo Section.’ She also stars in other Hallmark movies, including ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas‘ and ‘The Last Bridesmaid.’

Opposite Stephanie, Casey Deidrick stars in the Hallmark film as Ryan, the love interest of Trish and the brother of one of her friends. You might recognize him from his roles in film projects like ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid,’ ‘Eye Candy,’ ‘Teen Wolf,’ ‘Days of Our Lives,’ and ‘In the Dark.’ Other cast members who play supportive yet pivotal roles in ‘Wedding Season’ are Francesca Bianchi (Laurel), Drew Henderson (Rod Flynn), Jill Morrison (Carrie), Davin Tong (Kevin), and Nathanael Vass (Sean).

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