Hallmark’s Legend of the Lost Locket: Filming Locations and Cast Details

With director Kevin Fair at the helm, ‘Legend of the Lost Locket’ revolves around an antique dealer’s search for a historical locket that is said to bring true love to its wearer. Amelia Scott is a collector of antiquated artifacts and items. She arrives in the small town of Wilmaton, Massachusetts, looking for the missing half of a true love locket. Amelia runs into the town’s sheriff, Marcus Forrest, who is puzzled at her mission but is willing to lend a hand in solving her mystery.

With Forrest’s help, Amelia attends an opulent ball taking place at a grand mansion, convinced that she will find the locket there. The Hallmark Channel mystery features lighthearted humor and sees the treasure hunters develop a burgeoning romance over the course of their adventure. The search for the locket takes them across the quaint town and into upscale Victorian settings that seem to take us back in time.

Where Was Legend of the Lost Locket Filmed?

Filming for ‘Legend of the Lost Locket’ was carried out in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Principal photography reportedly began on November 23, 2023, and was wrapped up in a few weeks by December 14 of the same year. During filming, the movie was tentatively titled ‘The Hunt for Love,’ which was changed to ‘Legend of the Lost Locket’ in post-production.

The actors and crew really seemed to have enjoyed their time behind the scenes, with lead actress Natasha Burnett particularly overjoyed about the shooting of the ballroom dance scene. Actor Viv Leacock, who has starred opposite Burnett in another production as her on-screen partner, wrote on Instagram, “It was very cool to play characters that are exploring the beginning stages of a relationship together!”

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

‘Legend of the Lost Locket’ was filmed at various locations throughout the coastal city of Vancouver, as Wilmaton, Massachusetts, is a fictional town. At multiple points in the film, when Amelia and Marcus are traveling outdoors, we can observe the skyscraper-dotted skyline of Vancouver, alongside some of its parks.

Despite being a bustling metropolitan area, Greater Vancouver boasts a diverse range of neighborhoods and surrounding landscapes that can convincingly portray the charm of a small historical town, which is depicted in the movie. Vancouver is home to several neighborhoods with distinct architectural styles reminiscent of the ones seen in the film’s sequences. Areas like Gastown, Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale, and Strathcona feature cobblestone streets, Victorian-era buildings, and historic storefronts, evoking a sense of nostalgia and antiquated charm that can bring the characters’ treasure hunt to life.

Under the company Hunt Films, the production was based at 3918 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby. A city adjacent to Vancouver, Burnaby is a good central staging area for productions, giving the team access to all parts of Greater Vancouver. From the meticulously restored buildings of Burnaby Village Museum to the serene beauty of Deer Lake Park, the city’s historical treasures offer a compelling backdrop for antique hunting adventures like ‘Legend of the Lost Locket.’

Known as the Hollywood of the North alongside Toronto, Vancouver features robust filming infrastructure and eclectic filming locations that frequently draw Hallmark productions to its borders. Some of these include: ‘Love & Jane,’ ‘Joyeux Noel,’ ‘Fourth Down and Love,’ ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate,’ and ‘Napa Ever After.’

Legend of the Lost Locket Cast

Stepping into the lead role of Amelia Scott is Natasha Burnett. Natasha is a British actress and singer who began her acting career by securing a recurring role as Diana Ross in ‘The Magic of Motown.’ After training in Sydney, Australia, she moved to Vancouver, working in productions like ‘Rogue: Reparation Files,’ ‘Grace: The Possession’, ‘Olympus,’ and Lifetime’s ‘Unreal.’ You may recognize her as Cindy Howard in ‘Love at First Bark,’ Ronnie in ‘The Bridge,’ and Regina Sumner in ‘iZombie.’

Starring opposite her, Viv Leacock puts on the garb of Marcus Forrest. Leacock is a seasoned actor who has worked with Natasha Burnett in ‘When Calls the Heart,’ where they act out a couple, Joseph and Minnie Canfield. Leacock is known for essaying the character of Reese in ‘Lost in Space,’ Cameron in ‘The Unforgivable,’ and Stevie in ‘Loudermilk.’ His other credits include ‘Kong: King of the Apes,’ ‘Hailey Dean Mystery,’ ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,’ ‘The Now,’ and ‘Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone.’

Other actors featured in the movie include Samantha Cole as Francine Halbrook, Kevin O’Grady as Jack O Shea, Beverley Elliott as Enid, Andrea Stefancikova as Poppy Evans, and Hrothgar Mathews as Mayor Bob Truman. Further cast members are Isabel Birch as Hannah, Zak Santiago as Luis Alvarez, Nic Westaway as James Jacobs, Lola Claire as Wilma Featherstonehaugh, and Natalie Moon as Rebecca.

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