Salma Hayek in Talks for Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

Salma Hayek is in early talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming superhero adventure flick ‘The Eternals,’ reports THR. The actress will be seen alongside Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani in the film which will be directed by Chloe Zhao (‘The Rider’). More details about Hayek’s character are being kept under tight wraps. ‘The Eternals’ is expected to hit theaters in 2020.

Matthew and Ryan Firpo (‘Ruin’) are writing the screenplay for Chloe while Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige produces the film. “We have started working on what are the films post-phase 3,” Feige told The Wrap earlier. ‘The Eternal’ is expected to be a cornerstone of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the third phase comes to a grand conclusion with ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home.’

Created by the legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby in 1976, the Eternals are a super-intelligent human race of ancient times. They were originated from the cosmic entities known as the Celestials millions of years ago. According to legend, Celestials experimented with the slow evolution of a group of handpicked species to accelerate the process and endowed them with the advanced genetic capacity to mentally manipulate cosmic energy and gave them numerous superhuman characteristics. But the experiment also gave rise to the villainous Deviants. The Wrap reports that ‘The Eternals’ will follow a female Eternal named Sersi.

South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok a.k.a Don Lee, will make his Hollywood debut with the movie. More details about his role are being kept under cover. Don Lee is known for the 2016 global hit ‘Train to Busan,’ in which he played the character of Sang-hwa, a hardened working-class laborer who fights the flesh-eating walking dead in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. His other major roles include ‘The Outlaws,’ ‘Champion’ and ‘Unstoppable.’

Hayek’s recent projects are ‘How to Be a Latin Lover,’ ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ and ‘Beatriz at Dinner.’ In 2018, she, along with her producing partner Jose “Pepe” Tamez, signed on a first-look deal with Lionsgate on behalf of her home banner Ventanarosa. Hayek’s upcoming film is ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard,’ starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. The action-adventure flick is a sequel to the 2017 blockbuster ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard.’ The actress is best known for previous projects like ‘Frida,’ ‘Desperado’ and ‘From Dusk Till Dawn.’

Madden is likely to play the character lkaris, the leader of the Eternals who can manipulate enormous amounts of cosmic energy. Whereabouts of Nanjiani’s character are not known yet. Angelina Jolie is reportedly in negotiations with the studio to play a major role in the film.

Cover Image Courtesy: Anonymous Content (Everly).