Queer Eye Season 7: Where Are the Heroes Now?

With the idea of self-improvement through a complete makeover being right at the front and center of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ (2018-), this reality, unscripted original series is truly unlike any other. After all, it carefully revolves around five incredibly skilled specialists (aka the Fab Five) as they help individuals (or Heroes) improve their lifestyle to such an extent they reach their full potential. So now that season 7 of this unwaveringly feel-good production has made its way on our screens as well, let’s find out precisely what its latest leading features are up to these days, shall we?

The Lambda Chi Fraternity Brothers Are Excelling in Their Life

Although the University of New Orleans’ Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity chapter has several pledgees who consider themselves actual brothers, we only came across seven of them in the show. They were Cooper Lemons, Demario Struiken, Ian Raybourn (nominator), Josh Allen (nominator), Joshua “Josh” Johnson, Marco Barahona, as well as overall Chapter President Ryan Parker. However, three of them won’t be an active part of this chosen family anymore as they’ve graduated with full credits this year (2023); film major Ian, film major Josh A., and business major Ryan.

Coming to Cooper, it seems like this Tolmas Scholar intern will be passing out in the summer of 2024 with a double major (Bachelor’s degree) in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. Then we have aspiring designer/artist Demario Struiken who is expected to graduate in 2025 with a Bachelor’s in Studio/Fine Arts and experience as a Marketing Intern at Leadership Institute. Last but definitely not least, there’s Mechanical Engineering Josh J as well as Marco, both of whom are ostensibly predicted to part ways with the institution in 2024 upon finishing their studies.

Stephanie “Steph” Williams is Excelling in Personal & Professional Life

From what we can tell, ever since the filming of Steph’s episode concluded in 2022, she has been going above and beyond to come into her own as a proud lesbian woman and partner. She obviously, thankfully, hasn’t left her days as a New Orleans Saints (football) “Super Fan” or a Pelicans (basketball) “Momma Bird” supporter behind, yet she is trying to balance things out. In fact, it appears as if her priorities these days have primarily been self-care in every sense of the term, her professional career, her friends, and her relationship with now-fiancée Rachel “Rae” Lynn McCain.

As for Steph’s precise current standing, she continues to reside in the dream Metairie, New Orleans Metropolitan Area, home she’d bought with Rae last year, which they also share with their pets. So it’s from here that she serves as a Residential Sales Strategy & Enablement Manager at Cox Communications, a PRIDE ERG (Employee Resource Group) Ambassador, as well as a Southeast Region Diversity & Inclusion Community Pillar Lead. We should even mention her loving, devoted partner Rae is a Registered Nurse currently positioned at not just University Medical Center New Orleans but also Ochsner Medical Center.

Ray “Speedy” Walker is Advancing as a Motivator & Fashion Entrepreneur

If there’s one thing Speedy’s online presence makes clear, it’s that he still resides in the beautiful disability-accessible apartment the Fab Five had come together to rent for him for an entire year. They actually hadn’t hesitated to spend their own money on him one bit because they’d witnessed his unyielding resolve firsthand through the way he’d opened up to them from the get-go. The fact he already owned a vehicle, knew how to drive despite his spinal cord injury, and did business courses at Delgado Community College before they’d even met evidently played a role in this too.

The 21-year-old understandably has his fair share of struggles with grief as well as bad days even now, but it does look like he is trying his best to let only the good, positive ones win. This much is evidenced through his growing presence on TikTok these days, which he hopes to one day employ as a means to evolve into a motivator and a disability advocate. Furthermore, because he also likes fashion, one of his biggest hopes is to launch his own clothing line — a brand that won’t compromise on style while still being easy to use by individuals with injuries like his. You can actually support Speedy’s dreams and help him make ends meet by donating at his GoFundMe page here.

Jenni Seckel is Leading & Balancing Life Today

Since Jenni’s entire journey revolved around her feeling of discontent around where she stood in life, we’re glad to report that it appears as if she seems perfectly, genuinely happy these days. In fact, apart from still rocking as a redhead with beautiful A-line clothes, she actually holds a Leadership position at KIPP New Orleans, through which she’s managing all 13 schools of the institute. However, it is the overall flexibility of this role as well as the 30-something-year-old’s confidence that has done wonders by simply allowing her to have a much more definite work-life balance.

The truth is Jenni has reportedly even started dating again, and although she does not have a committed partner as of writing, she appears truly excited about what the future may hold for her. Moreover, it looks like she has recently been dedicating every single bit of her free time to either self-care, creating new connections, hanging out with old friends, or maintaining her familial bond. In other words, she has evidently, proudly stuck to each of the Fab Five’s advice for self-improvement in every sense of the word, driving her to have a careful, joyous, hopeful existence.

Dan Stein is Maintaining Self-Improvement Journey

From what we can tell through Dan’s active social media platforms, it seems like the 50-year-old New Orleans resident has continued on the self-improvement path the Fab Five had helped set him on. That’s because he’s still clean-shaven, dresses a lot more appropriately, and ostensibly ensures to find time for his hobbies too, making it clear he’s miles away from the man he once used to be.

Therefore, it’s quite likely he has managed to continue his relationship with his girlfriend Cara as well — albeit we can’t be sure since they both prefer to keep the details of their personal lives well away from the limelight. We are optimistically hopeful, considering everything they’d been through in two years alone, yet the truth might be different — so we’ll simply have to wait for either the Stein’s Market & Deli owner or the professional CEO to come forth with their relationship status.

Maryam “Mary” Henderson-Uloho is Flourishing in Advocacy & Business

Arabi, Louisiana, resident Mary is seemingly still the proud owner-operator of SisterHearts Thrifty Collectables, a public speaker, a real estate investor, and the CEO of SisterHearts Inc. The latter is her own organization, through which she spreads her message of “decarceration” — the process of reversing prison trauma in “dehumanized, demoralized, and desensitized” inmates. As for her public/motivational speaking, she actually specializes in various subject matters such as retail, community engagement, business development, community empowerment, and entrepreneur training.

Though the most significant facet is that Mary has continued on the path of positivity, confidence, care, and affection, the Fab Five had helped her carve with the aid of their advice/expertise. In fact, the 66-year-old continues to keep her hair in an afro, wears African prints to her heart’s desire, and has seemingly maintained a line of communication with her family, all the while managing her business. Plus, it looks like she’s still romantically involved with Anthony Taylor, whom she’d first met through her own program, only for him to now be a decarceration specialist as well as a high-level SisterHearts Thrift Store employee.

Michael Richard is Excelling in Agriculture & Legal Education Now

Last but not least, we have the incredibly successful now-32-year-old Michael who appears to be thriving in every area of life at the moment, whether personal or professional. After all, he’s still engaged to long-term partner Kaila Marie Vignes, is a Brand Ambassador at Imagine Festival, is an urban amateur model, and proudly holds the position of Director at Recirculating Farms. This essentially means the native New Orleanian Greater New Orleans Growers Alliance leader runs the farm’s site in Central City while also overseeing other partner steads as well as helming different educational programs for all age groups.

Plus, Michael is a student at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law – he was not just accepted into their Master’s in Environmental Law & Policy program, but was also offered a scholarship. That’s because his 10+ years of work experience with diverse populations in local food and wellness industries mattered much more than the fact he completed his schooling as an adult owing to a difficult childhood. In other words, the aspiring Executive Director at Recirculating Farms is well on his way to achieving his goals of food inclusivity across the community, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

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