Lovely Complex Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

Maid Sama‘, ‘Nana‘ and of course ‘Lovely Complex’ are without doubt the best in Shoujo anime genre. For the most part of it, ‘Lovely Complex’ has a pretty basic plot where girl meets boy. Then the two of them get together but their insecurities act as obstacles and an epic drama ensues. But as predictable as the whole overarching story might seem, it is extremely engaging and enjoyable to watch. The story has a good structure to it and does not face any pacing issues at all.

When it comes to the characters, the main focus goes on the development of the two protagonists and the relationship between them. The main characters have some really interesting personalities and it’s also good to see how flashbacks are used for developing them further. The supporting characters, though not all that developed, bring in their share of fun gimmicks that make their screen time quite memorable.

The art style of the anime is quite generic and is similar to something you will find in almost every other typical Shoujo. The animation quality is also a little inconsistent and has its own good and bad moments. Music is really corny, cheerful, upbeat and meets every stereotypical expectation that you can have from it. Also, the background scores are colorful and simply make the viewing experience slightly better. Overall, ‘Love Complex’ is a lot more entertaining than it initially seems to be and it proves that if executed properly, even the clichés can work out just fine. If you’re having a bad day, then ‘Love Com’ can easily make it better with its rush of extreme sweetness.

Lovely Complex Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Lovely Complex’ season 1 released on April 7, 2007 and with a total of 24 episodes, it came to an end on September 29, 2007. Soon after it’s release, the anime became really popular amongst all Shoujo fans and also received an above-average rating on most platforms. Most rom-com anime fans would still love to watch a whole new season of this anime but unfortunately, the anime pretty much covers all the chapters of the manga. There may be a few plot points here and there that the anime might have missed out on because of its time constraints. But for the most part of it, the anime covers everything that the manga’s story has to offer.

There may be chances of getting a new season only if the mangaka decides to write more volumes of it. That again seems very less likely since the whole story has already been very well concluded. So as of now, it is pretty obvious that we will never see ‘Lovely Complex’ season 2. If you enjoyed watching ‘Lovely Complex’ then you should definitely check out our list of the best Shoujo anime out there.

Lovely Complex English Dub:

The English Dub of ‘Lovely Complex’ has not been released yet but you can still stream the anime with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Netflix.

Lovely Complex Plot:

‘Lovely Complex’ also referred to as Love Com revolves around a girl named Risa Koizumi whose height is way above the average height of most girls and a boy named Atsushi Itani who is the shortest guy in the entire school. The two of them have a height difference of about 7 inches and often people jokingly refer to them as the “All Hanshin Kyojin“. More often than not, the difference in their heights is extremely exaggerated and an example of this can be seen in the poster of the anime itself where Atsushi is barely as tall as the length of Risa’s head.

Risa starts liking a tall student named Ryouji Suzuki while Atsushi also falls for a girl. This when Risa and Atsushi team up together to help each other get their crushes. But to their disappointment, their love interests fall in love with one another, leaving the two in a very awkward situation. But from here on, despite their differences, they start spending a lot of time together. With time, Risa starts to develop feelings for Atsushi and this where things get a little complicated between the two. They soon discover that both of them have common interests which include their love for music and fashion. But in the end, are these similarities enough for the two of them to accept their mismatched physical appearance?

Lovely Complex Characters:

Risa Koizumi

Risa Koizumi is the main female protagonist of the anime who is known for being really tall for her age. During the first year of junior high school, she stands close to 5 feet 8 inches. Risa is loud, strong and can also be extremely impulsive at times. She easily gets embarrassed when someone brings up adult topics such as kissing, dating or sex. Her height does not seem to bother her until her crush Suzuki claims that he does not really see her as a girl solely because of her height. Even then, on the outside, she somehow manages to appear quite confident about herself. Every time some hurts her feelings, she simply tries to hide her hide what she truly feels by portraying an overly cheerful face. Even when Otani rejects her, she smacks him hard and then laughs at the whole situation.

She always tries to look out for her close friends and even goes out of her way to help them out. She is also very unsure about her future and never really tries to do well at studies. She even questions the idea of falling in love and claims that she has never really put too much thought into thinking about relationships. But despite these statements that she makes, she easily falls in love with anyone she likes. When it comes to her appearance, she has a slender build and has a very good sense of fashion. Throughout the anime, she is seen with many different hairstyles and stylish dresses. The color of her hair changes from red to brown and at times even orange.

Atsushi Ootani

Atsushi is the main male protagonist of the series who is barely 5 feet tall. Because of his height, he is often mistaken for an elementary school student and becomes the center of many jokes. He tries to hide his insecurities by portraying a Napoleon personality and often takes pride when he is praised for something. Despite being so short, he loves playing basketball and even works really hard later to become a basketball coach for young children. He becomes a complete gentleman when he notices that a girl is upset and tries to do everything in his power to make her happy. Like Risa, he isn’t too great at studies and acts all naive when it comes to love. He also gets very embarrassed in situations where he has to publicly express his love for Risa. When he sees Risa with other guys, he gets really jealous and even gets in fights with other guys to protect her. He even gets insecure about the seriousness of her feelings for him and becomes depressed for no reason at all.

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