Will Jamie Return to Yellowstone Ranch in Season 5? Theories

The fourth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ follows Jamie Dutton’s efforts to build a life outside the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch as he separates from his adoptive father John Dutton and sister Bethany “Beth” Dutton. Although he wishes to lead a new chapter of his life with his biological father Garrett Randall in an estate he buys, Beth forces him to kill his father, who arranges hits on the Duttons. In the fifth season, Jamie gets back into John’s circle since he cannot avoid working with the new Governor-elect as the attorney general. As he spends time with John, one must be intrigued to find out whether Jamie will return to the home of the Duttons. Well, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Uncertain Future of Jamie at the Ranch

As far as the Duttons are concerned, the Yellowstone ranch is their home and identity. Staying at Yellowstone makes one entitled to defend the honor and safety of the ranch and family. That’s the reason why Kayce Dutton moved to the Indian reservation land and Jamie buys a new estate when they had a fallout with John. In the fifth season, he reveals that he sold his estate after Randall’s death, which leaves him “homeless.” Therefore, there is a possibility that Jamie will return to Yellowstone but he may not be returning to the ranch seeking a place to stay or to reconnect with his family.

First of all, Jamie doesn’t have any love for John and Beth. In an interview given in November 2022, Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie, revealed that his character only has loyalty rather than love towards John and Beth. According to Bentley, Jamie will help his father and sister as they try to protect the ranch from Market Equities. A return to Yellowstone may help him do the same. Since John has made it clear that his children don’t need anyone’s permission to stay in their home, Jamie may even just walk into the ranch soon.

In the first two episodes of season 5, Jamie tries his best to advise John regarding legal affairs that affect Yellowstone, which shows his willingness to help his father irrespective of John’s insistence that he is not going to listen to the lawyer. But Jamie’s helping mentality will not last long, according to Bentley. The actor revealed that Jamie will eventually reach a boiling point that will make him exact his revenge on Beth, who has been blackmailing him, and John, who destroyed his political aspirations by becoming the Governor of Montana.

“He [Jamie] is full of rage. He’s empty, alone, angry, resentful, guilty, and sad. It’s only so long till he’s got to do something. What is redemption for him? It’s not gonna be pretty,” Bentley told TV Insider about the transition of his character. If Jamie needs to exact his revenge on John and Beth, we can expect him to be in Yellowstone. Being closer to his adversaries gives him better chances of hurting them. Like how Beth tries to hurt Market Equities within the company in the fourth season, we may see Jamie doing the same in the fifth season by returning to Yellowstone.

As per Bentley, Beth is Jamie’s nemesis. “Beth… what she forced him to do with his [Jamie’s] biological father was beyond for him. And I think he’s lost any hope of love or reconciliation, and now he just has hate for her,” the actor said in an interview. “[…] he’s more isolated than ever and stewing in his pot of anger. And I think that’s why he’s so actually dangerous in this moment, more so than Beth even knows,” Bentley added. The actor’s words make it clear that Jamie will fight against his sister and Yellowstone has to be the best stage for the same.

In the first two episodes of the fifth season, Caroline Warner and Sarah Atwood of Market Equities notice that Jamie is unhappy with John’s victories against their company. In the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, we may see them trying to lure Jamie into their side. If his desire for exacting revenge on Beth and John makes him strike a deal with the devil, Caroline and Sarah may want him at Yellowstone as their mole as well.

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