Is Slow Horses on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

‘Slow Horses’ is a British spy thriller series that shares its name with Mick Herron’s novel on which the show is based. Slough House is the dumping ground for all those MI5 agents who have committed embarrassing mistakes. The administrative limbo is headed by Jackson Lamb who is miserable and likes to make others feel the same. But something sinister is afoot and it is up to the slow horses of the MI5 reject squad to serve and save the country’s interest.

The series has been lauded by many for its amazing plot, great performances, and humorous digs sprinkled all the way. With talented actors like Gary Oldman, Olivia Cooke, Jonathan Pryce, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Jack Lowden in the mix, the characters make a special place in your heart. We are sure that you cannot wait to see how well these underdogs do. So, here is all you need to know before you watch the series!

What is Slow Horses About?

River Cartwright is an agent in the British Security Service MI5. Due to a disastrous and humiliating public training mission, he is transferred to Slough House, the paper-pushing purgatory that doubles as the dumping grounds for agents who make grievous errors. Also known as the “slow horses,” the administrative squad of rejects is headed by Jackson Lamb, a cantankerous man who does not have any expectations from the lot.

After a media gambit at Regent’s Park, the slow horses realize that they need to saddle up and ride like the wind to defend their country. Despite the flaws that led them to Slough House, the underdog squad, led by Jackson, gets ready to serve the nation. For those who are wondering just how to watch this thrilling show, we have got your back!

Is Slow Horses on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘Slow Horses’ is not available on Netflix. Fans can instead watch similar shows hosted by the platform, like ‘Quantico.’ The series revolves around a group of fresh FBI trainees out of which one is a sleeper terrorist. You can also check out ‘Traitors,’ the story of Feef Symonds in 1945 London, who agrees to spy for the Americans to uncover a Soviet spy.

Is Slow Horses on Hulu?

While Hulu does not offer ‘Slow Horses,’ those interested in the series have no shortage of options to choose from since several shows are available in the same genre. We recommend spending a day with Jack Bauer as he tries to thwart his enemies while the clock ticks on in ‘24.’ Or you can watch the operations of the U.S. Army Delta Force in the fictional action seriesThe Unit.’

Is Slow Horses on Amazon Prime?

No, Amazon Prime does not have ‘Slow Horses.’ However, Prime users can watch similar shows housed within the vast video library of the streaming giant. ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ features John Krasinski in the leading role of a CIA analyst who uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication and finds himself on a dangerous field assignment. You can watch the show right here! Alternatively, you can join a special group of agents from MI6 as they try to defend their homeland in the comedy spoofAction Team.’

Is Slow Horses on HBO Max?

‘Slow Horses’ is not available on HBO Max. So, fans of the series can instead watch ‘Person of Interest.’ It follows a presumed-dead ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer use an advanced AI to track down future criminals, but have no idea of the crime they might commit in. For a sci-fi twist, we recommend ‘Fringe.’ The series follows FBI Agent Olivia Dunham’s entry into the Fringe Division that solves unusual crimes and ends up delving into the past and a parallel universe.

Where to Watch Slow Horses Online?

‘Slow Horses’ is exclusively available on Apple TV+. To watch the Gary Olman-starrer, head right here!

How to Stream Slow Horses for Free?

Apple TV+ offers a 7-day free trial to new users which can be used to watch ‘Slow Horses’ free of charge. Moreover, we encourage our readers to avoid any illegal methods to watch their beloved series.

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