Love & Jane: Where Was the Hallmark Movie Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

‘Love & Jane,’ by writer-director David Weaver, is a fascinating film that sees the 19th-century novelist Jane Austen brought back to life. Lilly is an advertising executive who has forsaken her dreams of becoming a writer. However, she maintains her passion for Jane Austen and reads her works every day. When Lilly is faced with an unsolicited proposal, she calls upon the author to guide her, and magically, she appears. Shocked at first, Lilly sizes the opportunity and basks in the wisdom imparted by Austen. Soon afterward, her favorite bookstore is bought by a wealthy tech entrepreneur, Trevor, who becomes smitten with her.

With Jane Austen’s timeless teachings to guide her, Lilly takes on life with a confident stride, learning lessons of independence, commitment, and love. Part of the ‘Loveuary and Jane Austen’ Hallmark event, ‘Love & Jane’ presents a lighthearted romantic tale interspersed with humor and accentuated by a historical feminist figure’s thoughts on modern romance. The film takes us around picturesque locales, from quaint homes and book clubs to lush parks, prompting questions about the real-world places used to lens its scenes.

Love & Jane Shooting Locations

‘Love & Jane’ was filmed in and around the coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Principal photography was scheduled to begin on May 15, 2023, and was wrapped up in a couple of weeks by June 3 of the same year. Actress Alison Sweeney is perfectly suited for the role of a Jane Austen fanatic, as she is as passionate about the author in real life, bringing her excitement to the scenes. “This movie has been a passion project right from the start,” wrote Alison in the caption of a picture she shared on social media. “(Jessica Callahan) and I are both huge Jane Austen fans, so we completely bonded to honor Jane as much as we possibly can.” Allow us to take you to the filming destinations of the Hallmark movie.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The filmmakers’ haven of Vancouver served as the sole filming location for ‘Love & Jane,’ with its film crew traversing a range of shooting sites to piece together captivating sequences. Renowned as one of the world’s most picturesque cities, Vancouver’s diverse landscapes and vibrant neighborhoods feature in the backdrop throughout the movie. Exterior scenes for ‘Love & Jane’ were filmed on location around the city, including the segment of Lily and Austen sitting in a park and having a discussion.

Beyond its urban allure, Vancouver boasts a wealth of parks and green spaces that add visual contrasts and variations to the film’s cinematic experience and shift the mood of scenes. When Lily and Austern sit on a bench and talk in a park, the site is actually Charleson Park on 999 Charleson Street. It is situated in the Fairview neighborhood along False Creek and features a view of the city’s skyline. From the lush forests of Stanley Park to the tranquil shores of English Bay, these natural landscapes of Vancouver provide filmmakers with conveniently accessible serene backdrops.

In essence, Vancouver served as an all-in-one package for the filmmakers behind ‘Love & Jane,’ seamlessly weaving together urban sophistication, natural beauty, and intellectual engagement. With the citizens’ familiarity regarding film productions and a welcoming nature towards them, Vancouver stands as an increasingly popular destination for Hallmark films. Other productions of the channel shot here include ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate,’ ‘Joyeux Noel,’ ‘Fourth Down and Love,’ and ‘Napa Ever After.’

Love & Jane Cast

Alison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres headline the romantic film, essaying the roles of Lilly and Trevor, respectively. The actors are Hallmark regulars and have also worked together on the ‘Chronicle Mysteries’ series. Alison is most well known for her roles in ‘Days of Our Lives.’ She can also be spotted in ‘Time for You to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘The Wedding Veil’ series, and ‘Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery.’

Benjamin Ayres is a seasoned actor recognized for his work in ‘Saving Hope’ as Dr. Zachary Miller and in ‘JPod’ as Casper Jesperson. You may have also seen him stepping into the supporting roles of Gavin Andrews in ‘Suits,’ and Alan Christie in ‘Burden of Truth.’ Donning the persona of Jane Austen is actress Kendra Anderson. She has also worked alongside Alison Sweeney in ‘A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery.’ Kendra can be spotted in productions such as ‘Riceboy Sleeps,’ ‘Horns,’ and ‘No Clue.’ The film’s supporting cast members include Eduardo Britto as Alejandro, Debbie Podowski as Ellen, and John Prowse as Mr. Whitcomb.

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