Queens on the Run Ending, Explained: Does El Gavilan Get Arrested?

Netflix’s ‘Queens on The Run’ is a Mexican road-trip comedy movie starring Alejandra Ambrosi, Martha Higareda, Valeria Vera, and Paola Núñez at the forefront. Directed by Jorge Macaya, the film follows four women in their thirties, Marilú, Famela, Patty, and Estrella, as they embark on a wild road trip they planned in high school. However, things take an unexpected turn when they have a run-in with the law and get involved with the wrong (illegal) crowd. Originally titled ‘Fuga de Reinas,’ this film employs bizarre comedy and revolves around a female-centric plot in which the characters go through a transformative journey. If you’re curious to see where the friend group ends up after a series of unexpected events, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Queens on The Run.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Queens on The Run Plot Synopsis

The movie opens with an outlandish scene of the group chasing after a car, with a maniacal Famela pulling out a gun on the other car’s driver, demanding him to return her mother. Meanwhile, there is an actual chicken in the backseat. A mundane morning at Marilú’s house immediately follows the peculiarity of that scene. As Marilú rushes around the house, she reminds her busy husband about their anniversary but receives no special response. Her lackluster life is mirrored by Patty and Estrella, with the former visiting a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation and the latter dyeing her hair in her apartment. Similarly, Famela, an ambitious and driven businesswoman, who is trying for a baby, unsuccessfully tries to have rushed sex with her husband.

With their unadventurous lives established, the four women meet up in the evening to spend time with one another. During this hangout session, the women recall the road trip they had wanted to take when they all went to high school together. Reminiscing the past, the topic of Marilú’s ex-boyfriend, Antonio, comes up. After they look him up online, the group finds out he will be attending a conference in Cancún. Patty pitches the idea of driving out to Cancún without informing their families. She partly wants to take this road trip to stop at a surgeon’s place in Mérida to get her breast implants done. Likewise, Famela is excited about the trip because she wants to scatter her mother’s ashes in the Caribbean.

The next day, the women leave for Cancún in Estrella’s red convertible, “Corcholata.” Eager to let loose, the women start their trip on a high, karaoke-ing in the car and catcalling passing by men. Estrella flashes a jeep of men as they drive down a road. As a result, a cop, Roberto Martinex, pulls them over and gives them a ticket. Afterward, they come across a lone woman on the side of the road with a broken-down car. When the four women and the hitchhiker they picked up, Lola, stop for gas, Marilú discovers a gun in Famela’s bag. When Patty tries to get rid of it, Famela rushes to stop her. Patty, Famela, and Marilú get in a scuffle and accidentally fire the gun at the gas station window. Estrella walks out of the store at the same time and almost gets shot, but Lola tackles her to the ground and saves her life.

After the group drops Lola off at Veracruz, they decide to go out for the night. However, a bad case of food poisoning ruins their plans, and they retrieve to their hotel rooms in pairs. The next day on their drive, Corcholata pops a tire, leaving the women stranded on the side of the road. A car stops for them, and two men help them with their tires. However, they reveal themselves to be trouble when one of them suggests they kidnap the girls. The boss, El Gavilan, tells his right-hand man, Tuerto the women are too old for their purposes and decides to steal Famela’s mom’s ashes. Famela seethes with anger, and the story loops back to the car chase from the beginning, wherein Famela pulls a gun on El Gavilan and starts shooting at him. In retaliation, El Gavelin bumps his car into Corcholata and swerves it off the road. The women end up hanging off the edge of a cliff. After somehow escaping and losing their car, the women hitch a ride from a van of hippies.

Later, they camp out in a forest with the hippies and unknowingly consume “magic mushrooms” and get high. Each woman experiences trippy hallucinations revolving around their problems. Estrella reveals to Marilú that she deleted emails Antonio sent her in high school, which had led to their ultimate breakup. With an air of animosity between Estrella and Marilú, the group makes it to Valladolid, where the hippie truck drops them off. Famela announces to the girls that they are going to El Gavelin’s club to get her mom’s ashes back. There, they encounter Lola and find out she is running an investigation against El Gavelin. After agreeing to help her take down the crime boss, the friend group now pretends to be strippers and goes against El Gavelin.

Queens on The Run Ending: Does El Gavilan Get Arrested?

Lola is part of a secret operation coordinated with the DEA, in which she is working to catch human traffickers like El Gavilan. In preparation for Gavilan coming to a show in his club, Lola hires some women to be strippers. However, those women get sick after eating the tamales from the gas station. Therefore, Lola urgently needs women, and Famela and her friends volunteer their help since they are already looking for El Gavilan and Famela’s mother’s ashes. The group dresses up as strippers and distracts El Gavilan long enough to secretly train a gun on him. Taking him hostage, they try to find Famela’s mother’s ashes after tying him up in a room.

However, Tuerto soon comes to El Gavilan’s rescue with Patty as his hostage. As El Gavilan and his men take control of the situation, police officers swarm the building. As it turns out, Estrella had been texting Roberto this whole time and sent him their location. As a fight breaks out, the women try to secure Famela’s mom’s ashes and fight back against the men in their way. When Tuerto almost dumps out the ashes, Famela shoots him and makes a dive for the urn. At the same time, Marilú finally gets her hands on a gun and shoots El Gavilan in the shoulder. The police arrest El Gavilan, and the women are interviewed on television as heroes.

Does Marilú Divorce Jose?

One of the reasons Marilú agrees to go on the road trip with her friends is because she is having problems with her husband, José. Due to being busy with work, José starts to neglect Marilú and the kids and becomes less present in the house. After he forgets their anniversary for the third time in a row, Marilú considers divorcing him. She shares her problems with Famela, who accidentally spills the beans when tipsily trying to convince Marilú on the road trip to Cancún. Therefore, when Marilú does agree to the trip, she does so partly because she wants to confront Antonio and ask him why he left after their fight.

Later, she finds out that Antonio had tried to contact her through email, but Estrella intercepted and deleted those emails. Marilú thinks Estrella did so because she had a thing for Antonio and was trying to steal him. However, Estrella reveals that Antonio was cheating on Marilú with his best friend and had also attempted to kiss Estrella. Estrella couldn’t let Marilú marry a man like him, so she ensured they didn’t get back together after their fight.

Later, Marilú decides not to confront Antonio even after going to the Hotel he is at. Afterward, José surprises Marilú by showing up in a boat and singing a song for her. Before leaving for Cancún, Marilú left a letter to her husband along with her wedding ring. José tries to convince Marilú to stay with him and promises to be a better husband. Marilú agrees to stay with the condition that they both put in the effort to change things between them. They both decide to give their marriage another try and rebuild their relationship.

What Happens to Kentucky, the Chicken?

At the start of their road trip, the women get suck in traffic on a bridge. When Estrella goes to find out the reason behind the traffic, she discovers that a truckful of eggs and chickens has flipped in the middle of the road. A stampede of chickens breaks out, attacking the people and the cars. After it’s all over, one chicken stays behind in the backseat of Corcholata. Patty, who has always wanted a pet, decides to keep the chicken and names him Kentucky.

Kentucky stays with the women through a lot of their adventures. The women almost forget Kentucky behind when their car hangs off a cliff. However, the chicken escapes the car before it falls down the crushing height. He accompanies the women when they hitch a ride from the hippies and gets high at night. Nevertheless, when the day comes, so does Kentucky’s end. The hippies make food out of Kentucky without realizing that Patty is emotionally connected to the chicken. The women hold a funeral for Kentucky and say their goodbyes.

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