Loved The Tutor? Here Are 8 Movies You Will Also Like

A lucrative opportunity soon gives way to a vicious scheme in ‘The Tutor.’ The psychological thriller follows the story of Ethan, a professional tutor who teaches students from affluent households. While tasked with teaching Jackson, a billionaire’s son in a remote mansion, Ethan gravitates towards murky waters. As the inconspicuous exchanges between Jackson and Ethan become worrisome, the latter slowly realizes Jackson’s interest in his personal life is more than curiosity. As Ethan grows more suspicious, Jackson begins to leash the horror within. Soon enough, a dire situation follows and gives way to the unimaginable.

Helmed by Jordan Ross, the movie features compelling performances by Garrett Hedlund, Noah Schnapp, Jonny Weston, and Victoria Justice. The narrative dives into a duty-bound teacher entangled in an unspeakable torment. With a gritting story that features equally grim undertones, the movie explores a number of themes. So, if the unnerving suspense of a psychopath stalker enthralled you just as much, here is a list of similar movies.

8. The Cable Guy (1996)

Ben Stiller’s dark comedy follows the story of Steven, an architect whose simple demand for cable turns awry quickly. After Steven turns down oddball cable installer Chip Douglas’ offer for friendship, the former slowly finds himself entangled in a devious scheme. Unable to take no for an answer, Chip decides to find ways to induce a friendship with Steven, but when things don’t go his way, the cable installer embarks on a path of full-fledged stalking. Yet another story that stems from a harmless association, ‘The Cable Guy’ featuring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick, offers yet another look into a horrifying tale of stalking.

7. The Guest (2014)

Following the death of their son Caleb, a soldier, the aggrieved household of the Petersons find that they have little hope to latch onto. However, when David, a stranger, visits the family posing as Caleb’s friend, a number of devastating situations follow. Directed by Adam Wingard, ‘The Guest’ is yet another story that traces the footsteps of an aggressive individual who is not what he seems. Much like Jackson’s ability to pose himself as the victim, ‘The Guest’ features Dan Stevens as David and is the story of a polite young man capable of doing the unimaginable.

6. The Roommate (2011)

The joy of becoming a college freshman makes Sara embrace all new experiences. As the unfettered student befriends her new roommate, Rebecca, she finds every aspect of her life unfolding in a desirable way. However, when Sara starts making friends elsewhere and grows closer to her boyfriend, she realizes that Rebecca’s intentions go beyond a casual friendship. This intense thriller features the tale of a benign friendship that soon turns dangerous and poisonous. So, if you were unnerved by the hounding presence of Jackson every step of the way, then you’ll find this vicious tale of obsession by director Christian E. Christiansen equally interesting.

5. The Kindergarten Teacher (2018)

Based on the Israeli film of the same name, ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ follows the story of Lisa, a discontented kindergarten teacher in a Staten Island school. Upon realizing that her five-year-old student possesses unusual literary talent, Lisa begins to take too much interest in the young boy. Even when the child’s parents discourage Lisa from pursuing the matter, the teacher remains disconcerted and goes to unreasonable lengths to take the prodigy to new heights. With Maggie Gyllenhaal as the titular lead, ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ also features the deadpan obsession that comes to pass between a student and a teacher. So, if you enjoyed the disturbing premise of ‘The Tutor,’ then you’ll find Lisa’s inability to see boundaries equally gripping.

4. The Gift (2015)

Directed by Joel Edgerton, ‘The Gift’ follows the story of Simon and Robyn, a married couple whose lives are upended after the seemingly innocuous visitation of a former friend named Fordo takes a menacing turn. Soon enough, the former acquaintance starts turning up everywhere and begins to surprise the couple with unwanted and mysterious presents leaving Robyn to uncover the mystery that limns within. Much like ‘The Tutor,’ ‘The Gift’ is also a suspicious thriller that encapsulates the extensive nature of volatile individuals, making this the right movie to watch next.

3. Greta (2018)

Directed by Neil Jordan, this suspense thriller features the story of Frances, a good samaritan who finds a purse on the subway and decides to return the belonging to its rightful owner. However, when she meets the owner of the item, she forms an unlikely connection with its owner-an old woman named Greta. It isn’t long until the niceties wear off and give way to Greta’s dark ambitions. As Greta begins to stalk Frances, a number of disconcerting themes follow. So, if you were intrigued by the pernicious nature of obsession and stalking in ‘The Tutor,’ then you’ll find ‘Greta’ starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloë Grace Moretz equally interesting.

2. One Hour Photo (2002)

Led by Robin Williams, the story revolves around Seymour “Sy” Parrish, a photo technician who works at a suburban retail barn behind the photo counter. While his seemingly good-natured service makes him a vital member of the community, the peril within the man presents an equally dangerous situation. Obsessed with his favorite customers, the picture-perfect Yorkin family, ‘One Hour Photo’ traces the unnerving capacity of loneliness and obsession. Yet another story that features an outsider’s interest in a family, ‘One Hour Photo’ presents an equally disturbing look into an eerie compulsion that leaves no room for logic and reason, making this the right movie to watch next.

1. Cape Fear (1991)

Astute director Martin Scorsese spuns a vengeful tale in this Robert De Niro starrer. The movie revolves around Max Cady, a man who was convicted of rape and spent years in prison because his attorney knowingly withheld evidence and prevented his acquittal. However, no longer incarcerated, Max decides to devote his life to terrifying and stalking the family of his former lawyer Sam Bowden. As the crescendo builds and the extent of terror is unleashed, a suspicious thriller follows. Much like Ethan’s endless strive to protect his family from Jackson, ‘Cape Fear’ also traces the story of a good samaritan who does everything in his power to protect his family from a madman.

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