Kate Beckinsale to Star in James Nunn’s ‘Lioness’

Kate Beckinsale is returning to the streets of London to shoot a new film! The Cinemaholic can reveal that the English actress has stepped on board James Nunn’s latest project, ‘Lioness.’ The principal photography for the movie will start in August in the capital city of England. Further details about the film’s cast and plot remain under wraps for now.

Beckinsale is an acclaimed actress who is well known for her work in dark thrillers such as the ‘Underworld’ films, Hugh Jackman-starrer ‘Van Helsing,’ and ‘Vacancy.’ The actress’s latest releases include Charlie Day’s ‘Fool’s Paradise,’ ‘Jolt,’ ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ with Brian Cox, and the Paramount+ TV show ‘Guilty Party.’ She recently completed filming James Kent’s ‘Stolen Girl’ alongside Scott Eastwood in Southern Italy’s Puglia region. The thriller narrates a real-life story about an American woman who spends years tracking down her only daughter after she is abducted by her father and taken to the Middle East. Beckinsale is likely essaying the mother, Maureen Dabbagh, who will face the most difficult decision of her life after finding her quarry.

Nunn’s latest directorial is the action thriller film ‘One More Shot,’ which revolves around Navy SEAL Jake Harris, who escorts a terrorist from Poland to Washington, D.C. The movie is a sequel to the director’s ‘One Shot,’ which follows an elite squad of Navy SEALs as they defend a prisoner at a black site while being surrounded by insurgents. Both movies are known for their special cinematic style, which makes them seem as if they are shot in one continuous take.

Nunn’s other recent works include ‘Shark Bait’ and ‘The Marine 6: Close Quarters.’ For filming ‘Lioness,’ Nunn will be returning to London, where he faced substantial challenges while filming his previous movies. This was especially true for ‘One More Shot,’ which had the complications of being shot in an international airport. The film crew had to get through airport security daily before filming, something that easily took an hour, given that they were packing fake knives, guns, and explosives.

The capital city of England is experiencing a fairly busy filming season in 2024, with a number of noteworthy productions rolling cameras in its streets and studios. Filming for ‘Knives Out 3’ began in June, with Daniel Craig reprising his role of Benoit Blanc. In September, London is expected to host the filming of ‘The Wreck,’ the third installment in the ‘47 Meters Down‘ shark thriller movie series.

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