Netflix’s A Perfect Story: Is the Spanish Series Based on Real People?

Originally titled ‘Un Cuento Perfecto,’ Netflix’s Spanish rom-com series ‘A Perfect Story,’ directed by Chloé Wallace, chronicles the relationship between two people from drastically different worlds that somehow find their perfect ending with each other. Margarita “Margo” Ortega, heiress to a ludicrous hotel empire, runs away from her wedding, leaving her fiance Fillipo behind. In another corner of Spain, David, a young man with three jobs, who is still finding himself, gets dumped by his girlfriend, Idoia.

When the two strangers accidentally cross paths and connect, they realize the other might be their best bet to get back together with their exes. With likable characters at its center, this show depicts a compelling tale about a friendship turned romance while exploring the complications that come with the same. Although predictable, ‘A Perfect Story’ avoids cliches and delves into life’s messy aspects, which infuses the characters and their storylines with effortless relatability. Due to the same, viewers might wonder about the show’s origin. Let’s find out!

A Perfect Story is Not a True Story

‘A Perfect Story’ is not based on a true story. The Netflix series, directed by Chloé Wallace with a screenplay by Marina Pérez, is an adaptation of Elísabet Benavent’s 2020 romance novel, ‘Un Cuento Perfecto.’ She is a renowned author of contemporary Spanish romance novels, with her previous works like ‘En Los Zapatos de Valeria’ and ‘Canciones y Recuerdos’ adapted as Netflix’s ‘Valeria‘ and ‘Sounds Like Love,’ respectively.

Considering Benavent’s previous successful collaborations with the streaming platform, it’s clear that something about her work naturally resonates with the audience. The same remains true for ‘A Perfect Story,’ which easily captivates the viewers by carefully crafting Margo and David’s respective characters and narratives. Although there isn’t any direct inspiration behind either of the lead protagonists, Benavent’s tendency to draw from reality still shines through in these characters.

In an interview with Babelio, the author discussed the same, sharing how her friends present an inexhaustible influence on her and her writing. Be it a random conversation or a song, Benavent finds ways to imbue her work with reflections of reality through multiple sources of inspiration. For ‘A Perfect Story,’ that inspiration came to her in the summer of 2018 while walking down the streets of the Greek Island of Santorini. Sharing the same in an Instagram post, Benavent discussed the connection she felt with Margo due to her relationship with her anxieties and fear— something many people can relate to.

Likewise, the author referenced David’s charming deposition and chaotic approach to life that inform most of his appeal as a character. As such, Margo and David’s realistic depiction forms the foundation for the story’s realism. With the show, the director retains the focus on Margo and David’s character arcs and achieves similar relatable results. For ‘A Perfect Story,’ her feature-length directorial debut, Wallace, a self-proclaimed rom-com lover, drew inspiration from movies like ‘Ruby Sparks’ and ‘500 Days Of Summer,’ particularly for the show’s visuals and overall tone.

By doing so, Wallace could make the show her own while maintaining a classic rom-com feel. Besides, she was conscious of the book’s fanbase and their expectations for her show. Although the director wanted to create something that appealed to the fans, she was also aware of the inevitable disconnect between a book and its on-screen adaptation. Nevertheless, Benavent, who was aptly involved in the series’ development, eased Wallace’s worries when she came down to Greece at the time of the show’s filming.

The author shared her contentment with Wallace regarding the show, enthusing that it looked exactly like she had imagined the story. Therefore, it’s safe to say ‘A Perfect Story’ presents a satisfactory resemblance to its namesake novel and delivers a feel-good and authentic love story. However, the narrative itself is not in any way connected to real-life people or instances. As such, though perfect, Margo and David’s romance does not make for a true story.

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