Mother’s Day: Is the Polish Movie Based on Real People?

Directed by Mateusz Rakowicz, Netflix’s ‘Mother’s Day’ (originally titled ‘Dzien Matki’) is a Polish action thriller film about a complicated mother-son relationship. It stars Agnieszka Grochowska as Nina Nowak and Adrian Delikta as her estranged 17-year-old son, Maks. When her old enemy returns for revenge, they kidnap Maks, who is clueless about the identity of his birth parents.

However, ex-special agent Nina “Kikimora” Nowak keeps close tabs on her son and soon emerges from the shadows to save his life using her deadly combat skills. The action movie focuses on the theme of motherhood and explores the depth of a parent’s love for their child. Due to its unique perspective yet authentic characters, people might wonder about the story’s true origin. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about ‘Mother’s Day’ and its relation to reality.

Is Mother’s Day a True Story?

No, ‘Mother’s Day’ is not based on a true story. Writer Lukasz M. Maciejewski and Director/co-writer Mateusz Rakowicz penned the characters and narrative explored by the film’s plot. The pair previously worked together in the latter’s 2021 feature directorial debut, ‘Getaway King.’ As such, they are well-versed in collaborating to create compelling narratives and characters.

‘Mother’s Day’ is an action-based film that relies on intricately choreographed brutal action scenes to amaze the audience and keep them engaged. Due to the same, the dynamic between Nina and Maks carries the bulk of the film’s emotional weight. Since she distanced herself from him when he was very young, the teenager doesn’t have a connection with her. Yet, Nina deeply cares for Maks and is willing to risk her life for him repeatedly. Her protective motherly instincts for her son fleshes her out as a character.

Although Nina’s relationship with her son is unconventional and highly influenced by her outlandish past as a covert special agent, many might still be able to relate to her experience. The disconnect she experiences with her teenage son is a common occurrence real-life parents encounter with their kids. Likewise, the complicated concoction of emotions Nina’s character depicts of guilt, regret, and hope is also often experienced by absent or distant parents. Inversely, through Maks’ character, the Netflix movie explores the conflicted emotions adopted kids may have about their birth parents.

Throughout the movie, the boy constantly seeks out the safety of his adoptive family, especially after he finds out Nina is his birth mother. Besides, it is natural for Maks to be weary of her due to a lifetime of negligence. Similarly, his parents are seen as defensive around Nina and genuinely care for their son. Through these minute interactions between Maks, Nina, and the former’s adoptive parents, the film depicts a positive and supportive idea of adoption.

By doing so, the narrative shines a favorable light on adoption and highlights the importance of found family. In addition, the authentic representation of adoptive families adds to the viewer’s ability to empathize and relate to its characters. Since Nina’s character forms the story’s foundation, her individuality is one of the most important things about the film. Actress Agnieszka Grochowska is a talented Polish actress who has also appeared in Hollywood movies.

In an old interview discussing her process of picking roles, Grochowska said, “My favorite roles are those where I can do something I’ve never done before — a new topic, a new challenge. I look for roles in which something or someone sparks my interest.” Additionally, storylines like the one in ‘Mother’s Day’ can frequently be found in mainstream media. The first movie that comes to mind is Liam Neeson’s 2008 action thriller ‘Taken’ directed by Pierre Morel. It charts a similar story of a former government agent who jumps back into the world of violence after his daughter gets abducted.

Therefore, the Mateusz Rakowicz directorial will definitely be reminiscent of ‘Taken’ to fans of the latter. Ultimately, ‘Mother’s Day’ does not directly take inspiration from any real-life incident. The story involves pieces of government conspiracies, local gangs, and corruption. Elements such as these help balance the off-beat scenarios in a more grounded environment. That said, the movie is entirely a work of fiction.

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