Stranded With My Mother-in-Law: Where Are The Families Now?

With its very first season, Netflix’s ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,’ AKA ‘Ilhados Com a Sogra,’ successfully captivates the viewers with a concept full of familial drama. The Brazilian series primarily focuses on the relationships of in-laws as they try to mend their differences not only for the sake of the person they both love but also for the highly tantalizing cash prize of 500,000 Brazilian real. The work put in by the participants of season 1 certainly impressed everyone, making us all wonder what they have been up to since then.

Francine, Rodriguinho, and Taninha Nery Are Winners of Season 1

We are, of course, starting off with Francine, Rodriguinho, and Taninha Nery, the family that ultimately won the very first iteration of the series. As such, their fans will be delighted to know that the family members seem to be doing quite well when it comes to being on good terms with each other. It also seems like Francine and Rodriguinho have heeded Taninha’s words and have embarked on a journey of house ownership that they have been happily documenting on social media.

Francine and Rodriguinho also enjoy traveling, having recently been to Las Vegas, Nevada, in September 2023. The couple is also proud to be the minds behind Ocean Surf Class, providing surfing lessons in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Talking about the darling mother-in-law Taninha, she seems to be happily married to her husband Gerson Nery, and takes special delight in spending time with her loved ones, including her daughter and son-in-law, with whom she recently visited the Beto Carrero World.

Vinicius, Felipe, and Socorro Sassone are Closer Than Ever

Up next, we have Vinícius, Felipe, and Socorro Sassone, who were part of one of the three teams to make it to the finals of the show. It is quite a delight to share that their own connections seem to be flourishing after their time on the show. Felipe Carvalheira, who used his in-law’s last name in the Netflix series, seems to have formed a special bond with mother-in-law Socorro. In fact, the three members of the family have started to proudly announce who they are related to using their Instagram bio. They also recently visited the Beto Carrero World along with many other cast members and seemed to have enjoyed their time together.

Thy, Mayara, and Severina Tenório are Thriving Professionally

Though they did not form the best connection with other families in the competition, Thy, Mayara, and Severina Tenório do seem to have grown closer to each other. All of them follow each other on social media and have taken to encourage each other publically. This solidarity was likely solidified during their tense days towards the end of the competition and has carried over to real life. Thy, who actually goes by Thy Cesar, is a proud digital content creator in the cardinal publicity media industry. Along with a YouTube channel of his own name, Thy is also the owner of Mundo de Thy. Meanwhile, Mayara is a director, dancer, artist, and composer, while Severina works as a musical composer.

Rodrigo, Thaís, and Rogéria Castro Have Found Their Balance

The bonds between Rodrigo, Thaís, and Rogéria Castro seem to have grown beautifully, as evident by their open appreciation for each other. Not only have Thaís and Rogéria been complimentary towards each other, but they have also been featured in each other’s social media. The one person that unites them three, unlike anyone else, is Naomí Castro, Rodrigo and Thaís’ daughter, whom the three Castros appreciate very much. Rogéria Castro is also quite in love with her partner, Many Castro, whose support she can always count on. The fans of the show might also be quite curious to know about the business that Rodrigo and Thaís have undertaken that Rogéria seemed not so comfortable with. The couple is the proud owner of Os Castros, an online business that sells sex-related tools.

Silvia, Thiago and Marcia Dunker Seem to Enjoy Familial Love

Silvia, Thiago, and Marcia Dunker are yet another trio who seem to have come out of the show with a stronger emotional connection with each other. Talking about loving bonds, Silvia and Thiago are proud parents of Helena and Cecília Dunker, their two daughters who are, as of writing, 8 and 5, respectively. The two girls are adored by their parents as well as their grandmother, Marcia. Thiago has made quite a name for himself as a businessman who uses his brand, Decorferro, to organize lavish, exclusive parties. Meanwhile, Silvia constantly hones her entrepreneurial skills while Marcia sells various types of functional breads.

Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti May Not Have Made Progress

With their surprising mid-season exit, Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti have earned much attention from the viewers, many of whom could not help but feel surprised by the abrupt nature of their departure. It remains unclear whether Cristina and Ana were able to mend the rift between them, especially since, as of writing, the two do not follow each other on Instagram. Not only is Ana the proud owner of Marketing de Influência, but she is an influencer in her own right, with over 172K Instagram followers. As for Antonion, he works as a Project Manager for EMS Ventura.

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