Is Rowdy Dead? Why Did Young Rip Kill Him in Yellowstone?

Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone’ is a Western drama series that causes on the Duttons, a family of ranchers from Montana. Aside from the Duttons, the series also showcases the life of the ranch hands on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Among them are Rip Wheeler and Rowdy, whose interlinked storyline is explored through flashbacks. However, the conflict between the duo comes to a head in the seventh episode of season 5. If you are wondering whether Rowdy is dead and why Young Rip killed him in ‘Yellowstone,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happened to Rowdy?

Rowdy first appears in the season 5 premiere of ‘Yellowstone,’ titled ‘One Hundred Years is Nothing.’ He is a ranch hand working on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and appears in the flashbacks sequences. Actor Kai Caster essays the role of Rowdy. Caster is known for appearances in shows such as ‘The Baxters,’ ‘American Horror Story,‘ and ‘House of Lies.’ In the first episode, Rowdy appears in a flashback alongside Young Rip. Although Young Rip and Rowdy appear to have a brotherly relationship, that changes after Beth hooks up with Rowdy to make Rip jealous. Later, Rowdy and Young Rip accompany Young John Dutton on an expedition to protect their cattle from wolves.

In the seventh episode, titled ‘The Dream Is Not Me,’ a flashback sequence depicts Rowdy and Young Rip staking out to hunt wolves. During a conversation, Rowdy talks badly about Beth, enraging Rip. As a result, a fight ensues between the teenager and the much older Rowdy. However, Rip manages to overpower his colleague and defeats Rowdt in a fistfight. However, Rowdy uses a knife to attack Rip. The latter dodges Rowdy’s attack and stabs him with the knife. Therefore, Rowdy is gravely injured and dies before Rip can inform John Dutton.

How Rowdy’s Death Shaped Rip’s Future

In the fifth season, flashback sequences revolve around Young Rip and his relationship with Beth. In the first episode, Beth asks Rip out on a date before she heads off for college. However, the date goes badly because of Rip’s uptight nature. As a result, Beth is mad at Rip and kisses Rowdy to make Rip jealous. Later, while on the lookout for wolves in the pastures, Rowdy talks about hooking up with Beth. Moreover, Rowdy insults Rip for not being able to satisfy Beth. Rip and Beth have been in love with each other despite their on-and-off relationship. Therefore, Rip is enraged when Rowdy makes obscene comments about Beth in front of him.

Rip fights Rowdy, and their altercation gets out of hand. After Rowdy is injured, Rip rushes to inform John. Rowdy advises Rip to lie about his injuries. Rowdy suggests that Rip should explain the incident as an accident caused by Rowdy falling off his horse. However, Rip decides to tell the truth to John. Although John is disappointed in Rip, he appreciates the boy’s loyalty. As a result, John and Young Lloyd help Rip bury the body and cover up the murder. However, in exchange, John makes Rip promise that he will always look after the Yellowstone Ranch and stay loyal to the Duttons.

Ultimately, Rip kills Rowdy for speaking badly about Beth. He is defending the honor of the woman he loves. However, Rip does not have any intention of killing Rowdy. The fight between Rip and Rowdy goes too far. Eventually, Rowdy succumbs to his injuries and dies. Therefore, it is safe to say that Rowdy’s tragic demise was one of his own makings. Rowdy’s death and the following coverup directly tie the tragedy to Rip’s undying loyalty to the Duttons.

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