Are Mauricio Umansky and Michelle Schwartz Still Friends?

A show like Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ is best known for the intricate dynamics between its cast members. Among the real estate agents featured in the show, Mauricio Umansky and Michelle Schwartz are certainly two of the most well-known agents who helped start The Agency. However, as the events of season 2 unfolded, tensions between the two arose to the level that the viewers could not help but be intrigued by.

Mauricio Umansky and Michelle Schwartz Have Known Each Other For Years

As revealed by Mauricio Umansky, he and Michelle Schwartz have a connection that dates back years. “Michelle Schwartz is a friend. I’ve known her for a very, very long time since she was a young kid,’ the CEO of The Agency recalled. “Her father and my father are very close friends. She’s a fellow Mexican Jew, and I was her mentor. She was one of the original founding members of The Agency when we all left Hilton and Hylan. She left with me. She’s a badass.”

From Mauricio’s words, it was evident that he appreciates the skills that Michelle has as a real estate agent. Comparatively, Michelle also seemed to hold much respect for Mauricio, even revealing how she had once told him that she wanted to be the next him. In fact, she was even seen offering herself as a mentor figure to Mauricio’s daughter, Alexia Umansky. However, things took a sudden turn when Michelle walked into the Beverly Hills office of The Agency and talked separately with Ben Belack and Joey Ben-Zvi.

While talking to Ben and Joey, Michelle claimed that she was not a huge fan of the idea that Mauricio’s role as the CEO might get handed over to one of his daughters after he retires. She claimed that Mauricio had a lot to deal with already and that she did not think that his daughters, both Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, had what it took to take the reigns from him. She claimed that the two did not know how to command attention in a room full of “suits” and that giving any one of Mauricio’s daughters the role of the CEO in the future would be a “business suicide.” Instead, she stated that it should be her who should take up the position.

Given that Ben and Joey are much closer to Farrah and Alexia, they reveal the information to them. In turn, the two ladies confronted Michelle. While Michelle claimed that she had no intention to badmouth them, she did stick with her words, though she denied saying the words “business suicide.” The information soon reached Mauricio, who found it difficult to digest and was trying hard not to let his feelings as a father influence his professional decisions. However, he firmly stated that while he had not made up his mind regarding who might be the next CEO, he assured that it would not be Michelle.

Not much later, Mauricio decided to have a conversation of his own with Michelle, asking her for her reasons behind what she said. Michelle apologized for her words and took full responsibility for her words. Mauricio clarified that it was unfair of her to expect his daughters to be on the same level as her. He added that his daughters were undoubtedly not claiming to be ready for such a big responsibility, but he did not think even Michelle was prepared for that. In response, Michelle apologized again but added that she did want a “bigger presence” in the company and wanted to make more of an impact.

Mauricio Umansky and Michelle Schwartz Remain Friends

Though serious, the conversation between Mauricio Umansky and Michelle Schwartz clarified many things for both parties. While Mauricio was able to understand Michelle’s professional desires, Michelle became aware of his own thoughts regarding retirement. Unlike what many might have expected, it soon became evident that while Michelle’s words towards Mauricio’s daughters were harsh, she was herself trying to follow in the footsteps that her mentor had taken. In fact, her deep-seated respect for him might have been the reason why she expressed her desire to work closely with him in a more executive role.

Michelle even took time to apologize to Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, with Farrah later stating that she thought that the apology she had given was genuine. As of this writing, Michelle has retained a prominent role in The Agency and has even promoted a property listed by Mauricio on her social media. Additionally, the two still follow each other on Instagram, confirming that they have been able to bury any animosity that might have emerged from the events of season 2.

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