7 Post-Apocalyptic Movies Similar Badland Hunters You Must See

‘Badland Hunters,’ the Korean action-adventure film, immerses the viewers in its post-apocalyptic world as it follows a band of survivalists out on a mission against a mad scientist. Ma Dong-seok’s character, Nam San, leads the narrative as the trusty hunter with an intimidating silhouette and a kind heart. As such, the man finds himself assembling a rescue mission through the Earthquake that ravages Soeul after Doctor Yang Gi-su kidnaps Su-na, the young teenage girl from Nam San’s community. Thus, after assembling a team of survivors, namely the rookie Ji-wan and military-hardened Eun-su, Nam San faces off against indestructible enemies.

The film features thrilling action sequences, pitching the protagonists against an evil army of unkillable soldiers and their evil morals. As such, the character’s interpersonal dynamics, as well as their fatal world, provide the perfect backdrop for the tale to unfold. If you’ve found yourself captivated by these elements, you must be in search of a similar next watch!

7. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (2023)

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the eponymous anime series, ‘Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead,’ is a Japanese action comedy film that maintains a light-hearted take on the end of the world. Akira Tendo, an office worker who hates his job, wakes one day to the realization that a zombie virus has spread over the world, sending it down a post-apocalyptic spiral. While the news may be depressive to some, it’s the best news for Akira since it signifies the end of his soul-sucking corporate life. Consequently, stuck in a world surrounded by the dead and the dying, Akira comes up with a bucket list of things to do before dying. Once Kenichiro “Kencho” Ryuzaki, his best friend and a cynical Shizuka Mikazuki, joins his cause, the trio attempts to cross off items on their list as they face life’s challenges together. If you enjoyed the casually post-apocalyptic essence of ‘Badland Hunters’ and are seeking something similar but more laid-back, this film might be worth the watch.

6. Logan (2017)

Set in the ‘X-men’ franchise, ‘Logan’ brings an emotionally ripe story about the titular character, also known as Wolverine, as the weary, old mutant remains detached from society. However, everything changes when a young new mutant, Laura, who reminds the man of himself in more ways than one, barges in on his life. With numerous dangerous people targeting the kid, Logan has no choice but to accompany her as the duo evade capture and face off against evil with only each other to watch their backs.

The film charts a compelling action-adventure narrative that holds a touching familial relationship at its center. For the same reason, if you liked the aged-but-skilled Nam San’s thrilling adventures, undertaken for Su-na’s safety, then you will find a similar storyline in this film.

5. Prospect (2018)

Within the sci-fi adventure narrative of ‘Prospect,’ the audience accompanies a father-daughter duo on a daring mission to space, undertaken to secure a lucrative profit. However, as Ezra and his kid, Cee, venture into the unfamiliar moon, with its toxic environment and dangerous inhabitants, their objective of harvesting gems soon turns into a fight to survive. Yet, despite the multiple threats looming over them on the space rock, Cee discovers that her father’s indomitable greed might just be the most destructive thing she has to fight against. Thus, this film will definitely deliver for people who enjoy adventurous endeavors with an emotional center.

4. Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

‘Zombieland: Double Tap,’ a sequel to the eponymous ‘Zombieland,’ has all the elements of ‘Badland Hunters,’ a post-apocalyptic world, a ragtag group of survivors, and enemies from the undead. Yet, the film presents an entirely new perspective on the classic zombie survival genre. Following Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock, a dysfunctional “found family” of four, the story delves into the gang’s newest adventure, years into their residence within zombie-infected America. As Little Rock grows into a teenager, her rebellious phase ends in a rescue mission, requiring her family to put aside their own drama to save their youngest from a brand-new evolution of zombies. If, in the process, they save their group from falling apart— that’s just a bonus! If you’re a fan of the genre but looking for something more lighthearted, this film might be the perfect thing for you.

3. World War Z (2013)

The Brad Pitt starrer ‘World War Z’ tells the story of Gerry Lane, a man whose world becomes plagued with an infection that can bring about the end of civilization. Nevertheless, despite the hellish circumstances, the former UN investigator decides to carry out a mission of hope to track down the source of the rapidly spreading virus. In his mission, Gerry finds himself going up against impossible enemies in a world spiraling out of control. In many ways, Gerry’s storyline, as a family man striving to create a safer world for his wife and kid, mirrors Nam San’s unquestioning devotion to Su-na.

2. Train to Busan (2016)

One of the most famed horror films to come out of Korea in recent years, ‘Train to Busan,’ a film revolving around a zombie virus outbreak, presents a heartwarming tale about a father and his quest to save his daughter. When Seok-woo and his young kid, Soo-an, board the morning train for their journey to Busan, they are oblivious to the rapid zombie virus breaking out in the country around them. However, once the mindless undead make their presence known during the train ride, the duo, alongside a number of other passengers, find themselves in an impossible fight for their lives. People who enjoyed exploring the moving story of family and love in ‘Badland Hunters,’ set against the backdrop of an environment that demands action, are bound to enjoy the same elements that ‘Train to Busan’ has to offer.

1. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ directed by Roland Emmerich, depicts a sci-fi story about a father’s desperate attempts to save his son while facing an impending Ice Age. Even though the UN largely ignores paleoclimatologist Jack Hall’s warnings about a disastrous climate catastrophe, they end up paying the price when a doomed superstorm brews in the air. As a result, Jack must plunge into a perilous journey in the midst of an upcoming natural disaster to bring his son Sam to safety. As he crosses the distance between Philadelphia and New York, the man faces many challenges but continues to propel forward because of the love he has for his kid.

Jack Hall’s daring adventure parallels Nam San’s story down to the basics of a natural disaster and a kid in trouble. Thus, with those two elements as the center of each film, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ will likely be a favorite for ‘Badland Hunters’ fans.

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