My Demon: 8 K-Dramas With Similar Fantastical Romances

‘My Demon,’ essaying an unlikely romance, is a fantasy Kdrama where a twist of fate forces an ancient demon and a bold human together, compelling them to fall for each other. From their first meeting, demon Goo-won and a chaebol heiress, Do Do-hee, do not get along. Nevertheless, after a freak accident renders Goo-won without his powers, transferring his demon mark to Do-hee, the former has no choice but to remain close to the woman. As such, both individuals figure out a way to co-exist and reap equal benefits from their situation.

The show offers an effortless fantastical world to dive into where Do-hee and Goo-won’s slow budding romance captivates the audience, leaving them eager to watch the couple’s relationship progress. Thus, if the show’s addictive combination of magic and love has left you craving for more, here are some similar Kdramas that will hold your attention!

8. Nevertheless (2021)

If rocky romances are something you enjoy, ‘Nevertheless,’ a show about two people with entirely opposite approaches to their love lives, is just the thing for you. Park Jae-eon is a recognized playboy with the tendency to string girls along without any intention of dating them. Inversely, Yu Na-bi is a hopeless romantic at heart but has a hard time trusting in true love after an awful breakup. Consequently, an intoxicating romance begins when these two university students circle each other, starting a game neither is quite equipped to play. For fans of ‘My Demon’ who are looking for stories about an equal part infuriating and rewarding relationship, this is the best bet.

7. Tomorrow (2022)

Tomorrow’ paints a vivid, fantastical world for the viewers to explore and centers around a group of special death angels with unique job assignments. Grim Reaper Koo Ryeon and her team, including Lim Ryung Gu, work to prevent humans from committing suicide. The team finds themselves welcoming a new and unconventional recruit when Choi Jun-woong’s fate stumbles across their own. As a human turned half-spirit on accident, Jun-Woong joins the crisis team on their mission as the establishment’s youngest death angel. Since this Kdrama sports a subdued romance, viewers who enjoyed the fantastical world-building in ‘My Demon’ will particularly like the more detailed magical elements that ‘Tomorrow’ explores.

6. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017)

In the time of the Goryeo Dynasty, Kim Shin was a ruthless but effective soldier who died dishonorably after being branded a traitor. Furthermore, he must pay for his mortal sins in his afterlife, where he is cursed to roam the Earth forever as an immortal. After watching all his loved ones fade into nothingness, Kim Shin continues his cursed life as a Goblin in search of his fabled wife, the only person who can free him from his predicament. Eventually, a young girl named Ji Eun Tak, with an undeniable connection to Kim Shin, accidentally summons the Goblin, jumpstarting the beginning of their tumultuous time together.

Though more drama-centric than ‘My Demon’ and its humorous narrative, ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,’ a romance Kdrama at its core, brings an equally entertaining story about the love between a human and a magical being. Therefore, if the former show has ignited your love for similar romances, you should definitely give this show a try.

5. The Master’s Sun (2013)

‘The Master’s Sun,’ a supernaturally charged romance, follows the fascinating life of Tae Gong Sil, who has the ability to see ghosts. However, her powers prove to be a disaster once cries of help from beyond the grave begin to haunt the woman’s living days. As such, she can’t help but find some respite with Joo Jong Won, an arrogant and wealthy CEO whose touch magically silences the dead’s voices. Yet, trouble persists since Jong Won’s company, let alone his affections, prove hard to come by.

‘The Master’s Sun’ proposes an almost gender-bent role reversal of the love interests from ‘My Demon.’ Therefore, with a similar narrative of a desperate supernatural being and an arrogant CEO, viewers will likely enjoy this show if they’re fans of the latter.

4. A Korean Odyssey (2017-2018)

Charting the lives of several mythological beings, from rivals Son Oh-gong and Woo Ma-wang to the Monkey King, ‘A Korean Odyssey’’ is a show that pairs supernatural, romance, and horror into one riveting concoction. 2017 brings a new conflict for the old rivals in their similar but respective search for light in a dark world. As their narratives unfold, Oh-gong must fulfill a promise he made to a young girl, Jin Seon-mi, and pose as her protector years after their meeting. Twenty-five years into the contract, the entity has to now help her in whatever she wishes to gain his freedom. Thus, their fates remain forever entangled.

If you enjoyed the supernatural aspect of ‘My Demon,’ where mythological elements are infused with modern times, there’s much for you to like in this show. Furthermore, the cohabitation premise of this show’s central duo will remain reminiscent of the main pairing from the former show.

3. Tale of the Nine-Tailed (2020-)

Blending fantasy with horror, ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed’ brings a unique story about a mountain spirit, the titular Lee Yeon, who has been protecting the mortal realm from supernatural threats for years. Simultaneously, the man has been searching for his lost first love, who remains forever evasive. However, things take a turn when Nam Ji-a, a mortal TV producer who wishes to cover news stories about the supernatural world, enters the guardian spirit’s life. With an unknown connection tethering the two to each other, Lee Yeon and Ji-a find themselves thrust into an adventure full of danger, magic, and more mystery to uncover.

While the show offers much more than a simple romantic plotline, the relationship between Ji-a and Lee Yeon infuses the story with emotional stakes, keeping the viewers engaged in each character’s riveting arcs. As such, the show’s romance, with a supernatural mystery at its center, effortlessly parallels ‘My Demon’s’ central narrative.

2. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

As the title suggests, ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ revolves around a particularly tumultuous adventure that an angel embarks on, which involves the secrets of his heart. Kim Dan, best described as a reckless angel, has a knack for landing in trouble. Nonetheless, one impossibly complex mission finally stops him in his tracks, preventing his entrance into heaven. His mission? Kim Dan must find true love for Lee Yun Seo, a career-focused ballerina with little regard for romance. His problem? The more time Kim Dan spends with the woman, the harder he finds himself falling in love with her.

In ‘My Demon,’ Goo-won is forced into close proximity with the career-oriented Do-hee to win back his demonic powers, which paves the way for a growing romance. Therefore, the interestingly inverted similarities between these two shows remain evident.

1. My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021)

A story about two intrinsically different people finding love and companionship together, ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho,’ presents a modern-day fantasy romance similar to ‘My Demon’ in comedic tone and narrative themes. Shin Woo Yeo, almost a thousand-year-old Gumiho, a nine-tailed legendary being, wishes to learn more about humanity to become a human himself. In his quest, he finds help from Lee Dam, a college student who accidentally came into irreversible ownership of his fox beads, forcing them to be roommates.

Both ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ and ‘My Demon’ employ a rich magical universe to explore one light-hearted premise to nudge along the romance between the main protagonists. As such, fans of each show are bound to enjoy the other.

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