Is Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton Leaving Yellowstone?

Each of the Dutton siblings in ‘Yellowstone‘ has distinct characteristics and struggles that have made them fan-favorites. Despite this, Kayce Dutton stands out due to his unconventional life choices. Initially considered the family’s black sheep, Kayce has proved himself as a worthy successor to John and Yellowstone Ranch’s legacy.

However, fans fear that his phenomenal progress will be cut short as actor Luke Grimes (‘American Sniper‘) seemingly prepares to bid farewell to the show. Is there any truth to these rumors? Or is it just mere speculations? We decided to take a look into the matter, and here’s what we learned!

What Happens to Kayce Dutton in Yellowstone?

Kayce is the youngest son of John Dutton and Evelyn Dutton. Kayce joined the Navy SEALS and, over the years, became distant from his family. He married Monica and returned to his hometown in Montana. He tried to make a living as a horse tamer on the Broken Rock Reservation while looking after his son, Tate. Kayce returns to the Yellowstone Ranch in the first season and begins to work for his father. After the death of his elder brother, Lee, Kayce begins to take a more active role in the Dutton family’s dealings, eventually becoming the ranch foreman.

After some hesitation, Kayce replaces his father as the Livestock Agent of the Montana Livestock Association in the third season. Kayce excels at his new job and also uses his authority to protect and benefit his family. However, in the third season finale, like the other members of his family, Kayce was also attacked. A group of gunmen opens fire on Kayce in his office, and the episode ends without giving a clear answer about his fate.

Is Luke Grimes Leaving Yellowstone?

The attack on Kayce’s life made fans fear that the character would be killed off, leading to actor Luke Grimes’ exit from the show. As heartbreaking as that would have been, the makers have steered clear of that possibility for now. In the fourth season premiere, Kacey manages to fend off his attackers. He receives the clue about the van that attacked John and pursues them. He tracks down the van and guns down the attackers. However, in the process, Kayce is also shot and falls unconscious. Later in the episode, Kayce appears to have recovered from his bullet wounds and is patrolling his land.

For now, Kayce is in the clear, so we can put an end to speculation that Grimes is exiting the series solely based on his character facing a near-death situation. Kayce has one of the most interesting arcs on the show, and killing him off would be a bold move on the show’s part. It would also mean losing an actor of Grimes’ caliber. The actor hasn’t publically expressed a desire to bow out of his series regular role on the show. Grimes is expected to appear throughout the show’s fourth season. Therefore, at present, it does not appear like Grimes is leaving the beloved Western drama in the rearview any time soon.

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