Hallmark’s A Very Merry Bridesmaid: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’ is a romantic film about the coming together of Christmas, weddings and birthdays. It is a part of Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas, a yearly holiday movie extravaganza with heartwarming Christmas treats for the viewers. Directed by David I. Strasser, the story revolves around Leah, whose birthday falls on Christmas Eve. When she comes home for the holidays, her brother and his fiancée announce that they are getting married on Christmas Eve as well. As the festivities coincide, Leah decides to forego the excitement for her 30th birthday to focus on her brother’s wedding.

However, things take a pleasant turn with the arrival of Drew, her childhood friend who tries to make her birthday special despite the wedding and Christmas preparations. As Leah warms up to his sweet gestures, they both realize that maybe they mean more than friends to each other. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Christmas decorations and wedding celebrations, Hallmark’s ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’ is visually charming indeed. If you, too, are wondering where this cheery movie was filmed, we have got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know!

A Very Merry Bridesmaid Filming Locations

Alternatively titled ‘Christmas Bridesmaid,’ ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’ was most likely filmed entirely in the province of British Columbia, specifically Vancouver. British Columbia is a much sought-after destination for filming, as its diverse landscapes can be used for different kinds of backdrops. The region provides great concessions on tax and has all the latest technology available for production, along with a vast network of talented actors and trained crew members.

‘A Country Wedding,’ ‘Man Of Steel,’ ‘Deadpool 2,’ and ‘Descendants’ are some of the movies filmed in the westernmost province of the Great White North. Filming for ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’ was most probably done in October 2021. Here is a look at the exact shooting locations of the Hallmark film!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Also dubbed as Hollywood North, Vancouver is a serene mountainous city with a lively atmosphere and a large number of production resources. Major portions of ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’ were supposedly filmed in the seaport city, which is also a common shooting location for Hallmark productions. Given its pleasant backdrop, Vancouver proved to be an ideal filming location for movies like ‘Road To Christmas,’ ‘Hope At Christmas,’ ‘The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells,’ and ‘Once Upon A Holiday,’ to name a few.

Some of the major filming spots in Vancouver are Orpheum Theatre, Steveston, Robson Square, Chinatown, and Bloedel Conservatory. TV shows like ‘Riverdale’ and ‘The Flash,’ as well as movies like ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ were also shot in the city. Therefore, it won’t be surprising if the production crew chose Vancouver as a filming spot for ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid.’

A Very Merry Bridesmaid Cast

Emily Osment stars as Leah Taylor, a gloomy girl whose birthday is seemingly forgotten by everyone, as it falls on the same day as Christmas Eve, and this time, her brother’s wedding. Casey Deidrick plays Leah’s childhood friend Drew Vaughn, who arrives in town and makes things brighter for her. Osment is known for the hit shows like ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Pretty Smart,’ along with movies like ‘Christmas Wonderland’ and ‘Cyberbully.’ Deidrick has also done notable work in ‘Days Of Our Lives’ and ‘In The Dark.’

‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’ also features Patch May as Leah’s brother Paul Taylor and Frances Leigh as his fiancée Julia Rutherford. Mike Dopud and Iris Quinn appear as Tom and Molly Taylor, Leah and Paul’s parents. Other cast members include Parmiss Sehat (Marcie Jones), Lachlan Quarmby (Jalen), Libby Osler (Kendra), Tanja Dixon-Warren (Nana Vaughn), Shaquan Lewis (Toby), Tanis Doleman (Caroline), and Robert Egger (Roger).

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