Something From Tiffany’s Ending, Explained: Do Ethan and Rachel End Up Together?

The Amazon Prime Original movie ‘Something From Tiffany’s’ is a holiday romantic comedy. Directed by Daryl Wein, the film stars Zoey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson, Ray Nicholson, and Shay Mitchell. Based on the book by Melissa Hill, the story follows the seemingly picture-perfect lives of two couples. Their lives are led to where each of them is meant to be after an accidental gift mix-up.

While exploring the magic and excitement of Christmas and the impending New Year, the movie exudes feelings of romance and togetherness. Moreover, the film dissects the superficiality of relationships and conveys what one actually needs to make the relationship work. If you have questions about the ending of ‘Something From Tiffany’s,’ then don’t worry because we have the answers! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Something From Tiffany’s Plot Synopsis

Gary and Ethan are at the Tiffany’s store at the same time to buy presents for their respective significant others. Ethan and his daughter, Daisy, get a ring for Vanessa as the former plans on proposing to her on Christmas Eve. On the other hand, Gary gets earrings for Rachel. As they leave the store, Gary gets hit by a cab and suffers a concussion. While ensuring Gary is fine, Ethan mixes up the Tiffany bags.

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On Christmas morning, the couples exchange gifts, and both men are surprised to find something different altogether in the Tiffany boxes. Gary goes along with it and feels that it is meant to be. Rachel and Gary get engaged. Ethan is out of sorts to find earrings instead of the ring with which he is going to propose. Vanessa receives the gift happily, but even Daisy is astonished to witness this confusion.

Ethan tries everything to reach out to Gary and get his ring back. Rachel and Ethan cross paths multiple times throughout the movie. He does not confront her about the mix-up because he does not want to hurt her feelings. After Gary refuses to give the ring back, Ethan feels out of options. On the other hand, Vanessa gets suspicious because Ethan continues to act strangely. The couple is in New York on vacation while Ethan is preoccupied with something else, and Vanessa is left in the dark.

Meanwhile, Rachel visits the Tiffany store to learn about the ring’s maintenance. The salesperson recognizes the ring, and hence, Rachel learns the reality. She confronts Gary, and he confesses the truth. Despite such a massive lie, Rachel forgives him when Gary tells her that he still wants to marry her. She calls Ethan and fixes the situation. Ethan then proposes to Vanessa, and they go out for dinner to celebrate. Vanessa makes a reservation at Rachel’s restaurant, Gillini. The movie’s climax features the resolution of the conflicts as all four protagonists come face to face.

Something From Tiffany’s Ending: Do Ethan and Rachel End Up Together?

Despite being in a relationship with someone else, Ethan and Rachel feel drawn to each other throughout the movie. The duo shares similar interests, from having the same favorite spot by the East River to loving the same song sung in acapella. Even at the Gillini pop-up in the park, Ethan comes to Rachel’s rescue when she gets overwhelmed by an abundance of customers. The duo works great together like a well-oiled machine.

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Due to a variety of reasons, the relationship between Gary and Rachel and Vanessa and Ethan does not work out. The Tiffany mix-up causes the couples to take a long and hard look at their issues. They soon realize that their current relationships are not meant to be. Eventually, when the four characters come together at Gillini in the end, they face their issues, and the revelations leave them conflicted. The next morning, Daisy makes her dad see the truth behind his feelings. He overcomes his apprehensions and confesses his feelings to Rachel. She feels the same way, and after a year, the couple gets engaged after the most heartfelt proposal.

Ethan and Rachel personify the feeling of being meant to be. No hurdle in their path could stop them from being with each other. Both of them support each other’s dreams and passions. Rachel encourages Ethan to start another book, and Ethan supports Rachel’s work in the restaurant. They complement each other as yin and yang. Furthermore, Daisy also connects well with Rachel as both of them have faced grief after their mother’s passing. Daisy feels happy to see her dad feel at peace with the woman of his dreams.

Moreover, fate plays a huge role in bringing Ethan and Rachel together. Their paths crossed due to a strange accident, and they found the love of their lives. Moreover, the openness and support displayed in Ethan and Rachel’s relationship are exemplary. They find what they were missing in their previous relationships. Rachel is a very positive person, and her attitude toward life signifies warmth and trust. Consequently, she loves Ethan’s goodness and his honest character. Thus, proving that Ethan and Rachel are perfect for each other.

Why Does Rachel Break Up With Gary?

Since the movie’s beginning, Gary makes distracted and half-hearted efforts for Rachel. He does not know what his girlfriend will like at the Tiffany store and only depends on the salesperson’s advice. Furthermore, he repeatedly lets Rachel down by being late to dates, forgetting things, and never supporting Rachel’s passion for cooking. Rachel puts up with Gary’s tardiness because she loves him. She keeps giving him second chances despite Gary not deserving them.

Even Rachel’s best friend, Terri, sees Gary for who he truly is. Terri is apprehensive about their relationship working out and is always finding ways to make Rachel realize the truth. Finally, at the New Year party, Rachel learns that the best thing Gary ever did for her is a lie. Gary did not go to her just to give her the bracelet back. He went there to hook up with another girl. Rachel feels betrayed and devastated, and hence, she breaks up with Gary. The couple is unlikely to end up together in any possible situation. Their personalities do not complement each other. Most importantly, they lack the understanding and openness in communication that makes a relationship successful.

Furthermore, Rachel’s feelings towards Ethan also play a role in making her decision. After feeling drawn towards Ethan and seeing what a good person he is, Rachel feels empty in her relationship with Gary. She witnesses what she is missing out on. Eventually, Rachel discerns that Gary is not the one for her. She lets herself confront her feelings for Ethan and decides to give it a chance. Consequently, this turns out to be the best way forward as Ethan reciprocates her feelings.

How Does Vanessa Know About The Ring?

Throughout the events of the movie, Vanessa remains in the dark because Ethan does not want to reveal his surprise proposal. She is over the moon with Ethan’s romantic proposal, which she happily accepts. To celebrate, Vanessa books a table at Gillini because the restaurant helps Ethan plan the perfect proposal. In reality, Ethan does not know that the ring is in the bread, but he goes along with the situation. Naturally, things go awry when she realizes that Ethan’s plans to propose are different altogether.

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Vanessa learns about the swapped bags when Gary and Rachel argue. She ponders whether Ethan would have proposed under different circumstances. She feels hurt over misunderstanding his intentions. Even though Ethan wants to propose, it just does not go as planned. The debacle unearths some important conversations for Ethan and Vanessa. She complains that she is unaware of Ethan’s desire to write more.

Vanessa feels upset about getting to know this from her co-worker rather than her boyfriend. Subsequently, Ethan confesses that Vanessa does not support his wishes to write more. Furthermore, Ethan wants to move to New York, whereas Vanessa intends to stay in Los Angeles. These differences in opinions and wanting different things in life cause the couple to part ways.

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