Succession: Who Is Sally Anne? Who Plays Her?

As ‘Succession‘ season 4 brings the Roy family’s saga to a conclusion, it is time for the characters and show’s fans to bid adieu to the prolific Logan Roy. In the ninth episode of the final season, Logan Roy’s funeral is held with nearly every important and not-so-important person connected to the business mogul in attendance. The episode answers some of the long-running mysteries about Logan’s past, including the revelation of one of his former love interests, Sally-Anne. Hence, viewers must be looking for details about Sally-Anne and who plays her in ‘Succession.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sally-Anne Was Logan’s Mistress

Sally-Anne is one of the longest-running mysteries of ‘Succession,’ and a character closely related to Logan Roy. However, she does make her first physical appearance until the series’ penultimate episode. Sally-Anne is first mentioned in the second season when Logan becomes close with Rhea despite being married. It is implied that Logan had an affair with Sally-Anne, who was most likely a Waystar RoyCo employee. In the third season, Sally-Anne’s name crops up again, hinting that her relationship with Logan led to the latter making several harmful and destructive decisions.

In the sixth episode, titled ‘Argestes,’ the Roy siblings attend a panel at a business conference. The panelist interviewing the Roy siblings is identified in the credits as Sally-Anne Cordell. However, this is not the same Sally-Anne as the Roys would have recognized the woman who had an affair with their father. Sally-Anne actually appears in the ninth episode of season 4, titled ‘Church and State,’ during Logan Roy’s funeral. In the episode, Kerry Castellabate, who also had an affair with Logan, arrives at the funeral and is introduced to Sally-Anne by Logan’s second wife, Caroline Collingwood. Caroline references Sally-Anne as her “Kerry,” confirming that Sally was a Waystar employee romantically involved with Logan.

Brian Cox’s Wife Plays Sally-Anne

Sally-Anne Cordell, who appears in the show’s second season, is different from Sally-Anne, who was Logan’s mistress, since different actresses play the two characters. In the series, actress Kate Levy plays the role of Sally-Anne, a panelist who appears in season 2, episode 6. Viewers might recognize Levy from her roles in shows such as ‘The Deuce,’ ‘The Sinner,’ and ‘Elementary.’ In the ninth episode of season 4, actress Nicole Ansari-Cox plays the role of Sally-Anne in a meta-casting choice. Ansari-Cox hails from Germany and began acting at age nine, appearing in several films and television shows in her homeland.

Ansari-Cox’s credits include shows such as ‘Law & Order,’ ‘The Blacklist,‘ ‘FBI,’ and ‘The Mysteries of Laura.’ She also works as a yoga therapist. However, what makes the actress’ inclusion in the final season of ‘Succession’ is the fact that she is the real-life wife of actor Brain Cox, who portrays Logan Roy in the series. Cox married Ansari in 2002 after his divorce from his first wife. The couple has two sons, Orson Jonathan Cox and Torin Kamran Cox. The family resides in New York City. Ansari-Cox, playing a former love interest, inverts their real-life relationship and makes a fun easter egg for the show’s fans. However, due to Cox’s exit from the series after his character died in the third episode of season 4, the real-life husband and wife do not share screen space in ‘Succession.’

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