12 Most Anticipated New PlayStation VR Games of 2019

Virtual reality (VR) was once considered nothing more than a gimmick for gamers worldwide. In fact, the origins of VR have almost nothing to do with gaming. The idiosyncratic French playwright Antonin Artaud first conceptualised the idea that illusion didn’t have to be different from reality, an idea that would shape the core tenets of VR in the years to come. It was Morton Heiig’s ‘Experience Theatre’ realised through the ‘Sensorama’ in the 1950s that would be the first to engage all the human senses in an effective manner. Virtual environments were taken to another level, and the precursors to modern VR would materialise in the work of Douglas Engelbart, Ivan Sutherland, and Bob Sproull.

With time, VR was increasingly used in aeronautics, flight simulation, and even accessories like toy giant Mattel’s ‘Power Glove.’ Atari was one of the first companies to try and usher in VR in the gaming sphere. VR’s recent prominence in gaming was fuelled by Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR for $2 billion in March 2014. In the same month, Sony announced something called ‘Project Morpheus’, a VR initiative.

Project Morpheus would eventually turn out to be PlayStation VR. While the PSVR seems like another console component that just happens to be VR-enabled, it is much more than that. In the times of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, PSVR serves as a relatively affordable entry point to the VR phenomenon. Its widespread accessibility and innovation at its price point ensures that quality games keep coming to the device. Without further ado, here is the list of most anticipated new PSVR games coming out in 2019, 2020 — with their release dates. We can only hope that these latest PlayStation VR games are as good as some of the recent ones.

12. Ghost Giant (April 16, 2019)

With gameplay mechanics such as those of combat, and exploration being explored in a more intimate way with VR, it is only natural that the concept of intimacy in gaming itself will be reshaped and redefined through the medium. Zoink! Games promises just that, with the upcoming ‘Ghost Giant.’ Players will play as the eponymous creature, but contrary to what the name might suggest, the creature in question suggests no ominousness in the slightest. In fact, the game deals with an issue far more important than typical ghosts and giants scaring us with their fearsome bearing. ‘Ghost Giant’ deals with loneliness and how it affects every one of us, even a gargantuan spirit, who reaches out to those living in the vibrant town of Sancourt and interacts with them in several ways. It promises to be a heartrending game, and PSVR owners should give this a go.

11. Star Child (TBA)

‘Star Child’ comes across as one of the finest experiences that PSVR has to offer. Playable in both TV and VR, it is the latter that unleashes the game’s full potential. It is centred around Spectra, the game’s protagonist and her exploration of an unbelievably gorgeous planet rendered in stunning 2.5D. The puzzle systems come across as supremely intuitive and rewarding, with the world itself feeling like an exquisite diorama. ‘Star Child’ is on track to become one of the best platforming games, irrespective of platform.

10. Blood and Truth (TBA)

There was a section called ‘The London Heist’ as part of PSVR launch title ‘PlayStation VR Worlds’ which blew audiences away with its gripping gameplay and made us aware of how VR could take action-packed gaming to a whole other level. The upcoming ‘Blood and Truth’ is essentially a fine-tuned version of that game, with a full-scale story complete with compelling characters in this explosive, cockney-based espionage thriller. It might very well turn out to be one of PSVR’s very best games.

9. Golem (2019)

Imagine ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ in a fully enabled VR-environment. The towering magnificence of the Colossi, the sweeping environments, the sheer sense of adventure. ‘Golem’ from developer Highwire Games is very much built on the same lines, and looks to deliver much of the same engrossing and heartfelt experience. There’s a twist here, however. Players will control the huge stone creatures, instead of battling them as a puny boy on a horse in the former. With the development team consisting of former Bungie employees, it is almost certain that this much-delayed game will silence its doubters and provide an enriching combat experience.

8. Deemo Reborn (2019)

‘Deemo Reborn’ is a remake of the classic rhythm based game released for handheld devices back in the year 2013. This remake targets the popular VR devices and strives to bring the experience to a more immersive audience. This game follows the story of a little girl who is lost in a magical castle and requires extensive puzzle solving in order to succeed in the game. The game boasts an amazing soundtrack and art direction and fans of 3D puzzlers will find themselves right at home in this game. The player needs to solve puzzles with the help of various musical clues and hints that allows them to progress through the game. The addition of virtual reality support has also allowed the game developers to create a more immersive environment for the player through the introduction of new challenges and features. The game is still in the development phase and will be available to PSVR users later in this year. If you are a fan of rhythm and musical based games, then Deemo Reborn is the game for you. The game is available in android, iOS and PS Vita consoles for you to try out right now but keep in mind that the remake will contain additional features that are not present in the base game. Also, the environment is extremely well done and is one that should be experienced through a VR headset.

7. Undead Citadel (TBA)

Undead Citadel is an upcoming indie release for the Rift, PSVR and Vive consoles developed by Dark Curry S.L. and set for release later this year. The game is set in the medieval era and provides the player with a range of different weapons to fight a plethora of enemies ranging from undead to monsters from a first-person perspective. The combat system for the game relies heavily on physics based systems and this allows the player to set up the combat according to their strengths. The player also has the option to choose a variety of weapons all of which rely heavily on the physics engine in order to replicate the combat precisely. This adds an extra layer of challenge for the players as combat may vary each time the player plays the scenario. The environment is rich with cultural and historical references and presents the player with a unique opportunity to experience life in the medieval era. Not much is known about the development of this game but it has managed to generate a considerable amount of hype and we highly recommend you check it out as soon as it is available in the market.

6. Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR (2019)

Wolfenstein is often regarded as the big daddy of all shooters having played an intricate role in the development phase of the genre and the latest installment in the franchise, ‘Cyberpilot VR’ marks the entry of the series into the virtual reality revolution. Virtual reality is the latest craze in the gaming industry and it seems all the big names are scrambling for a chance at the big picture and Wolfenstein is no different. We have already witnessed some of the biggest names releasing content for the VR consoles last year and this year seems to be no different. Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first shooters developed for the PC by ‘id software’ and released in the year 1992 to major critical acclaim. The company also went on to develop ‘Doom’ in the following year which is regarded as the pioneer of all 3D FPS shooters; hence it is understandable that the franchise has quite some experience in this field. ‘Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR’ will stay mostly true to the franchise but will also allow the player to take control of additional units, a feature that has not yet been introduced in the series. The game will also feature additional levels and challenges that are sure to keep the hardcore FPS fans satisfied.

5. Falcon Age (2019)

Falcon Age is an indie action/adventure game being developed by Outerloop Games and will be published by the same company sometime later this year. The game will be playable through traditional PS4 consoles and controllers with additional VR support. The first thing that will strike you about this game is the art direction which is very different from all the other titles in this list. The game places the player in the footsteps of Ara, the protagonist of the story and a simple woman who has been imprisoned for a minor infraction in an alien planet ravaged by war and destruction. The situation is dire as all the resources of the planet have been destroyed by war and its culture diminished, but Ara still struggles for her freedom and rights. During the course of her imprisonment, she befriends a falcon and with its help manages to escape her prison and join the resistance. Ara needs to learn the basics of hunting and gathering resources, both of which are integral to the survival and freedom of the clan. The game also features basic RPG elements combined with survival tactics that affect the gameplay adversely and the choices made by the player will also have an impact on the overall campaign. The game also focuses largely on pet management systems where the players will need to tame pets and care for them by gathering food and grooming them appropriately. This will in turn enable them to use their pet’s abilities that are crucial for both survival and progression.

4. Dreams (2019)

This is one of the most unique games in the list where the players are able to create, integrate and share their content with other players playing the game. The main objective of the game is to create a dynamic community though engagements and interactions between the various players. The game is being developed by ‘Media Molecule’ and will be published by Sony Entertainment later this year. The game has already managed to gather a lot of hype online and hence you can expect a large number of players when the game launches. The community for the game is also expected to be strong as it relies heavily on player-player interactions and this will also help the game to progress effectively. The developers of the game have been releasing teasers and trailers for the game for quite some time now and therefore we can expect the game to be released shortly. The game developers have also expressed an interest in cultivating creativity and inspiration on the part of the players in order to increase interactions and this is bound to have an overall impact on the gameplay. We are yet to receive a community based VR game for the PSVR and ‘Dreams’ might very well be the game that brings the genre into mainstream notice.

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3. Mini Mech Mayhem (2019)

‘Mini Mech Mayhem’ is a PSVR exclusive that takes a fun and different route to table-top and board games. If you have been under the impression that VR games are a solely single player experience, then you better prepare yourself for Mini Mech Mayhem. The game takes the whole table top interactive experience and sets it right inside your console. This game will allow the players (a maximum of 4) to compete against each other through interactions that are neither real time nor turn based. The combat system rather depends upon the strategy of the player and the choices made by him or her. The game itself is not exactly complicated but the number of options available to the player and the resulting decisions taken by the player will have an enormous impact on the overall outcome of the game. The players take turns in moving their ‘imp’ from one position of the board to another but the number of steps they decide to take impacts the progression of the turn, thus eliminating a lot of RNG and introducing additional layers of intricacy into the game. This one’s a must have for all the strategy game lovers out there. Although not complicated, the game does have a lot of decision making involved where the players will need to predict their opponent’s turns and act accordingly. It takes a few games to get the hang of things but when you do understand the thought processes behind the turns, this game is one you won’t be able to put down. There are various moves you will get to learn in order to surprise your opponents, just don’t be distressed when that happens to you initially.

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2. Vacation Simulator (2019)

‘Vacation Simulator’ is a game that we all have been eagerly waiting for ever since the trailer for the game was released by ‘Owlchemy labs’, the company responsible for titles like ‘Job Simulator’ and ‘Rick and Morty: A Virtual Rick-ality’. Both the titles were released to overall positive reviews, hence we have reason to believe that the sequel to ‘Job Simulator’ will be one of the best titles for the PSVR this year. The game was originally planned to be launched in 2018 but the company pushed the release date back to sometime this year. The date on their website was also changed to reflect this. We have no confirmation yet on the actual release date but when it comes out, it shall pose serious competition to other titles out there for the top spot. The game is tons of fun, putting the player in an island with pretty much every form of entertainment present in modern societies. What you want to do is your choice alone- whether you want to cook some juicy meaty burgers or go scuba diving is totally up to your desire. The company is marketing this as ‘First you jobbed, now you vacation’ and this holds true for pretty much all of the game. The art direction and choice of the color palette adds to the overall cognitive experience with just the right hint of whacky characters design. A playable demo is available on their website right now, so you can head on there and give this game a try. ‘Vacation Simulator’ is one title we highly recommend if you own a PSVR or are planning to invest in one.

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1. Everybody’s Golf VR

‘Everybody’s Golf VR’ is a PSVR exclusive that’s being developed by Clap-Hanz in collaboration with SIE Japan studio and much to the delight of the dedicated fan base of the franchise, the player will be able to experience the thrill of hitting a birdie first hand. The series has been a fan favorite throughout the years and this time, judging by the trailers, they are all poised to deliver. If you are not familiar with the title, then perhaps ‘Hot Shots Golf’ might ring a bell. The title was first released by Sony as ‘Everybody’s Golf’ in the Eastern region back in 2017 but for marketing reasons released it under ‘Hot Shots Golf’ in North America. The players will be able to scout the terrain using their Dualshock 4 controllers or PS Move controllers giving them exact knowledge of the field and make the desired shot. In addition, the players will also be able to ‘feel’ the wind direction thanks to the capabilities of the PSVR, giving them extra control over their shot. The company has also promised that players will be “able to experience the world of ‘Everybody’s Golf’ in ways they have never experienced before” so if you are a fan of golf or rather any outdoor sport, perhaps this is the title for you. The game does not yet feature an online multiplayer mode but perhaps that will be ‘fixed’ later on since the community did want multiplayer support. Keep in mind that this is a PSVR exclusive though, so if you own any other console such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, this will not run on those. Whatever way, if you do own a PSVR, this one is a must.

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