Is Camille Gay in Emily in Paris? Theories

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Emily Cooper’s Parisian life changes drastically when she meets and gets acquainted with Camille in Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris.’ Camille not only becomes Emily’s client but also her second-best friend in Paris. Intrigued by their companionship, fans of the show have been wondering whether Camille is bisexual or gay and into Emily. The awkward and accidental kiss they share and the mattress advertisement they do together further fuel the suspicions concerning Camille’s sexual orientation. The third season of the show offers a detailed look into Camille’s life, sexuality, and relationships. If you are eager to confirm the gallerist’s sexual orientation, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Camille Gay?

Camille’s sexual orientation becomes a matter of ambiguity when she accidentally kisses Emily. The two of them then nurture an emotionally intimate friendship, making a part of the admirers of the show long for a romantic storyline that involves the two of them. Fans also don’t fail to notice how Camille and Emily joke about sleeping together while they do a mattress advertisement for Savoir. The third season of the show confirms the suspicions of the admirers of Camille as she gets into a relationship with Sofia, a Greek artist whose art installation is displayed in the gallery where Camille works.

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Although ‘Emily in Paris’ doesn’t explicitly reveal whether Camille is bisexual or gay, Camille Razat, the actress who plays the character, had confirmed that the gallerist is bisexual. “Actually, that was something that I talked about with Darren [Star]. I told him about her [Camille] having an affair but with a girl because I think for so many reasons, like you said, it was a representation that I was very happy to do,” Razat told Screen Rant. “I was very happy to send that message that you can be bisexual and that you can love two people at the same time, too, so, for so many reasons, I was so happy with that storyline,” the actress added.

In the third season of the show, Camille gets stuck in between her love for both Gabriel and Sofia. She initially considers building a relationship with the artist but when she realizes that she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, she changes her mind and considers marrying him. Camille’s bisexuality and her same-sex relationship with Sofia not only add more conflicts or drama to the narrative of the show but also ensures the representation of varied sexual orientations. Camille’s bisexuality can be a characteristic conceived to set up an open relationship between the gallerist, Emily, and Gabriel as well.

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Razat and Lily Collins, who plays Emily, had revealed their wish to see their characters getting together in a relationship. “Well, if I’m talking about Camille the character, of course I will say [Emily should be with] Alfie because I think he’s genuinely a great guy for her and he has this craziness that maybe Emily needs. But as Camille myself, I would say she should end up with me,” Razat told Cosmopolitan. Lucas Bravo, who plays Gabriel, on the other hand, championed an open relationship between Gabriel, Camille, and Emily.

Since Camille is bisexual, the viewers might be wondering whether Razat, the actress who plays the character, is also gay or bisexual. However, Razat has chosen to not discuss her sexual orientation in public. Still, she has emphasized the need for the representation of queer characters in TV. Through her portrayal of Camille, Razat succeeds in ensuring the same in ‘Emily in Paris.’

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